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Month: April 2015

Thursday links

Police face recruiting challenges, according to this NPR interview with cop advisor Darrel Stephens. But know what? If that very last line Stephens’ speaks is what cops aim for, they’re going to face a lot worse than mere recruiting challenges in the long run. They’re gonna face us. (Both audio and transcript at the link.) Of course, some cops merely aim for good old-fashioned sadistic fun at our expense. While others just watch too many movies. (Via Borepatch) Reminds me of this oldie but goodie from XKCD. All of which is why we call them thugs, regardless of their race,…


Back in the creative muddle

I’m deadlining. Um … s’posed to be. I’ve actually been in that blank, dull state that’s 100x worse than the next-worst part of writing. I just got over it a few minutes ago and though I might push my deadline by a few days (hate that, but it’s a monthly magazine and I suspect they may not even look at submissions for a week or two), I’m now breathing a different, clearer air. I hear there are scribblers, quite a few of them multi-millionaires, who don’t suffer writer’s block. I hate them all. Hate them indiscriminately, regardless of race, creed,…


A tale of assassination and revenge

It followed the Armenian genocide of 1915. More at The Zelman Partisans. (BTW, if any of you loyal blog readers want to buy one of the books linked at the bottom of that piece, you might come back over here and enter Amazon through my links. Amazon forbids using my links on any site but this one and TZP doesn’t have its own Amazon Associates account. So the links with the post are just plain-vanilla, nobody-gets-any-credit ones.)


A gun for Mothers Day

I don’t usually go in for holidays, especially not such egregiously manufactured ones as Mothers Day and Fathers Day. But this is a good idea. And of course a few training sessions if Mom’s new to firearms and self defense.

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Monday links

America’s largest bank joins the war on cash. This isn’t surprising, but nevertheless darned scary, especially considering it’s also a war on gold and silver coins. Since we don’t have a full name for this guy, I wouldn’t yet take this story as gospel. But if true, tragic (and stupidly so on the part of dog-breed bigots). Danish man kills himself after his dog is forcibly euthanized. For those who can stomach a once-secret report on surveillance. (Tip o’ hat to MJR) Seven epic fails of environmental predictions. And five phony fields of forensics. One more reason not to live…


Further adventures in scrounging

It was free spring-cleaning day at the landfill and furrydoc guessed that I might have construction rubble to add to her truckload. (Gee, wonder what made her think a thing like that?) So she came over, we loaded my demolition leftovers on top of hers, and off we went to the dump. And there it was, right on the nearest heap: The center pane had a crack across it that someone had patched with blue masking tape and cardboard from a Cheerios box. The wood has a few dings. But nothing a little Bondo or wood filler can’t handle. Rick…


Friday links

Eeeew! Just when you think tech can’t get any creepier. And this isn’t govtech or secretive corptech; it’s meant to be you-and-me tech. (Via MJR and Wired.) Tom Knapp on why America’s not ready for Hillary. And no, it’s not because she’s a walking scandal machine. Or because of her corrupt and otherwise undistinguished career in “public service.” Or her utter phoniness. Or even the fact that she’s a less pleasant person than Dolores Umbridge. Revolt of the raisin growers. (Incredible that a program this socialistic and this outrageous has been tolerated so long.) Some background on the Sugar Pine…


Do we really live in a society where child-molesting financial deadbeats have more rights (and get more respect) than landlords?

My friend Nicki has been dealing for months with tenants from hell in a house she owns. Their shenanigans (coupled with other financial setbacks; you know how bad things always come in bunches) have driven Nicki and her family near financial ruin. She’s been keeping quiet about it, hoping to resolve the mess peaceably. Hoping to get the deadbeat tenants to be responsible or just quietly go away. Or at least find a way to have them evicted. But today she got the setback of setbacks. A real heartbreaker from a judge. She finally went public on her blog —…