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Month: March 2014

Monday links

Well, it appears that Albuquerque residents have seriously had it with their thrill-killer cops. Churches. Being converted into pubs. Did you know … that “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan came to the U.S. as an illegal immigrant? (Tip o’ hat to PT) Another reason for drug warriors to suspect and harass you: having a Colorado license plate. (Will having a Washington state license plate be the next sure sign that you’re a monster possessed by Reefer Madness?) This writer asks why “we” make children sit still in class. But she dodges the answer. That’s curious, because John Taylor Gatto and many…


How do you spell Schadenfreude? Y-E-E

The gunblogosphere has been all atwitter with the downfall of one of California’s chief anti-gun politicians. Leland Yee’s scandal is particularly marvelous because he’s not just accused of the usual misdeeds. He didn’t tweet a photo of his anatomy. He didn’t (that we know of) schtupp any interns. Insider trading? Junkets paid by lobbyists? Who knows? Maybe. But what Leland Yee has been accused of by the FBI is (among other crimes) gun running. Oh, man, that justice is truly poetic. Of course, we don’t yet know if Yee is guilty of that particular crime. And the FBI isn’t exactly…


Just some Sunday feelgood stuff

That was a good thing you did, lady. But you’re supposed to offer to buy the mistreated dog before you steal it. (H/T JB) —– Welllll, dunno if it’s the best political ad ever. But not bad. —– Rabbit stampede! (H/T JB) —– There’s been so much terrible news out of that monster mudslide in Washington. And the last few days, so little news because they’re not saying much until the medical examiner identifies the latest bodies. Some bodies will just be under that mud forever. And nobody will ever know exactly how many. All week I’ve bookmarked article after…


Viva Angel Vivas!

Paul Bonneau dropped this astonishing video link into comments. It deserves a post of its own. ┬íViva General Vivas! ┬íViva la resistencia!* * I hope that actually says something meaningful in Spanish — which I don’t actually speak. Never can quite be sure whether “la resistencia” might actually just be a property of electricity, or maybe a cuss word, rather than what I think it means.


There are no words

… for atrocities like this. And yet, such brute slaughter has become acceptable. Common. No decent human being could have participated in this long, drawn-out murder. No decent human being could condone it. No law could justify it. The agents of the state that committed this vicious crime should be treated no differently than the followers of Charles Manson. They are thrill killers, nothing more. They are no better than the rest of their ilk, from Charles Starkweather to Ted Bundy. May they get what they deserve — and then some. Via Wendy.


I am such a wuss (and other Wednesday ramblings)

Last night I jammed my two little leftie toes on a table leg while wandering around in the dark. Well so? That’s usually one of those things where you hop around and cuss for a couple of minutes then life goes on. But this kept hurting all night and by morning those two toes were fat and red and the foot around them was fat and blue.

Still, we’re not talking about a major health crisis here. Just an owie.

I’m rarely ever sick and it’s been years since I’ve been injured. Meanwhile, nearly everybody I know has had health problems lately — from colds that turn into pneumonia to a flu that lingers for six weeks (in one case even leading to neurological problems) to … cancer.

So I have a lot of nerve getting all pouty about an owie.


Tuesday links

“Forget guns. What happens when everybody prints their own shoes?” The 3D economy will transcend the state. (Well, hopefully …) Girl shaves head in solidarity with friend who’s gone bald from chemo. School and school district get undies in a bunch. Wow. This pope is gonna get hisself assassinated if he doesn’t cut it out. And speaking of the Vatican — just who did order up all that cocaine? Larry Correia gets mad over gummint “customer service.” And speaking of gummint … Yes, good question: why are we-the-taxpayers sending all that Pennsylvania coal to Germany, which has plenty of its…


Angry writers and other vague ruminations

I’m working on a project with a couple other writers. We’re each doing our own thing, but coordinating about the topics we choose. Today one came up with a rare good-news gun-rights story and offered it around. “Nope,” the other replied (or words to that effect), “I write best when something pisses me off.” Oh lordy, that is so true of so true. And it’s sooooo bad for the blood pressure. And for a person’s sanity and humanity. —– We’ve been having this exuberant burst of spring — today, even summerlike! — weather. I went to the hardware store for…


Weekend links

Beaded guns. Yes, very, very weird. Cops in Hawaii assert that they really, really, really need that law that allows them, and only them, to have sex with prostitutes. So what exactly did Erdogan think would happen when he tried to ban Twitter? Didn’t somebody say something about “can’t stop the signal”? I see the point. Larry Page would rather leave his billions to Elon Musk than to charity. Dog names (per jed in comments). Belladonna Squishypup. Definitely beats Maggie. Or Max. Okay, now I’ve gotten some fabulous deals at garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, rummage sales, or jumble…