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Month: July 2014

Snitch or suffer

The U.S. Department of Justice (sic) is arguing that nobody has a right to refuse to snitch. That is, should you just say no when offered the “opportunity” to become the fedgov’s patsy, TPTB are free to punish you by means fair or foul to coerce and terrify you into doing their bidding. First Amendment does not apply. Nor any other amendment, for that matter. So they argue and so (in today’s statist legal climate) they may prevail. Another brick in the wall. Another brick we’ll pull down on their evil, power-mad heads one day in the not too distant…


A good cry and an update on Robbie

You need a good cry? Here’s your good cry for the day: “Bye, Sweetheart.” (Via the great Borepatch) I know a lot of you have said your own goodbyes to dogs and cats. I still miss my heart-dog Jasmine after nine years. I can’t imagine how it tore Commentariat member Karen up to lose three in the first half of this year. They break your heart. Every damn time. But life without them feels … heartless. —– Robbie went to furrydoc today to see if she could find a physical cause for his nighttime panic attacks. Short version: nope. Everything…


Bleg: Keep the roof over Claire’s head

Okay, good people. It’s been a long time since I’ve asked for anything. Last year I skipped fundraising because it always seemed someone else had a greater need. You responded generously and helped some good people. Now I need a new roof over my head. It’s going to cost $8,300. I hope to raise half of that via this bleg. So here’s the goal: $4,150. Here’s the hope: that if you enjoy this blog and get something good out of it, you’ll donate. I’m also hoping that donations won’t just come from the Usual — wonderful — Suspects who have…


Beyond “mere” personal privacy

The bigger costs of surveillance that nobody’s talking about. Well, maybe not quite nobody. But yes, it’s strange (though of course not surprising) that the uber-government — and the public government and the surveillance complex that enable it — refuse to see how much they’ve broken and how badly they’ve broken it with their foul behaviors. Of course, to some of us, those broken things are also opportunities. For stronger tech. For alternative commerce. For weening the naive from their trust in the untrustworthy. For freedom.

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Tuesday links

The more powerful people are, the more time they perceive they have. Interesting. And an insight into why some of us always feel as if we’re scrambling just to keep up! And here’s the schedule those successful people follow. This came up at Joel’s place the other day. I think it was MJR who linked it. In any case, it’s cool in more ways than one — poor man’s air conditioning. Hm. Jeffrey Snider also goes on (as I recently did) about how seventeenth century England made such a difference to Americans. Then he goes on. And on. About modern-day…


Nicki Kenyon, Larry Pratt, Jefferson, Coxe, et al. on the real meaning of the Second Amendment. AKA: Keep ’em Scared

Politicians, that is. What Nicki says. JPFO’s been publishing some terrific articles lately, but this stands out even in that stand-out crowd. If you get as much out of these writings as I do, please donate to or join JPFO. And don’t forget that every product in the JPFO store is 25 percent off through Thursday. NFI on my part, except that I want to keep JPFO going strong so it can continue to have people like Nicki Kenyon, Kurt Hofmann, David Codrea … and moi write for it. And because JPFO is a unique voice in the gun-rights world.


Catching up, scrambling about, Mondaying, and oh yes, let me do a little ranting while I’m here

Oy veh.

Such a Monday. The sun is shining so I really can’t complain. And thank heaven the sun is shining, because a 10 x 14′ section of my roof has been open to the weather (and the birds and the raccoons) for days and for a while there it looked as if it was going to stay that way!


Big sale on at JPFO through July 31

Everything — everything! (except memberships) — is 25 percent off at the JPFO store through Thursday. And even with memberships, there’s an ongoing 25th-anniversary special. Much good stuff. Prices low enough to enable you to share many items with friends. Books. DVDs. Targets. Bumper Stickers. Those wonderful, EZ-read Gran’pa Jack booklets. Tee shirts & hats. More Izula knives! I wish I’d thought of this line myself, but I’ll steal it from David Codrea, who headlined his post about the big sale at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership with, “Have we got a deal for you!” 🙂 —– And…

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Links that say a lot about the USA

This story is about the best and brightest leaving Russia. It has nothing to do with the U.S. — except that my email brings me daily reports about American ex-pats that sound just like this. “The leader of the unfree world.” Not long ago, this sort of privilege, with its cruel disregard for the “little people,” was granted only to puffed-up Oriental potentates and pashas in lands of the notably unfree. You already knew you were a terrorist in the eyes of “your” democratic, representative, passionately liberty-loving, and devoutly transparent government. Now read the criteria, such as they are, secretly…