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Month: September 2018

While it’s still preparedness month, how’s your med kit?

Yeah, it’s preparedness month for people like us all year long. But September is official. The government say so, so I believe it. 😉 Yes, I’m late to mention it. Saturday at 2:00 a.m. I got a reminder of the one weakness in my prep kits. I woke up feeling as if I had something in my eye, way back in the outside corner where it wasn’t easy to get at. Hours later, it was still there, despite doing expedient things like sticking my head underwater and wiggling my eyeballs around. (I’m so glad nobody was around with a camera.…


Midweek musings

I got up early this morning and the quality of the moonlight slanting in from the west was so striking it reminded me of that old barbershop quartet song. Orion appeared above the trees, fully visible for the first time this season. Through a trick of the light, it stood alone. While moonlight and mist obscured most stars, Orion was clear and strong. Even the fuzzy “stars” of his sword were visible. Although generally when it comes to the sky I couldn’t tell Cassiopeia from the Perseid meteor shower, I learned to love this constellation when I was a kid…


Tuesday links

  • J.D. Tuccille on Google and privatized authoritarianism.
  • If there’s a hell, a very low ring should be reserved for petty bureaucrats who use the law against good, kind, brave people. The charges against Tammie Hedges for administering medicine to rescued pets and “soliciting a controlled substance” are barbaric. Good thing her legal fundraiser is surpassing all expectations.
  • The U.S. is about to get its first “robot brothel.” Don’t expect this to be The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. (H/T DB) 4 Comments
  • Monday links

  • Solar panels replaced paving on several roadways. For the environment and the climate and all, you know. Results were predictably underwhelming. Quite expensive, too.
  • Commander Zero, who knows whereof he speaks when it comes to preparedness, says Joel’s current experiment in living off an Augason Farms emergency food kit won’t end happily. I’m pretty sure Joel would have agreed from day one.
  • Speaking of which, Wired says that the science behind disaster preparedness kits is a disaster. They have suggestions some of us might not agree with, but the article’s interesting. 12 Comments