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Month: September 2015

Monday links

Taking tacticool to an even more ridiculous extreme. (H/T jb) Remember that New Yorker article on the coming Cascadia “coast is toast” quake? Went a little over the top in places. Now its author, Kathryn Schultz is back with some pretty sound advice for staying safe when Cascadia decides to do its thing. This history of modern government medicine was a bit thick for me, I confess. But if you really want to know how we got in the fix we’re in, this is the article for you. (H/T ML) Look who’s pushing the international arms treaty and how they’re…


Test your brain

Okay, holiday weekend coming up. Time to relax, take it easy, enjoy the freedom we’ve snatched from the jaws of politicians. So nothing too heavy today. Just a few brain tests. Then you can go have a beer.


Thursday links

You are committing a crime. Right now. By reading this page. Really. (H/T MJR) This is from earlier this year, but the message is timeless. Always, always trust your dog’s impressions of people. Google’s driverless cars are programmed to obey all traffic rules. But oops, the people they attempt to navigate among … not so much. Yeah, you already know it, but Heather Wilhelm says it well: D.C. is America’s biggest busybody neighbor. Seems the big food companies suddenly like Michelle Obama now that they’ve figured out whole grain and low-fat junk foods are bringing in the profits. Yet another…


Growing in fire country

A reader of this blog is right now doing the dangerous, punishing, vital work of fighting wildfires in one of the many blazing western states. Hats off to him, big time. He sent me this: It’s an oregano farm, so he swears. 🙂 And far from the only one they’ve come across. In fact, these grows turn out to be a mainstay of this particular area’s economy. And not with government approval. Curious, I asked whether fire crews were being ordered to destroy the illegal “oregano,” report it, or let it be. He responded: I knew I wasn’t going to…

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Tuesday links

What the poor, poor media has do do when the murdering jerk is the “wrong” sort of person. And here’s the non-funny but more in-depth view of the same phenomenon. I haven’t heard from Stewart Rhodes yet about the Ferguson open-carry march controversy. But Mama Liberty found this even-handed Reason article on the issue with extensive quotes from him. Oliver Sacks, the great neurologist and racconteur died on Sunday. He was a wise, humane, and funny man. He went through life with face-blindness, which must be a special curse for such a public person. Kent says it well. You can’t…