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Month: August 2017

Midweek links

Best air rifles and pellet guns for SHTF. In places where cannabis has been legalized, the DUI laws regarding THC blood levels are often insane. Completely out of touch with the reality of what’s an intoxicating level and what’s not. Although the laws are bad, there’s good reason for the badness: It’s impossible. Los Angeles just “won” the 2028 summer Olympics. Nick Gillsepie tells Angelenos: run like hell before it’s too late. And that’s without even talking about the effects federal “homeland (achtung!) security” will have on the city. Another city from which to run like hell. Oh, Baltimore. A…


Claire’s Cabal memberships reopened

A few days ago we had to halt new signups for Claire’s Cabal due to petty vandalism. We’ve just created and tested a new process for joining. So if you’re interested, have at it. Enter the Cabal through the above link, click on Join us, then answer the questions on the form. Cabal membership is now free for active, productive members.

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