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Month: July 2015

Tuesday links

People. Possessed by computers. We have seen the future and it is weird and icky. (H/T MJR) No more Mohammed cartoons, says Charlie Hebdo’s editor. The barbarians are inside the gates. A “lite” one from Bovard: “Cops and Donuts Don’t Mix.” A Silicon Valley billionaire revives the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Six state governments grow a brain and arm their National Guard members following the Chattanooga jihad attacks. You will be shocked, I’m sure, to learn that the Bloombergians are against it. And hey, check out the “do not link” link! Great way to read an article on Bloomberg’s The…


Monday links

I’ve lost count. How many “anti-violence” activists and “anti-violence” groups have been busted now for weapons violations, assaults, or homicides? A big number. The fedgov can’t manage to charge a single mega-banker for wrecking the U.S. economy through fraud and malfeasance. But the state of New York (via the ever-present, ever-righteous Cyrus Vance, Jr.) can manage 184 counts against a tiny, family-owned bank that was apparently just trying to police itself. Uh oh. No surprise. Sandra Bland, that young woman who “committed suicide” in police custody last week was reportedly a vocal activist against police brutality. Well, guess they showed…


Help TZP design its first target

Over at The Zelman Partisans, we’re having a little contest to help us design the next item for our store. And we’d like you to submit your favorite really dumb anti-gun quote. The top five quotes will be printed on the rings of a target and the people who suggested them will get free packets of targets as soon as they’re ready. Go. And have fun. (Post your suggestions at TZP, please. Not here. Quotes posted here at BHM will not count.)


Earthquake antidote

Okay, not really an earthquake antidote. We’re quite a ways from those yet. But the other day (H/T jed) I linked to a New Yorker article about the inevitable Big One in the Pacific Northwest. It wasn’t a bad article, all in all. It got some important history right, gave a decent overview, and apparently woke up a few sleepyheads. But as a geologist says in this this Slate followup, the New Yorker piece was “a little Hollywood.” It quoted a FEMA official who said everything west of I-5 would be “toast,” for instance, which (if you don’t provide some…


Midweek links

This public murder + mass act of cowardice happened (in gun-free DC, no surprise) on July 4. I just heard about it. If this is how disarmed and “civilized” people behave, you can take your civilization and … ahem. A social justice warrior has doubts about herself. I’m no Rand Paul fan. But suing to stop the horrible FATCA law is a fine idea. One good thing about the Greek crisis. If you’re in the market for a private island, you can now get a fire-sale price on one. Relatively speaking. Are these the death throes of Flash? (H/T PT)…


Living small, living simple: hype vs reality

So I linked to (yet another) article about small houses. Which led Joel to link back to me and also to a very funny blog about people who actually live in the things. Which reminded me of tidy-up celebrity Marie Kondo (because you have to be mega-tidy to survive small-house living).

Which reminds me that, now that I’m living in normal-sized houses again, it’s time for another perspective in tiny-house living.


“Mo” completed

The “Mo” inspiration table is done. Since I have a tendency to overwork art projects (eventually “perfecting” them straight into ruination), I forced myself to stop early by varnishing the tabletop even though there were still elements that were either unfinished or not to my satisfaction. That the painting is rough-edged and imperfect is a feature, not a bug. Having forced myself to quit putzing with the painting, I glued seed beads all the way down the grooves in the legs and affixed larger baubles where the legs join the top. Above are the baubles and beads on the legs…