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Month: November 2013

Friday links

Bystander sees masked robber holding store clerk at gunpoint. Bystander pulls pistol and shouts, “Don’t move!” Robber turns. Bystander shoots. Family member of this (chronic) robber whines, “If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him — what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone? You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.” As sick, depraved, cruel, irresponsible, and Snopes-clan inbred as that sounds, what’s even…


Christmas shopping V: tools and home improvement

Amazon’s having a surfeit of specials this season on tools and home improvement. I’m charmed by the fact that they even have a special category of gifts for the survivalist. And gifts for the tool enthusiast (and isn’t that ALL of us hereabouts?). In that category, I especially like this cool little stocking stuffer: the MagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband to keep nails, screws, and those ever-pesky nuts from going astray while you work. Gadget geek? There are tools and devices for those, too (of course). Like this pricy but cool Nest Learning Thermostat that lets you control your home heat…


Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

And remember, no matter how the day goes (even if some crazed relative actually does show up and tries to carry out Dear Leader’s idiot idea of selling you Obamacare), your day will probably go better than some of these Thanksgiving fails. (NB: Not all the “fails” at that link are safe for work or children.) How not to deep fry a turkey This turkey is NOT going to be dinner


Be thankful for Obamacare

Have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. And be sure to follow Dear Leader’s guidance and educate all your visiting relatives about the wonderfulness of Obamacare. Yes, even encourage them to bring you their personal information so you can walk them through the application process as you show them what Dear Leader and the Kindly Reid-Pelosi-Sebeliuses have wrought for them. (Just think how helpful that’ll be to everyone’s digestion and mood!) So seriously now* … What will you be grateful for tomorrow and in all the coming holidays? —– * The Obamaites are apparently serious about ruining your Thanksgiving, as well as…


Tuesday links

The warm, fuzzy (literally!) face of the police state. (H/T Jim Bovard) China finally going to stop stockpiling US dollars? You already know this, don’t you? Nevertheless, it never hurts to be reminded of the four magic statements to make to the police when you’re stopped and they want to poke around and see what they might be able to pin on you. Mostly for the nerds hereabouts: Rethinking cloud storage (and in particular, rethinking SpiderOak). “Security and privacy: Experts connect the dots as debate rages.” (Tip o’ hat to MJR) Via the Infamous Oregon Law Hobbit: The Skunk Party…


Regrets, I’ve had a few. But then again …

Not long ago, a friend asked if I regretted anything I’d done (or tried to do) for freedom. Complicated question, that. It’s one I may blog-ponder later. But for now, I’m turning it back on you and doubling it. A. Is there anything you regret doing (or trying to do) for freedom? B. Is there anything within your realistic power that you regret not doing (or not trying to do) for freedom?


Christmas shopping IV: gunstuff!

Darned shame we can’t buy guns and ammo* on But that doesn’t mean we can’t buy plenty of gunstuff. (And fortunately, many of us do.) It’s a little hard to come up with a highly targeted list of Amazon gunthings because … well, you know. No two gun owners have the same needs or styles. And many battles have spattered Internet forums with pixelated gore over whether steel is better than combat tupperware or .45 ACP better than 9mm parabellum. So I’m aiming here to give you some hopefully non-controversial inspiration. For the lady in your life (which, of…


Dog Goldberg machine

Source and H/T to Brian Wilson. NOTE: “Dog Goldberg” is delightful. But please don’t even think about feeding your dog Beneful until you’ve done your research! Some of the owner claims may be unfounded, but really, the ingredients barely qualify as food. It’s shocking that Beneful is marketed as healthy.


A pair of weekend reads (plus bonus)

These were a bit long to include in any links post, but both are good weekend reads. Just grab a cup of coffee … “One woman’s dangerous war against the most hated man on the Internet.” (The woman has guts; unfortunately the law she inspired is typically stupidly written.) “What to do if and when Obamacare collapses.” Jim Powell reminds us once again that Obamacare set out to do virtually the opposite of everything that actually needs to be done to restore sanity and affordability to medical care. —– Back later with more, including Deep Thoughts, serious questions, and another…


Puppycide Kickstarter campaign has relaunched!

Hooray! The Kickstarter campaign to fund Puppycide: The Documentary has relaunched! Last time, they drew more than $60,000 in pledges from nearly 1,000 supporters. But their goal was $100,000 and Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. Now they’ve named a more modest goal: $40,000, with the aim of making a 30-minute film instead of full-length feature. The donors are already rushing back, and I’ve rushed with ’em. It appears that supporters are pledging more than before. If you pledged during the last effort, I hope you’ll have another go.