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Month: March 2018

For Alexander

My friend Alexander was “executed” and reborn today. One journey over, one begun. This was not an impulse decision. It was a long, arduous venture into the depths of spiritual mystery. I’m as religious as a lump of lead, yet somehow Alexander brought me along with him, through it all. My part began with music — specifically this music. Then Alexander carried me along, though history, art, humor, more art (lots of art), personal struggle, philosophy, tears, synchronicity (lots of synchronicity), and general wonders. I was privileged to play a small part in an enormous adventure. Many thanks, all thanks,…


Update on the paperback of Basics of Resistance

Good news for everybody awaiting the paperback of Basics of Resistance. Bad news for me, because after Kit uploaded the Kindle version, I was looking forward to a few days off before progressing to the paperback (which requires different formatting and several more rounds of checking and correcting). Kit made me WERK! instead. 🙁 She took us down to the wire. The paperback version should be ready for uploading after one more round. We don’t yet have a price or an exact release date, but you can expect it about the same time as the ebook. More good news: Although…


You know, whatever else you can say about David Hogg …

He makes terrific meme material. With the help of readers, we’re doing a meme blast to help kick off Basics of Resistance. Joel (with inspiration from T.L. Free) made these two of that obnoxious 17-year old progressive fascist who suddenly considers himself a major national figure: If you’ve got a blog, FB page, Twitter or Gab account (or whatever), grab these and let ’em loose on the ‘Net. —– The other day Joel also posted this scarily natural Hogg video to the Cabal. Eerie, isn’t it, how easily Hogg falls into that role? YouTube has marked the video as “offensive”…


We’re number one!

Just in from Kit and Amazon: Holy cats! I never remotely expected anything like that — especially with the pre-release date getting screwed up, and the fact that we didn’t do a book bomb or anything. We’ve just begun posting a few memes with the book URL on them. And blog entries. These Amazon rankings are ephemeral things. They have nothing to do with overall sales figures, only how many orders are being placed at a particular moment. We may be “#1” for five minutes, then never again. Still. Whooeee!


Book update: Guns were jumped

Well, well, well. Don’t ask me how it happened; I wasn’t there. But sometime today Amazon began taking pre-orders for Basics of Resistance and announced to the world that the book’s release date is April 1. It’s not. It’s April 19. But as of the moment I’m posting, Amazon still hasn’t updated and is still accepting pre-orders for the Kindle version. Dunno what you’ll find when you get there. But here’s an Amazon link you can use anywhere and share with your friends. And and here’s one of my Amazon links for use only at the blog. We thought the…


Not a post about leaving social networks

Source —– Cambridge Analytica is a red herring. Oh, look, F*c*b**k gave your data to eeeeeeeevil Trump people! Never mind that it gave five times as much to those wuuuuuuuuuderful Obama people in 2012! No matter. It’s still lovely to see people finally waking up to the fact that when you’re on FB, you’re the product, not the customer. I wonder how long this will last? Will the rage and revelations against FB begin an online privacy revolution? Or, more likely, will data-gobbling and stupid data-spilling go on unabated after a few token crony-gov regulations? It’s encouraging that even big…


Tuesday links

  • Doesn’t it just figure? One of the entertainers from Saturday’s anti-gun rally in DC has a recent firearm conviction on his record. It’s one of those “offenses” that shouldn’t be. But still. Hypocrisy, thy name is gun control.
  • Here’s another rapper who’s no hypocrite; he’s adamantly pro-gun and wonders why so-called progressives want to turn black people back into slaves.
  • Do you really expect men to take this new birth-control pill? 13 Comments
  • The book is DONE!!!!

    Basics of Resistance, which we hope (cross fingers) will be the first in a series called The Practical Freedomista, is DONE!!!! Kit Perez and I have been busting our buns to meet an Amazon deadline dictated by our planned pre-release and launch schedules. I’ve been editing; Kit’s been laying the book out for Kindle and inputting my changes. And she just uploaded it: This is Kit’s first book ever. It’s my first in … oh, how many years? Loooooong time. I’d forgotten what a hectic time those last few weeks could be. This is also my first self-published book, and…