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Month: October 2015

Weekend links

Cop shoots murder victim’s mother in the leg; misses dog. EU Parliament votes to protect Snowden against U.S. extradition. Reforming school policing. While The Atlantic fails to ask some basic questions, its heart is definitely in the right place. It’s all part of the school-to-prison pipeline. And good old “zero tolerance.” 🙂 Everything you need for household repairs. Cannabis fights liver cancer. I’m not sure why even some good, aware people continue to be surprised that there is no justice from the Department of Justice.


Oh heck, enough of my whining. Have some links.

Amish man sues to buy firearms without photo ID. Those secretive, usually warrantless stingray units? Turns out they can record the content of phone calls; not just act as a locator. (H/T MJR) Liberalthink: We MUST have the $15/hour minimum wage even if it puts people out of work. The news just gets more dire for Obamacare’s race to the bottom. Kevin Wilmeth asks, “How cool is Marilyn Williams?”, who defended her home with a precision air rifle (aka “sniper rifle” to the media). I’m not sure how the term “social justice warriors” (SJW) came into such popular use. But…


Feeling half human again

So yesterday my night ended at 2:00 as I woke up thinking about the ancient and idiotic practice of doctors bleeding patients. (And I don’t mean bleeding them in the Obamacare sense, but in the opening-veins or applying leeches sense.) My face was throbbing from this cold. With every heartbeat I felt my stuffy forehead and cheeks pulsing, and for the first time I understood why those old-timey doctors, with so little to go on, concluded that diseased bodies were loaded with excess “humours” that needed to be released. At that moment, if some kindly old quack had offered to…


Traitorous senators overwhelmingly pass CISA

Just now. 74 to 21. I posted about Orwell, Rand, and CISA last week. The data in question would come from private industry, which mines everything from credit card statements to prescription drug purchase records to target advertising and tweak product lines. Indeed, much of it is detailed financial and health information the government has never had access to in any form. The bill’s proponents said the data would be “anonymized”. Cisa would create a program at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through which corporations could share user data in bulk with several US government agencies. In exchange for…


A cold has caught me

Oh, a cold it has caught me and I’m feelin’ so blue. I’m about as darned worthless as a smelly old shoe. There’s a fire in my throat but none in my head. My snot glands are runnin’, my brain cells are dead … — Howlin’ Garglin’ Wolfe I get sick only about once every five or seven years. Lucky that way. But when something does catch me, oh my. I’m currently lying abed, sucking zinc lozenges and guzzling hot tea. No reason I can’t keep posting (it’s more entertaining than playing another game of spider solitaire). I’m just saying…


Tuesday links

Wow. You know that woman who drove into the parade crowd in Oklahoma? Apparently at least some of the media seems more than usually pre-programmed to blame the non-existent gun. David Codrea points out that the car-killer babe is apparently an Obama fan, too. I don’t know about you, but this sort of vague, ill-reported United Nations “science” makes me want to go right out and eat bacon. Maple flavored. Crisp. Oh, I have no doubt processed meats don’t qualify as health food, but I also doubt that the big bacon and sausage eaters dying of cancer are otherwise noshing…


Did somebody tell the gods it’s Monday?

Or did the gods invent Mondays in the first place just to spite us? Winter arrived yesterday evening and today we took our first dogwalk in it. That is, I stomped along determinedly while the dogs, in their rain jackets, stared at me aghast and demanded, “Can we go home now?” While winter here in the NorthWET doesn’t involve six-foot drifts of snow or 30-below temperatures (ah, fond memories of Wyoming and Minnesota!), it tends to arrive as suddenly as if someone up there dropped it on our heads. Cold needles of rain are here to stay. —– And of…


Weekend links

It’s just talk so far. And European talk, at that. So take it FWIW. But if banks impose negative interest on customers, controls on withdrawals won’t be far behind. NSA-proof wallpaper? Faraday cages for all! (H/T Laird in comments) We must have common-sense sword control NOW! Fedjudge says DEA raids on legal dispensaries in California are against the law. The more news and studies that emerge about Obamacare, the more horrible that horrible program looks. (When companies can manage to get around federal regulations, this is the way humane and profitable health care gets done.) Peter Schiff writes an eloquent…


Centerpiece of the house

The most important item in the house is now installed and plumbed and has hot water to fill it. Yum! The wainscoting behind it is beadboard from the old ceiling of the enclosed porch. The doorway you see on the left will eventually become a wall and the wainscotting will continue around three sides of the tub. (That’s Bathroom: Phase Two after the finances have recovered.) Scrounging and garage saling worked for everything else in the room, but I was determined to have a fabulous faucet, complete with shower attachment. So I found what I wanted online then searched for…