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Month: April 2014

Midweek links

This is both fun and educational: How Secure is My Password? Just in case, I suggest you not enter any real passwords, but something entirely different that just has the same general mix of numbers, letters, and symbols as any password you might use. And of course, how long it takes a PC to crack your password and how long it takes some creepazoid with the full power of government behind him are two very different things. Why we should all watch Groundhog Day. (Contains spoilers; but then, is there anybody who hasn’t already seen or doesn’t already know how…


OMG! Such a shock! Who could ever have imagined??? Internet Explorer is FLAWED !!!

In light of the latest in the endless series of revelations about Internet Explorer bugs and vulnerabilities, I bring you … And now, being gunfolk and technoids (as so many of you are), you can all go off to the comment section and beat each other about the head and shoulders over which firearm should actually represent which browser. But nobody will disagree on the one that best depicts IE, right?


Monday freedom question

Usually I do these later in the week, but a couple of conversations yesterday put this subject on my mind. So … What do you feel truly, deeply passionate about? And I mean passionate enough that you’ll leap in and go for it even when you see struggle ahead. Passionate enough that, when you’re pursuing it, the rest of the world goes away. Passionate enough that you live it and breathe it. Although this is a freedom question, it’s not necessarily about issues. But about anything you love that much. A cause, yes. But it could also be about a…


Bloomberg’s idea of “grassroots” in action

Well, to no great surprise, we now get a glimpse of Bloomberg’s idea of “grassroots.” His new Everytown for Gun Safety outfit paid demonstrators to protest at the NRA annual meeting. And when a gun-friendly reporter tried to question Bloomy’s plastic PR “mom” Shannon Watts, Watts was whisked away. By armed guards. In an SUV bearing New York license plates. Oh yeah, this “grassroots” effort is going really, really well. ADDED: Just lookit that incredible mob of “grassroots” hoplophobes! Inside the convention hall, better things transpired.


Weekend links

That KKK killer who shot up those Jewish centers recently? A protected and pampered creature of the federales. Wonder why that’s not getting more attention in the MSM? David Codrea has that and more about the FBI in last night’s JPFO alert. Studies: The more privileged you are relative to others around you, the less trustworthy you’re likely to be. (Don’t blame me. I’m not the one who said it.) Deputy shoots cattle dog for no good reason. Outraged dog-dad sets up F*ceb**k page demanding justice. And more. Deputy gets fired. Wayne LaPierre announces he’s shutting down the NRA. 😉…


Midweek links

Eighty-four square feet, 305 possessions. I’m glad my own tiny-house phase is over, but I’m also glad I had it. I’m really glad it never went down to 84 square feet. Join the IRS. Cheat on your taxes. Misbehave. Win awards. Where do I sign up! Not just renegade ranchers, but the Texas attorney general, is ready to say, “Come and take it! (H/T LarryA in comments.) Rebels, rebels everywhere. And some intriguing background on who really “owns” all that Nevada land. (H/T Pat and naturegirl in comments.) Fellow plane passengers perform one, tiny non-violent act of resistance to save…


Tuesday links

So … some uninsured Californians get covered under Obamacare. Whoopee. Months later they’re desperately banging on the doors of free clinics for the uninsured because they can’t get doctors to see them. (How many of us kept shouting, “It’s not about ‘coverage.’ It’s about access to actual care!”) Wanna see the impact of state sales taxes on business? Check out Amazon’s numbers. (Well, that may help explain why after a strong start to the year, my personal Amazon links are producing spit and bubble gum this month.) Could low blood sugar be wrecking your marriage? So this is what the…


Monday links

Alas, one (normally) educated community didn’t get its Eastertime passion play this year. Because some gov-o-crat thought a passion play was a sex show. But keeping everything equal, religious folks apparently dished out some maltreatment of their own. Today’s good news. Cop tries to shoot harmless dog. Shoots self instead. (As you can imagine several people sent links to this.) Anybody seen a Leveraxe? Now, that looks like one cool tool, if it works as advertised. Funny how even a tool nearly as old as civilization can get a major makeover when the moment’s right. Unfortunately the Leveraxe isn’t on…


BLM fatal animal abuse at the Bundy Ranch

I don’t have solid proof that that these stomach-turning photos are the work of those guardians of the range, the BLM. But they are consistent with other evidence and claims coming from the scene. Don’t click those links, especially the first one, if you’ve just eaten or if you have a particularly soft heart for animals. (H/T CB)