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Month: May 2015

Friday links

If somebody in private enterprise did this — let alone did it again and again — heads would roll, congressthings would hotly hold hearings, new regulations would strangle business, and the fedgov would mutter about the need to take over entire fields. But … oopsie! (H/T MJR) Here’s one more for the “one term in office and one in jail” concept of term limits. Better yet, former Honorable Speaker Hastert is going down not for some real crime, but for one of those faux crimes that Congress itself invented. “In praise of uncertainty.” The art of running from the police.…


“Improving” things to the point of brokenness

I’m still thinking of the deer-in-the-headlights stare of the mechanic who told me the Xterra needed a $1,100 computer replacement.

He was so obviously, blatantly just guessing. And so obviously dependent on whatever the diagnostic code said. “P1320? Not the distributor? Not wiring? Then it can only be the ECM. No other possibility.”



Here’s a story for you

“The Haunted Beach.” (pdf, about 4,600 words) I submitted this to a short-story contest/anthology a few months ago. It was rejected. Maybe because it was no good. Or maybe because the theme of the anthology was “optimism.” The rules said submissions could have dark elements but needed to be optimistic overall. I thought this story just bubbled with optimism (after said “dark elements”). But you can probably see why contest judges might disagree.


Bountiful day!

It was impossible to get a decent photo (which, I guess, says the camouflage was effective), but that Big Ole Heap O’ Camo and olive drab just below is a USMC wool sweater (always did think those were sharp looking) and a military poncho and poncho liner. Those were just a few of the items in one package I received today from someone I know won’t want to be named. That type of poncho liner is better known as a woobie for the comfort it offers cold, weary soldiers. It’s also one of the few pieces of military gear in…


Mighty General with a Mighty Wurlitzer

Just had a unique experience: watching Buster Keaton’s great silent film The General on a big screen, accompanied by live music from a “Mighty Wurlitzer” theater organ. Never before and probably never again. Not in a little berg like this one, anyhow. I love The General. And Buster Keaton was a gorgeous man with a magnetic screen presence, amazing directing and acting talent, and colossal daring (those stunts! he really does them). But I’ve never seen The General on anything larger than a mid-sized TV. Took a while to get things started. First they had a presentation by a “real…


Weekend links

The case against modern science. Fom the editor of one of the world’s most eminent medical journals. (H/T SC) It’s the time of year for dragging up old commencement speeches. The best ever, of course, was from J.K. Rowling at Harvard in 2008. But two years ago, Joss Whedon gave one as only he could give it. Senate panel gives the okay for medical marijuana for veterans. It’s a step. And at the fed level where steps are badly needed. But oh! The horror! We’ll soon all be home-brewing heroin. The government! Must! DO SOMETHING! About this! (Tip o’ hat…


Friday updates

And some cool custom knives (below) My ankle was feeling good enough this morning that the boot was actually more of a nuisance than the break. Got Ava back from Furrydoc’s kennels. ‘Bout the second thing she did was body-slam herself right into that leg. How did I end up with such a lunatic dog? She was amusing when she was a year or two or five years old. But she turns 10 this fall. Why can’t she just sleep a lot like a good senior dog? —— MJR, who sent this article decrying the current trend in “loud manliness,”…


Thursday links

Another terrific one from Ken at Popehat. How to spot (and counter) covert advocacy of censorship. I’ve never downloaded anything from a torrent site. I’m against any form of piracy that deprives creators of the rewards they’ve earned. Still … The Pirate Bay has panache. The usual anti-gun and “hate group” suspects band together to promote ballots over bullets. Um, yeah. Good luck with those ballots when you’re being threatened by thug government. The liberation of Dachau and the righteous rage of the liberators. “Oh, my gold!” Yet another company tries to do what egold did. (The poster says BitGold…