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Month: October 2017

FYI on the Paladin going-out-of-business sale

I just took a look this morning and discovered that the discounts have gotten even steeper at the Paladin Press close-out sale. Books are now at 65% off, putting the Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship at $8.05 and The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook at $12.60. Equivalent bargains on ALL Paladin books. So get ’em while you can. The last day Paladin will be be selling is November 29, but I would expect many titles to be gone long before then. It’s the end of an era, folks. Again, NFI to me, except for royalties paid on my own titles. At…


Stupid, stupid, stupid Amazon security

[rant] I have a vendor account on Amazon to sell dead-tree copies of RebelFire and Hardyville Tales. Yesterday I logged in, only to learn that as of next Tuesday, all vendors will be required to have two-factor identification or be locked out of their accounts. Well, that’s rather short notice. But I don’t mind two-factor ID. So today, Amazon nags me again and I click … and discover the ID can only be by phone. No email. Grumble. I absolutely hate the damn noisybox telephone. But what can I do? I choose SMS over voice. They send me a code.…


Story fragment now on Patreon

If you’re one of my Patreon subscribers (in any amount), you can now read a draft fragment of the promised RebelFire story. I just posted it for critiquing. I also plan to share the story, when it’s finished, with a few Friends of the Blog. And someday perhaps it’ll be part of a RebelFire novel for one and all; I don’t know. Meantime, I’ll post fragments, and random thoughts about the writing process, on Patreon, with some posts open to public view. Happy reading.


Thursday links

  • The DoJ is trying to get personal data on five Twitter users (one or two of whom you may know) because they received a smiley from a security researcher the feds have it in for.
  • Black preacher claims he was banned from a health club for giving an interview supporting Donald Trump.
  • Via Wendy McElroy: Big data meets Big Brother. In China. But I’ve seen hundreds of people on credit forums who’d think this horror was a fabulous idea. 4 Comments
  • Writer’s to-do list

    1. Get RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone into a Kindle edition.* 2. Get Hardyville Tales into a Kindle edition.* 3. Create a second edition of How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You (currently out of print) for Kindle and print-on-demand. 4. Create a new edition of The Freedom Outlaws Handbook for Kindle and print-on-demand. 5. Write that new story in the RebelFire universe! For my Patreon subscribers only. (It’s in the works, folks, and I have the most clever co-conspirator helping with key developments.) 6. BIG, TOP SECRET COLLABORATIVE MYSTERY WRITING PROJECT. More later if it…


    Midweek links

  • Bovard: let us not forget the FBI’s own long criminal record.
  • Well, Jeff Flake (who went from libertarian-ish rep to RINOish senator) was right about one thing: “Resentment is not a governing philosophy”. More mainstreamers should be asking what causes so much resentment and why it’s become a driving force in both “right” and “left-wing” poly-ticks.
  • Five years from now, will we will we be wearing headbands to stimulate our brains and make us smarter? (H/T JB) 9 Comments