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Month: July 2016

A pacifist husband and non-lethal self-defense

An excellent off-topic discussion started in this morning’s “Nevermind” post. It deserves more prominence than it’ll get in comments, so I’m moving it forward here. LBS wrote: DH is a pacifist and against all violent methods of self-defense – especially guns. He says I can defend myself, as long as the method couldn’t possibly kill the attacker (yeah, I know what you’re thinking). Do any of you have any ideas what a short, sixtyish, fat cancer survivor could have handy to better the odds? (BTW, murder or divorce are not options. I really love the guy. He’s mostly a great…



Okay, this is what the new blog template looks like as of today. Better? The header image, BTW, is a manipulated and arty-fied version of one of the shots I took on the day of the circular rainbows (actually halos, as I eventually learned, along with three or four related — and magnificent — celestial effects). I won’t be blogging at the new site until probably late August, and at that point I’ll most likely double blog the same content here and there for a while to give readers time to make the transition. Just so you’ll know …



I was devotedly seeking something to blog today. Then I realized … there’s no point. The world is ending today. Again. I just hope it ends early in the day so you won’t have a chance to be mad at me for not having Heavy Blog Content. Actually, since I don’t expect an early ending (and not only because the group making the claim claims it’s not actually making the claim but is claiming some kind of conspiracy is behind the whole business — or at least part of the business; are you following this?), I’ll be back in late…


The Ziggurat Urn

My neighbor Andy built a number of pet coffins. He did this first for a neighbor’s 19-year-old dog. Then he started more to sell on eBay. Then one fine day he had a stroke and was gone like that. His widow, J., let me choose among the smaller boxes for Robbie’s ashes. “Smaller” is a matter of perception. One box was a clear standout despite being only partially finished. That box I brought home. But small it’s not. I filled the nail holes and cracks yesterday and now am contemplating its decoration. Andy would have stained and sealed it. I…



I was getting a little worried about the blog-foundation fundraiser. Four days and only $105 came in. While I appreciate every penny of that $105, I wondered, once again, if the goal was going to slip away. Then today … $330 $350 $370. Whew! Provided by Thank you to the very generous donors (who’ll be hearing from me soon). And thanks to MamaLiberty for promoting the fundraiser on her Price of Liberty blog. I’m still awaiting several snailed donations — a couple that haven’t had time to make it here and one or two I’m beginning to worry about.…


Reflections on an un-conventionally conventional summer

Did you hear the one about the DNC apologizing to Bernie Sanders for torpedoeing his entire campaign “remarks made over email”?

It had to be a joke because they said, “These comments do not reflect the values of the DNC or our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process.”

Laugh a minute, those DNC flaks. ‘Cause you know, when your chairthing and everybody else spends months plotting the demise of one candidate and the accession of another, it’s pretty obvious your steadfast commitment … isn’t.

But what the heck. Words don’t actually have to mean anything these days. And I’m sure all the bad things happened because “mistakes were made” and everybody now sincerely regrets “giving the appearance of wrongdoing.”



Healey for Harbor

Joel wrote about it: When the law is whatever one person says it is there is no law. Local media covered the protest at the state house. You may have heard about it. But heck, it was all the way across the country from me. And in Massachusetts, where they make outrageous anti-gun diktats six times every day before breakfast. So normally I’d have blogged it only as a linkday blurb. But happens I know somebody who was there and he took these. BTW, for those for whom Boston lore is mere history, “Healey 4 Harbor” means dump the dictatorial…


On foundations, bitcoin, and whether or not my color sense melts your eyeballs :-)

Well, dear people, the blog-foundation fundraiser swooped past two milestones yesterday: we passed that halfway point and we made it to the one-year mark.

Thanks to you, Living Freedom blog will move to its own dedicated site. And barring unfortunate incidents with my Lamborghini, it will live for at the very least another year on what you have already donated.

Now, if we can make it all the way to goal, we’ll not only have two assured years of bloglife, but He Who Fakes It Well and I will add interesting new features that take advantage of the very best thing this blog has ever had to offer: you guys.


Thank you!

Thank you to Joel and to Wendy & Brad. They promoted the blog-foundation fundraiser in the last couple of days and sent a spate of new donations my way. Thanks also to those who became that spate — no matter where you arrived from or what inspired you. I’ve sent thanks to nearly everybody now — though I’m still missing a couple. So if you haven’t heard from me yet, keep on being patient. No way will I forget you. 🙂