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Month: December 2016

The loooooong New Years Eve

2016 is finally — almost! — over. But just because this has been such a fun, fun, FUN year, they’re giving us all a little more time to enjoy it. So. What are you going to do with your extra “leap second” tonight? I think I’ll eat fried Cheerios, enter a mildly altered state, and watch Altered States (courtesy of Netflix). How ’bout you? Then here’s something sensible you can resolve to do tomorrow. This resolution will probably be even easier to break than the standard ones about losing weight, quitting bad habits, and generally being a better person.


While we’re on the subject of useful emergency equipment …

Do you carry a jump starter in your vehicle and if so, what are the characteristics you looked for? I’m curious, because the prices are all over the place and oddly, the model with some of the best features, this Stanley pictured below, is one of the least expensive. It’s not only a jump starter, but it’s got an air compressor for filling tires, USB ports for charging two electronic devices at the same time, a light and more. Yet it’s about half the price of some that do little besides jump starting. Now some of the much more expensive…


Friday links

  • Diagnose 17 diseases with a single blow into a breathalyzer? I doubt it’s that elegant and easy (especially with only 86% accuracy). But an interesting potential development.
  • Prepare to be shocked: the DEA pays millions to informants with somewhat less accountability than your local library uses to keep track of paperback books.
  • And if that wasn’t enough of a shock, I know you’ll just faint dead away to know that the Department of (Achtung!) Homeland Security is riddled with bribery and corruption. (I’m truly sorry to deliver all this bad news to you; I know how much you trusted and admired your federal government.) 6 Comments
  • Flabbergasted

    A few years ago, two of the many kind readers of this blog sent a substantial donation specifically for buying a generator. The money they sent was enough to purchase an inexpensive generator — or make a good start on saving for the compact Honda or Yamaha they knew was on my wish list. They gave me that option. My choice. I decided to stash the donation and keep on saving for the Dream Generator. While it made me nervous not to have backup power, I figured that — not being particularly a Ms Fixit — I needed the reliability,…


    Tomorrow at Amazon

    Tomorrow, Friday, December 30, will be Digital Day at Amazon. Yes, there are too many this-and-that days for buying things. But this one is apparently designed to enable you to fill up those devices you got for Christmas at bargain rates. You may be all buyed out, and if so, peace and joy to you. But if you’re still shopping, you know where to enter the big giant store.


    The complete float tank experience

    The complete float tank experience, including embarrassing details not for public consumption, has now been posted as an article at Claire’s Cabal, our member-only sister site. I posted the short version on the blog last week. So you got it first; Cabalistas get it worst. Remember: donated three-month memberships to the Cabal are still available to those who can’t afford to join and would like to be active participants on the forums.

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    Oh, Bloomberg. Just a laugh a minute, that man.

    Ha! Michael Bloomberg paid $20 million to get a prove-your-innocence-before-buying-a-gun law in Nevada. It lost everywhere but Las Vegas, won by a single percentage point overall, and cost the mad anti-gunner more than $30 per v*te. Now, because of a blatant error in the way it was written, it turns out to be unenforceable, according to David Codrea and the Nevada Attorney General. Sebastian has the details on Bloomberg’s screwup.


    Thomas Sowell’s farewell

    No, he hasn’t died. At age 86 he’s simply decided to get out of the news whirl, quit his regular column, and spend more time on photography. Is that cool, or what? Michelle Malkin says an eloquent goodbye. Yes, he’s more conservative than many of us diehard lib-anarchists would like. But overall, he was a powerful voice of common sense on economics and liberty and especially against the tomfoolery of eternal racial victimhood. He also won my heart by by being such a private person and disdaining trendy self-promotion. So farewell and enjoy being out of the news loop, Dr.…


    Wednesday links

  • Had to happen. Prosecutors in Arkansas are demanding cloud data from Amazon for one of its voice-activated Echo devices. Authorities don’t seem to think they need a warrant or a subpoena, just a “demand.” Amazon differs.
  • There’s also this little question among money-hungry local governments as to whether you should pay them for arresting you. The Supremes are expected to weigh in.
  • You ready for a new ice age? (C’mon, damnit. I still want my global warming! Especially now that we in this corner of the world are soon to “enjoy” some of the lowest temps we’ve seen in years.) 16 Comments