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Month: February 2016

A couple of amusing newsings

You’ve may have heard that establishment GOP pol Lindsey Graham said his party has gone batsh*t crazy. And as proof of that, you may also have heard that Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump. Apparently out of spite against Marco Rubio. Or something. But one politician who wisely declines to endorse Trump under any circumstances is former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who says he has no intention to pay for Trump’s f*cking wall. Good man, that Fox. Any chance one of the parties could draft him? Sorry for the bad language. But on the other hand, it may be a…


Well, it ain’t profound, but it’s what I’ve got

Yesterday evening I wrote this dazzling blog for you. Truly dazzling. Deep. Witty. Insightful. Filled with soaring messages of freedom. Just freakin’ brilliant. I pondered rushing straight to the library to post it, but it was late and I was weary. So I just saved the text file for later. Then first thing this morning … I managed to overwrite it. I hit the yes button when I should’ve hit the no button … and it was gone. One of those complicated things that happen at 3:00 a.m. when one attempts to think before the caffeine sinks in. But it…


Basking, bonkers, or bit of both?

Well, both. Saturday I woke up without Internet. And I’m looking at going ‘Netless for six months. Although I suspended service mostly to economize, I was both looking forward to ‘Netless peace and feeling nervous about cutting back my means of livelihood. Since waking up that first morning I haven’t really worried about the earning-a-living part. That’s manageable. I’ve done it before, after all. But you know what really drove me crazy? It was the day of the Nevada Democratic caucuses and I couldn’t play political junkie. I have only one potential means of getting news: NPR on a clock…


Weekend links

I was going to post this yesterday before home Internet disappeared. But have I mentioned it was a crazy week? So, belatedly, the library’s wifi system and I present today’s links: “Why I left Islam and now help others who are doing the same.” Learning to become resiliant (even if the trendiest publications are so over resiliance). Charles Koch agrees with Bernie Sanders Modern-day Milgram shows … well, no very big surprise. But speaking of following orders, what the hell kind of government would do this — or even think of ordering thugs to do such a thing??? (Another look…


Crazyweek links

Freedom Feens have an app for that. And it includes the no-snitch booklet “Rats” that we put together here on this blog. Although I’m not personally fond of “Benjamins,” this is all part of another &^%! gummint plot to de-cashify us. Look out, negative interest rates go right along with this. And meanwhile, Italy’s banks are already circling the drain. Ted Nugent makes his apology official (Never mind all the compromising weenies in the graphic; at least its creator put Aaron Zelman first, where he belongs.) Is atheism as natural to humans as religion is said to be? Just asking.…


Could it be? Does a big techco finally recognize who really butters its bread?

Okay, everybody has now seen Tim Cook’s letter (yes, even Joel).

Short version: Court orders Apple to develop new software for the fedgov that will compromise every Apple customer’s security. Fedgov lies and says it wants only to crack one terrorist’s phone. Cook responds like a real privacy advocate. This response is neither altruism nor political activism. It is — finally! — a tech company recognizing who actually pays its bills. Among other things.