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Month: November 2017

Thursday links

  • Of course it was a complete accident that Google “disappeared” Protonmail from its search results for months. How could anyone think otherwise?
  • It’s happened as we knew it must: a state has ordered medical cannabis users to turn in their guns. (Via Myself in comments)
  • Six things you learn after shooting a cop in self defense. (Yeah, you already knew; it’s the mainstreamness and millennialness of this source that’s interesting.) 55 Comments
  • I said I’d be drywalling. But.

    I said this morning I’d be drywalling all day. I was, sort of. I finished a second wall of the bedroom, but ambition to cover the longest wall got derailed by my ambition to do it right. That wall was the exterior wall of the original 14 x 24 cabin. Presumably the blocked-off doorway was the back door. But shortly after Jim Beam and Jack Daniels built the “big chicken coop” (as the builder’s great grandson, who works at the lumberyard calls it), they added the bedroom wing, covered all that over, and I never knew what to expect until…


    Hitler reacts to grad student thought crimes

    Something pretty wonderful happened this morning. But Her Royal Highness demands to be walked, and after that I have a day of some rather tricky drywalling. I’ll try to post about the Very Good Thing later. Meantime, have another hilarious Hitler: This one is based on a recent attempt at free speech academic thought crime in Canada.


    Should I disappear …

    It’s probably not the feds (though you never know). I’m about to back up the computer then update the operating system. You’d figure I’ve done enough OS updates not to mess it up. But … well, you never do know, do you? I’ll be updating from a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS, which I’ve never done. Shouldn’t be too big a deal if Mint installs (or keeps) relevant libraries. If you Linux geeks have any dire warnings to offer … sorry, it’s too late. 🙂


    Great literature has many uses

    Drywalling today. Ugh. Far from my favorite job, especially when I’m working alone. I’d have given anything to have help lifting that top piece into place and holding it flat while I screwed it down. But I know this is a job I can do on my own. I’ve done it before with bigger pieces than this on higher walls than this. I will not allow some silly bit of gypsum and paper to defeat me, even if it does seem to outweigh me today and even if I am feeling old, weak, and wimpy. First I dragged that bookshelf…


    Reality-checkers needed

    Kit Perez and I are writing a book. I didn’t think I’d ever write one again, but she’s an inspiration as well as a scary-efficient writing partner. We started just last month and are probably close to the halfway mark already. Topic: Resistance to tyranny. Specifically, practical forms of resistance freedomistas can do NOW, personal skills needed, warning signs to watch for, etc. Timeline: We hope to have it out in Kindle and publish-on-demand early next year What we need: A couple of intelligent readers who can review in-progress drafts and answer questions like: “Is this information useful?” “Are we…


    Friday links

  • Kit Perez continues her series on the death of critical thinking in the freedom movement: Part III and Part IV.
  • Patent trolls have lost some of their malign power recently. Will the Supreme Court restore it? (This looks like one of those no-win situations from a freedomista perspective.)
  • Staggering variety of clandestine trackers found in Google Android apps. Expect similar violations in the iPhone versions of these and other apps. 7 Comments
  • Okay, now that you’ve survived Thanksgiving …

    You’ve made it alllll the way to Black Friday. Which, despite much over-hype, is actually the best day of the year to buy a television. And is generally the best day of the year to buy one of Amazon’s electronic devices. In fact, Amazon is full of Black Friday Week deals you can buy via my links. And no doubt there’ll be more on Cyber Monday. If you’re interested in a nifty gift from a nationally respected company owned by freedomistas (NFI to me, but that’s fine), Hi Mountain Seasonings has supplies for creating your own homemade jerky, including a…