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Month: October 2018

Tuesday links

  • Hillary drops an incredibly racist “joke” that that would get anybody to the right of her pilloried.
  • An Iranian immigrant starts a GoFundMe for victims of the Tree of Life massacre and raises nearly a million dollars in three days. Remember, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
  • OTOH, some prominent but twitterpated Jews think it’s somehow possible to fight anti-Semitism by shunning and banning from worship fellow Jews who happen not to share their political opinions. Is there no end to the hatred oozing from people who imagine themselves to be against hate? 8 Comments
  • John Taylor Gatto, RIP

    If he wasn’t the single most important voice for freedom, good sense, and respect for children in education, he was certainly among the top three or four. Dead at 82. From the article: Gatto spent nearly 30 years as a teacher in the infamously rough New York City public school system. He was awarded New York City Teacher of the Year three consecutive years while also being recognized as New York State Teacher of the Year in 1991. Over the course of his career, Gatto was recognized by other educators for the rapport he had built with his students. While…


    Autographed book update

    Seven autographed copies of Basics of Resistance are still available. If you ordered your copy before the middle of last week, it should either already be there or arrive in the next day or two. If you ordered after the 25th (DZ, DP, and JM), your books went in the mail this morning and should arrive by next Monday. Grab one of the remaining copies if you want a signed book or want to play Santa for someone who might. Most likely, these will be the last I’ll have to sell for reasons explained at the original announcement. Don’t forget…

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    Bari Weiss on the Tree of Life murders

    The murdering barbarian struck literally in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and at the synagogue where writer Weiss became a bat mitzvah. Every Jewish community in America will now have to make sensible decisions about how to ensure that they are not the next victims of someone like Mr. Bowers. But those hard choices should not make us forget the core values that make communities like Squirrel Hill what they are: welcoming, big-hearted and profoundly decent. One of the gifts of the Jewish experience in America is that because we have been so welcomed and so safe here, these values have been…


    Weekend links

  • You soon may hack your DRM-locked software to repair or upgrade it. Whether you can hack it is a different matter.
  • Should a self-driving car kill Grandma or a baby? Choices, choices.
  • I’ve read, though haven’t confirmed, that poor Washington state is the only one with a big anti-gun measure on the ballot this year. Oregon, OTOH, has the opportunity to create 10 gun-sanctuary counties where gun-grabbery will be thwarted. 5 Comments
  • Friday links

  • Dicks Detestable Sporting Goods — you remember them from when they hired lobbyists to work for victim disarmament — gets sued by an ammo manufacturer.
  • Tyler Bariss, whose chronic SWATting and calling in of bomb threats finally got an innocent man killed last year, has gotten hit with 46 more charges. Usually I find it despicable how the feds heap charges upon charges to intimidate people into plea bargains; I hope Bariss goes away for a long, long, long time. And the trigger-happy SWAT sniper with him.
  • LOL, a judge in Washington state rips off his robe and sprints after two escaping prisoners. Catches one, too. 16 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • I’m really beginning to believe Apple is serious about its customers’ privacy. Nobody knows quite how, but they’ve blocked a shady tool used by police and hackers alike. (Yes, MJR, your link gave me a smile.)
  • Did “magic” mushrooms create psilocybin to screw with bugs that wanted to eat them?
  • No surprise to you, but a surprising source. A study by a group of ultimate public school insiders says government schools are failing kids by not challenging them enough and instead feeding them assignments well below their capabilities. 13 Comments