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Two for the holiday

I don’t usually “do” holidays, except Thanksgiving. But here are a pair of truly touching stories, one for today, and one (though it was just published), for the Mothers Day just passed.

War dog helps the family of the soldier he served with.

An old man with Alzheimers, two caring cops, and a happy ending. (H/T ML for the smile.)

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  1. Pat
    Pat May 26, 2014 4:25 am

    Beautiful stories this am. I teared up at both of them.

    And both are particularly poignant because they negate the ugly aberration of war and control. No matter how governments mismanage their nations, people remain true to their nature. Love and fellowship are not dead, in human and non-human alike.

    (I note those cops were young. Maybe they were “brought up right”. Maybe they haven’t gotten jaded yet ― and maybe they never will. I’m glad they are partnered together, to reinforce their values and humane ‘instincts’.)

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