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Month: October 2015

Monday links

Before I get to the linkage — good luck to all you on the east coast, especially from the Carolinas to New Jersey. Keep to high ground and away from the surf and flooded roads, please. We need to keep you guys around! The Freeholder was caught in some of the early storm action and has some thoughts on bugging out when you’re … already out. Four of the best comments on the Oregon campus shooting. Google has apparently realized that “don’t be evil” long ago quit applying to them anyhow. The human quest to find our place in the…


Friday linkathon

An anxious space geek makes good in Hollywood. It’s just common sense that you should be free to shoot illegal home invaders. No matter who employs them. Even when they are “legal” they are still sometimes scum who should not be welcomed in anything that calls itself a civilization. While it’s not as unique as this article implies, the Anevay Frontier Stove looks like cool beans for preppers, campers, and small-house dwellers. Doctor punches out pesky (and phony) ER patient. (I wonder if Japan has laws like ours that forbid doctors to turn anyone away from the ER.) Do not…


Life’s losers and making our own beds, part II

Continued from yesterday …


As I was saying, we all have ways in which other people can look at our lives and say, “Why can’t she see how obviously she’s messing up?” I have mine.

One of them is doing things to keep myself from making much money. Although I deeply admire people who’ve accumulated a pragmatic amount of wealth and can be happy, prudent, and generous with it, I have a top beyond which I’m not comfortable going. It’s my ceiling. And it’s low.