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Month: March 2015

Tuesday links

Five simple ‘Net security tricks from a Google engineer. I’m already doing four and a half of them. How about you? Don’t it just figure? Willie Nelson now has his own cannabis variety and hopes to open a chain of stores described as “the Whole Foods of marijuana.” Fascinating. Twenty-five percent of people have an extra color receptor in their eyes. Hm. Wonder how many of those are artists or go into fields requiring good color perception? So what do you think? Should this guy have been kicked off that plane or not? On hiding cops’ identities, a governor does…


Weekend reads

Two from The Atlantic: “The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous.” Science and addiction treatment. Long but interesting. And just for laughs: “The Confused Person’s Guide to Middle East Conflicts.” With the Saudi-Iran cold war about to go hot over Yemen, perhaps this’ll help us appear well-informed.


On a less heavy (if not precisely “lite”) note: momentarily carless

Mechanic came out to my house today, poked around under the hood of the Xterra, and kept repeating, “Interesting. Hm. Interesting situation …” Trust me, “interesting” is not a word you want spoken by someone examining your vehicle’s engine. Seriously, though, things aren’t too bad. I noticed a grinding noise in the front brakes a couple of weeks ago and figured I needed new brake pads. No surprise. I’ve been driving only “litely” since then and had already made an appointment with the mechanic for next week. Then yesterday, the grinding in the front end took on a whole new…


Three heavy boxes


You’re looking at three heavy boxes on that bottom shelf there. They’re physically heavy because they’re full of paperwork. But much bigger deal: they’re emotionally heavy because they contain everything I own that’s related to Randy Weaver and the horrors his family endured. Correspondence with Randy from jail. Notes from his trial. Notes and photos from my visit to his home (including the spot where son Sam was murdered by fedthugs).

I want them gone.


Thursday links

Deadlining this week as well as doing my small bit to get The Zelman Partisans ready for its next big step (look for it mid-April, Lord willing and the crick don’t rise). So blogging is a bit slow. But got some links for ya … Missed an important anniversary in the history of government on Monday: passage of the Enabling Act. March 23, 1933. Personally, I think if they can’t afford to pay for their own first-class travel, the whole scurvy bunch of ’em ought to just hitchhike and stay in hostels. And what the heck is a “first lady,”…


Hearings on Operation Choke Point …

… are set for today in Congress. Who gives a rat’s patoot about hearings? They’re just political theater, signifying nothing. But Operation Choke Point has rightly been called “the greatest government overreach that no one is talking about.” (OCP has been called that, in fact, by the guy heading up today’s hearings, Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin.) Why this matters: Because it shows how some obscure, unelected entity, ostensibly having zero to do with firearms, civil rights, business ethics or anything other than insuring bank deposits, can get a bright idea in its head (or have one politically implanted there)…


Tuesday links

Seymour Hersh revisits the ghosts of My Lai. Give a corporation the idea that it’s a government and pretty soon it starts acting like one. (H/T PT) What every well-prepared … um, prepper should have: the world’s first portable, grab-n-go flame thrower. (I really can’t decide how far the tongue is in the cheek on this one.) (Tip o’ hat to MJR) Bovard on the “food security” charade. That whole “food security” business has always grated with me (it’s so blatantly trumped up). But Bovard doesn’t just let it grate. He knows his stuff on this topic. Are we flushing…


JPFO, You’re breakin’ my heart.TZP? Now that’s another (much happier!) story.

Over at The Zelman Partisans Nicki Kenyon describes, far better than I ever could, the contrast between the “new” JPFO and the genuinely new spirit and reality of TZP.

Some very cool things are being worked on behind the TZP scenes and Nicki gives a glimpse of them.

I was going to just write a line or two here about the “new” JPFO here while linking to Nicki. Because Nicki really says all that needs saying. But [roll eyes] my line or two turned into a rant or two. If you want to hear what I have to say, click the “more” link. But above all, see what Nicki has to say.


Borepatch: The Inevitability of Secession

Part II: implications for the states. I haven’t yet read this thoroughly (dogs are guilt-tripping me about their morning walk). Given that I live in a blue state, but in a local area that is quite a different shade of blue than the big metros, I might weave a few thoughts of my own from Borepatch’s narrative later.