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Month: December 2013

Live deliberately

So your boss is nagging you for that overdue report and you know when you get home you have that worsening plumbing leak to repair. The kids are at that awkward stage (and have they ever not been?) and the spousal unit (or non-spousal equivalent thereof) gives you the dagger-eye for not being attentive enough.

The cause you most cherish in all the world is making so many demands on you that you start to wonder how you ever came to love it that much. Meanwhile, you never know what the NSA, the TSA, the ATF, or the IRS might spring on you tomorrow. But whatever it is or isn’t, you fear it. You tell yourself you don’t, or you shouldn’t. But somewhere in that one, obscure private corner of your soul that ought to belong to you alone, you fear it.


Unlike most of you hereabouts who don’t make New Year’s resolutions if the comments are representative, I do make them. Ellendra was about the only commentor on the same bandwagon. (Hi, Ellendra!)

Like everybody else who tries, I also fail at them. But I’ve found they keep me pointed in the right direction. In time, resolutions … resolve. It might be in a different way than you imagined or at a much later time than you hoped. But … you get there.

This year, though, I found myself down to the true stubborncusses of resolution-making. Those ones I’ve made year after year to no avail. The ones where I’ve gone so far as to post behavior schedules above my desk or slap Post-It notes on the bathroom mirror, only to find myself ignoring them as thoroughly as if they were written in Cantonese.


Monday links

If you made stuff like this up for a movie, it would be too ridiculous to believe. The NSA intercepted shipments to insert backdoors into electronics. (H/T JB in comments) Thirty-eight hauntingly abandoned places. Wendy McElroy: “The Redistribution of Dreams.” So well said, so sadly thought. New Years resolutions and free will. And to close with an awwwwww: dog escapes his new home and returns the shelter … for love. (H/T BW)


How to fight for freedom in 2014

According to James Poulos: So today it may be said that no popular movement has successfully, substantially reduced the size and scope of government power in America. There have been blips. Speed limits went up! We ended welfare as we know it! And today more Americans than ever adopt servile assumptions toward their relationship with government, and the institutions necessary to serve such a people weave inextricably into the fabric of everyday life. … Unless something big changes, we will continue to scramble. Confronted with the rule of fear in our private and public lives, our pop psychology gave up…


Weekend links

This judge wins the Ultra-Statist of the Week prize for excusing the NSA while kicking Snowden. I’ve been asking myself this question, too. When will insurance companies say, “Enough’s enough!”? We need more judges like Donald Beatty. (H/T Hobbit) Going “offshore” … in South Dakota. A sign of the times? And another sign of the times. Great one! College shooting ranges are on the rise. (Tip o’ hat to L.A.) The president of Uruguay. No matter what else you may think of him (or not think of him, since I’m guessing you spend a very, very small portion of your…


Friday freedom question

It’s that time of year again. And the question is (actually questions are) Are you making new year’s resolutions this time around? If yes, care to post your top resolutions in comments? If you don’t make resolutions, why not? —– Personally, I do make them, though not necessarily at the appointed and dictated time. I’ve done birthday resolutions, October resolutions, and yeah, occasionally even the new year’s kind. This year I’m going with new year. I think resolutions — just another word for goals — are important in the cause of being the boss of your ownself. It doesn’t even…


And the prize …

… for the weirdest item ordered from my Amazon links this season goes to the Dragon Claw Ashtray. (Even weirder: it features no claws. But definitely dragons. Er … dragon parts.) Congratulations, Anonymous Winner! I can’t decide whether this beats last year’s Barack Obama Chia Pet. They’re both certainly Olympic contenders for weirdness. I shall be back shortly with some actual, you know, content. Meantime, I thought y’all might enjoy this. I certainly did.


Merry Christmas!

Thank you all for being here and making this blog a great place to hang out! So here are some singing dogs (and friends). (H/T Brian Wilson) And here’s the lovely story of a young woman who reached out from beyond her death to send Christmas wishes to her husband and his new wife. (Have a hankie ready.)