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Month: December 2017

Last weekend of the year

Got this yesterday. 🙂 The title is “111 Dogs and their Strange Stories.” In Italian. The book made its way here from Rome, and while the packaging barely survived (one more tiny tear and the book would have fallen from the envelope and disappeared forever into postal oblivion), the contents are pristine The reason I have it is because my St. Guinefort appears inside. I wrote about that last June The crop is unfortunate, but since each story is illustrated by a full-bleed photo or piece of art, it was the best they could do to be consistent. I can…


Midweek links

  • United sorta-kinda-but-not-really apologizes to the woman who got bumped from her first-class seat so it could be given to “Queen” Congressthing Sheila Jackson Lee.
  • This Future of Freedom Foundation piece on Christmas-tree protectionism is good as far as it goes. But it doesn’t mention the obnoxious “checkoff” program that turned real Christmas trees into yet another federal hog trough.
  • An oldie-but-goodie: Frank Chodorov’s 1952 thinkpiece, “Time for Another Revolution.” (H/T CB) 11 Comments
  • Checking in

    … Because I feel guilty not blogging for two days in a row even though I announced “lite” blogging into next week and have been enjoying totally mundane days. I’ve finished hanging all the drywall in and around the new bedroom. Next I begin taping, mudding, and putting up metal corner bead, starting with the darkest corner of the closet. While I won’t enjoy working in the closet, I’ll be glad to have the biggest storage area of the house completed so I can quit tripping over art supplies, chop saws, and spare space heaters. (Well, I’ll still be tripping…


    Christmas Eve

    Happy Sunday-before-Christmas morning. Is everybody getting a nice extended holiday this year? I’m drywalling, mostly. But I thought I’d pop in with some links, too. First (courtesy of JW), the inimitable Selco talks from experience about Christmas when the S has HTF. Then here’s the story of how NORAD became Santa’s official tracker (and the Pentagon has reaped propaganda hay ever since). Borepatch and Joe Diffie bring us “Leroy the Redneck Reindeer.” Law enforcement grinches steal one couple’s green Christmas. As usual the story the cops relate smells higher than the cannabis. And in California, victims of those horrendous wildfires…


    Merry Christmas links and videos

    This is my early Merry Christmas to You post. Blogging will be “lite” between now and January 2. I’ll be around — when I’ve got something to say and I’m not either drywalling or feasting. It just might not be every day. If you’d like to use the comment section on this post to add links to your own favorite Christmas or winter music (as we did on Christmas 2015 with such beautiful results), that would be fun. Meanwhile, on to the links, then the music vids below. Lazy people’s Christmas decorations. The kitties await. More on cats and Christmas…


    The longest night of the year

    Source And the shortest day: Source In other words, the winter solstice: Source The worst is over. Or will be by tonight, depending on where in the northern hemisphere you are. The light returns. Now all we have to do is slog our way through January. And February. And … everything else including the rest of December. If you live in Florida, Costa Rica, or the Southern Hemisphere, please keep your boasting about your glorious season to a minimum.


    So. Would you want to live in this neighborhood?

    Despite predictions that Seasteading is dead, the project got a grand writeup in the Daily Mail this week and is moving ahead with plans for 2020. It seems Patri Friedman, Peter Thiel and company are sailing ever closer to conducting their experiment in liberating mankind from politicians. (Marvelous goal; to which I say with a touch of skepticism and an equal touch of joy in their monumental vision, “Good luck with that.”) Of course, it all begins with an agreement with government — in this case the government of French Polynesia. Not a bad neighborhood, Tahiti. Gorgeous concept drawings, too.…