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Month: November 2016

Wednesday links

  • Everything Trump says is nutty, except it wasn’t nutty when Hillary said it. (Except in this case it’s nutty — and dangerous — when either of them say it and my take on the issue is “ditto,ASM & Borepatch.”)
  • This black guy explains why whites would inevitably win a race war. Even if you can’t understand a word he utters (and I can’t), the visual message is plenty clear. 🙂
  • On that OSU “active shooter,” here’s Joel’s take (preach it, Bruthah). And here — please keep your barf bag handy — is what purports to be the opinion of the university’s diversity officer. 11 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Well, here’s a big suprise. The (former) records supervisor for the Albuquerque cops has filed an affidavit stating that the notoriously violent and corrupt police department routinely altered or deleted videos of them shooting people.
  • Kit Perez on the laziness of digital self-surveillance by freedomistas.
  • They haven’t reached wheelbarrow stage yet, but Venezuelans now can’t carry their inflated currency in ordinary wallets. 6 Comments
  • Some doings at Claire’s Cabal

    I don’t mention Claire’s Cabal much. But it seems time for a small update. First, we have a couple of public areas in the forum, to give a small taste. I’ve just posted a copy of this excellent article by Silver where anyone can see it. If you thought you knew every malign effect of the Federal Reserve, he describes one you probably hadn’t considered. Second, we’re in the process of starting up a “Members Helping Members” section where volunteers can offer assistance with anything from transportation and a place to stay to professional advice. Just announced it today and…


    A Sunday ramble

    Good riddance, Fidel So one of the world’s most long-surviving dictators has died, too late for his corpsification to do anybody any good. I was amazed by some of the glowing “official” responses to Fidel Castro’s belated kicking of the bucket, particularly the now-infamous proclamation by Canada’s latest infestation of Trudeau, Justin. I knew he was far left. But frankly, I didn’t believe you northern types when you said he was such a complete moron. Consider yourselves vindicated. Trudeau’s excuse-making for monsters has even spawned a blackly hilarious #TrudeauEulogies hastag on Twitter and Gab. Which even MacLeans noticed. Even the…


    Weekend links

  • Lots of media outlets are reporting on Jill Stein’s efforts to get recounts in the three “Hillary firewall” states that Trump won. How come so few are reporting on Stein’s comically scammish and ever-escalating claims about the amount of money she needs?
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports on censorship in social media (.pdf). (Very readable report, too.)
  • Where is Julian Assange and what has happened to Wikileaks? 16 Comments
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Today I am grateful …

    For the Commentariat, all my blog readers, and everyone determined to live free;

    For Her Royal Highness Princess Ava Prettypaws, ACD, BC, even though she is an awful attention seeker who intrudes on my hermitude;

    For the nearly 15 years each that I had with heartdogs Robbie and Jasmine;

    That Hillary Clinton isn’t about to become president of the U.S.;