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Month: June 2015

Silly supremacists

Supremicists are pathetic. White supremacists may be the most notable of the breed. Their websites are loaded with scary-looking skulls and lightning bolts, but their prose is barely literate and their “proofs” of their superiority tend to be long-ago debunked books and transparently bogus “scientific evidence.”

They operate in cells of one (or two or three) not because it’s a wise security measure but because they can’t get along with each other for 10 minutes. And much of their semi-literate ranting consists of denunciations of each other.

Not one of these “superior” beings has made a single impressive accomplishment in any area of endeavor — except, rarely, murder. Which gets headlines but fails to impress as a great work of humanity.

But they are far from the only variety of supremacist, and all of them are pathetic.


Tuesday links

Oh, so very much boo-hoo-hoo. Former Russian spy (and crook) claims he got screwed by the dishonorable FBI after he defected. “Passive Congress, Communist President, Active Supremes.” So what else is new? Exactly my opinion of nature. ICANN and Hollywood are joining forces to try to end domain privacy. And via Brad at comes word that Google is now trying to out-NSA the NSA by secretly planting listening devices on our computers via its Chrome browser (and even the open source Chromium version). You, too, can build your own drone. In under 30 minutes, so they say.


Something old, nothing new, something borrowed, something blue

No, I’m not getting married. I’ve just borrowed this car for a couple of days. It’s old. It’s borrowed. It’s blue. It’s also for sale. I did something on Thursday (no idea what) to stress my ankle. Now I realize I was overly optimistic about strolling to town three or four times a week so soon after breaking it. The car is a 1993 Geo Prizm with 219,000 miles on it. Sounds awful on at least two counts, doesn’t it? Maybe three. Until you realize it’s actually a Toyota Corolla in disguise. Online reviews sing its praises — troublefree! cheap…


Oh yeah. And …

If you haven’t already cast your v*te for The Zelman Partisans, please do. And if you have a blog, a FB page, a Twitter feed, or neighbors who can be arm-twisted into v*ting for TZP, spread the word. We’ve fallen a bit in the rankings. We were in the middle-ish of the pack, but gratifyingly above both those legislative compromisers CCRKBA and NSSF. As of Sunday morning, though, we were sandwiched between them. Ugh! How’d you like to be tightly stuck between those two? V*ting continues through August 1, so TZP has lots of time to catch up! All we…


Monday links

10 careers with the most psychopaths per capita. One is actually slightly surprising. Apparently artificial intelligence has reached the stage of producing bright but balky adolescents. (H/T PT) Well, not quite down to just two choices. There’s always a third choice when it comes to dealing (or not dealing) with out-of-control governments: creative disregard. A most epic community-wide checkpoint refusal. (Tip o’ hat to MSJ) Coming someday to a country near you? As of last night, only 40% of ATM machines in Greece still had money in them. I’ve been collecting links on the Confederate flag idiocy — collecting links…



No, that’s not the answer to life, the universe, and everything (+50). That’s how hot it got here yesterday. It’s cooler this morning but managing to be gray, dry, muggy, and threatening all at once. We are under something called a “Red Flag Fire Weather Warning,” which I’ve never heard of before. Usually our weather maps are more greenish. Never seen this orangey-purply stuff before.


Is this a thing?

Though theoretically there’s a Craigslist covering my area, most of the activity on it is hours away. So I never pay any attention to it. But I got to looking at Hondas, Toyotas & such yesterday and found one newer-model Honda way, way, way too cheap with no explanation at all. Except there were some cuss marks (&^5$#) in the headline, clearly indicating some sort of story. I emailed the woman (supposed woman, but who knows), who responded with a tragic account about how the car was in perfect shape but it belonged to her recently killed son (cut down…


Random Saturday morning thoughts and links

Was thinking this morning — no idea why — about a friend who was once arrested on the absolutely magnificent (and no doubt Victorian) charge of “tending to lead an idle, lewd, and dissolute life.” A kind of catch-all charge, I gather, for underage kids who weren’t actually caught in any specific act, but who were nevertheless up to no good. A 17-year-old high school senior, he was busted at a college party where drugs figured heavily. Apparently that high-flown charge was originally invented by reformists committed to the belief that minors were salvageable and as yet incapable of actually…


Friday fun question

Until recently, I believed Joel was the only one among us who intended to betray the revolution and become dictator for life.* However, it now appears that others harbor this secret not-so-secret ambition. Just this week (while addressing the hotly subversive topic of pink plastic flamingos**), Commentariat member A.G. weighed in, dubiously claiming benevolent intentions, followed by Dana, who announced a more comprehensive agenda to open his term as dictator for life.*** That got me wondering. How many more intend to betray the revolution and become DfL? Good heavens, it’s possible the field is as crowded**** as the Republican and…


Pugs as a symptom of the collapse of Western civilization

Ever notice how many people have pugs these days? And how big pugs figure into “funny dog” videos? They’re funky little dogs with not-horrible personalities, but they have so many health problems that you have to practically become a vet to deal with them all. You wonder why people want them. They want them because they look like nonagenarian Alfred E. Neumans. Period. It wasn’t like that back in those mythic golden days. Back then, everybody wanted Rin Tin Tin. Lassie. Roy Rogers’ Bullet. Even though in my neck of the woods we usually just got, “It followed me home,…