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Month: November 2015

TZP, Amazon, misc.

The new poll at TZP asks if you’ve ever used a firearm in defense of self or others. You’d already know the poll topic if you’re subscribed to TZP alerts. 🙂 BTW, there are two excellent pieces of commentary in today’s alert, one by Carl-Bear Bussjaeger on presidential medals of “freedom” (that aren’t), one by a shy Israeli who tells how he went from fearing guns to fearing the loss of gun rights. These will be posted on the blog tomorrow, but alert subscribers see them a day early. —– Today is also the final day to become eligible for…


Cat: Anarchism is …

On Thanksgiving, Cat (aka The Brunette), revived her inspiring essay “What Anarchism Means to Me.” Cat, you knocked my socks with that one. What a thing of beauty and truth. I tried to pull a sample to quote here, but no … just go. Read it all for yourself. (Thank you to Mama Liberty for pointing me to this one.)


Weekend links

Americans aren’t as politically polarized as pols and the MSM would have us imagine. Among other things we’re united in distrusting the government. (H/T PT) Turn in your standard-capacity magazines orders L.A. gov. Then … crickets … Not one. Not a single one. The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University says he’s not running a day care. And George Will asks: American higher education — higher than what, exactly? The push to ban cash grows louder as currencies race for the bottom. One difference in this article: it lists various ways people might (and will) dodge the coming cash bans. Not…



Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I’m off to cook the Big Dinner with all the fixins and plenty of leftovers. It’s a tough job, but I’m sure Ava and Robbie will help. I’m grateful beyond words to all of you for for your presence, your comments, your support, your ideas, your smarts, and your commitment to freedom. I’m going to take a couple of days off now, so see you sometime over the weekend. Meantime, I hope you’ll leave comments saying what you’re grateful for in your own life, this very interesting and challenging year. (Clipart courtesy of Webweaver.)


Midweek links, too

It’s here: the 3D-printed revolver. The hoplophobic panic will surely not be far behind. (H/T S) It’s also here: the first private space race. I doubt the Bezos vs Musk is quite as theatrically adversarial as the media would have us think. What a good thing, though, eh? May the best man win. Better yet, may both men win. Over at The Zelman Partisans Nicki turns to DC police chief Lanier and asks, “Take ’em out with what?” and I ask if the Jewish leaders of Europe have no sense of history or just no sense. Carl-Bear Bussjaeger also has…


Amazon Gift Guide #3

Funny how it works with these holiday Amazon listies. I might do five or six of them in a season and only one person will buy a single listed item.

But orders do increase and quite often the purchases are similar to the listings … but a different model. Or brand. Or color. Sometimes a mention of one type of gear will spark a little flurry of orders for related items. A link to a rifle scope will bring bipods, holsters, and books on reloading.

This post may do the same. I’m going to link to specific products, but it’s not the specific product that matters; this is a list of things everybody swears by. Some I’d regard as absolute necessities for every prepared person. Others are just those things that make you go, “Oh, I wish I’d had one of those five years earlier!”

And they may get the same reaction from people on your gift list.


Midweek links

When it finally dawns on the social-justice pecksniffs just how many things in every culture are “appropriated” from some other culture, they’re gonna be in a world of hurt. Randall Munroe gives Time an interview as only the creator of xkcd could give it. (H/T jed in comments) “Who turned my blue state red?” Talk about blowback. That’s blowback. Odd couple: Black Lives Matter and Bloomberg. Half of me hopes he takes those officious overreacting officials for every dime — and thinks it’s too bad any judgment won’t come out of their own pockets. The other half of me is…


Tragedy for Kent “DullHawk” McManigal

I just learned that Kent McManigal — longtime freedomista, Commentariat member, and creator of the “Time’s Up” DullHawk Flag lost his 24-year-old daughter last week. Worse, she was killed by a drug-addled driver. Worse yet, she left behind two little sons, 5-1/2 and 4 years old. Kent’s ex-wife will raise the boys, but they could sure use help. Here are photos of Cheyenne Rose McManigal and family. This link will take you to the address of her memorial fund and a link to a gofundme page. Please help if you can.


I dreamed I went to hillbilly hell

I just came in from stapling some plastic sheeting on my back wall. I’m nailing it over the two-year-old tarpaper that isn’t keeping the water out next to the kitchen door. In some places it’s hard to find a surface for the staples because the wood underneath is crumbling away from rot. I’m glad two sides of the house look good now, ’cause anybody seeing those back walls first would surely be thinking they’d walked onto the set of Winter’s Bone. “I’m better than this,” I want the world (e.g. UPS drivers and my immediate neighbors, but not the tax…


After Paris

Brendan O’Neill of Spiked writes of Paris one week after. About the lack of passion:

It’s the feeling you’d expect to see following a natural disaster, when tragedy is inflicted on people by forces beyond our control, rather than after a conscious, bloody, moralistic attack, on the citizens of Paris and the values of France. The flower-laying, the books of condolence, the exhortations not to give ISIS our hate because that is what it wants… this has all been good and decent and moving. But where’s the fire? The anger? …