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Month: August 2014


Yesterday morning we were at 400-some signatures (toward a 500 goal) on our petition to keep JPFO from falling into SAF’s clutches. Thanks to old friend Elias Alias and the power of Oath Keepers, we are at 1,016 early this morning as I write this! Great-soul Elias and the members of the Oath Keepers email list did this on their own. Amazing thing. Since I’m persona non grata with the JPFO board, maybe a few of you would like to send them the petition link. Their email addresses are in the original post about the SAF deal. Update on the…


Friday links

What? Eric Holder a hypocrite? Nooooo. Why, that would be as unthinkable as saying cops are lying thugs or that they get away with things that would send the rest of us to prison. Why, that would even be like saying that feds and local cops are conspiring to keep information out of the hands of judges. Couldn’t happen. This is Murrica! Isn’t that cute? The NSA has its own search engine just for sharing information about us. Sigh. Another hopeful libertarian project collapses into a rubble heap of fraud and scandal. Oh well. Here’s something useful (and maybe even…


Hell Week

This has been the most terrible week I’ve had in many a year. The last two weeks, really, as I first kept the JPFO secret I thought should be revealed, then went ahead and revealed it.

All week I’ve felt as if every time I turn on my computer something with huge claws and teeth is going to lunge out of the Internet and eat me.


Carl, you’re such a compromiser!

And here all this time everybody thought Carl Bussjaeger was a principled radical. But here he is, suggesting a compromise on gun rights! Except … well, it’s a compromise that makes a lot of sense. —– And a gentle suggestion for concerned JPFO members If you’re a JPFO member and you really, really object to the SAF merger you might start independently exploring your options. Emails have been good. Petition signatures, too. But so far there’s no sign any of that is going to prevent the travesty. Smart people are trying. But ruthless people with lawyers on the payroll have…


Quiet for a little while (and the tale of a non-me hermit)

Well, despite the chaos, life — and work — goes on. I have an article deadline this week, so I may be quiet for a few days. Rest assured the battle to save JPFO from sellout goes on. Although I’ve been standing here in public waving my arms and yelling, I’m really only a small part of the rescue effort. Smart people are on it! —– While I’m off being a hermit writer, here’s a good read about a hermit who makes me (and even desert-buddy Joel) look like a real wimp. ‘Course, Joel and I didn’t resort to thievery.…


Monday links

“The boy who invented email.” Wonder why more of us don’t know this. When “experts” had dismissed it as too difficult, a precocious 14-year-old invented email. Love this from Brigid: stripper clips and “Lab” dances. More snoopery? No problem. More privacy tools. Haven’t really been a fan of Rand Paul’s (for the usual “he’s not Ron” reasons). But this is a good guy. SNL thinks Obama is nothing to laugh at. Do all languages derive from a common ancestor? Finally, via Keith in a comment over at Joel’s Gulch, here’s a funny for ya. The Expert. If you’ve been in…


Thank you,!And an update

This is a screenshot of the top of this morning. Gunbloggers is a great, useful site and I’m pleased to steal from it often. 🙂 But the reason this is remarkable is that it’s normally only a rolling aggregation of blog posts. I’ve never, ever seen crucial news bannered like that on Gunbloggers before. I don’t know who owns or operates Gunbloggers (and a whois search was unrevealing) and that’s embarrassing just now. But thank you! Bannering that link was a fantastic thing for you to do. —– What’s developing here — unsurprisingly, I suppose, but still revealingly —…


In praise of an uncompromising b*astard

Though I officially quit JPFO on Thursday, I promised one last article. (A freebie; no more JPFO paychecks for me.) It went online today: Aaron Zelman: In praise of an uncompromising bastard. ‘Scuse the French. There will never be another like him and the gun-rights movement is poorer for it. —– Sign the petition to keep sellouts and compromisers from looting Aaron’s life work!


Aaron Zelman: “I’ll join the NRA …”

Friend reminded me of this article, which must have been one of the last things Aaron ever wrote. Does this sound like SAF thinking to you? Me, neither. This is pure Aaron, whose spirit will never be confined by Gottliebian wishy-washiness. Gottlieb has now stated that JPFO will be operated as an independent. However, he also cited KABA as an example of his fabulous preservation of “independence.” And we all know how well that went. Independence? Can Gottlieb spell I-R-O-N-Y? Read Aaron’s article. Do you see Gottlieb even tolerating such words? Wonder, too, what’s going to happen to the invaluable…