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Month: February 2019

Just another little check-in and a few links

Doing great this week (knock wood). My mouth has healed up nicely and with no pain at all. I’m still gobbling gift supplements to excellent effect. And other than necessities and blogging, I find I’m not missing the Internet much. The other day I had a bit of extra time on the library’s wifi and decided to make a quick cruise through some of my regular (until 10 days ago) daily news feeds. I found I wasn’t even interested — though after going a week without hearing the names Jussie Smollett or Anybody Kardashian, I was unsurprised to find them…


We are Freedom Moles tunneling through our own lives

I’m in occasional touch with an Outlaw Mole — a talented, intelligent, freedom-loving person whose day job is in a dark trade, dealing with dark forces as we descend into Endarkenment. This person tells me no secrets. I wouldn’t want secrets and there’s no reason for the Mole to risk harm by telling them to me. What I receive, sometimes, is the outpouring of frustration, anguish, grief, rage — and occasional bitter humor — that comes from living a life out of tune with one’s own inner self. It’s heartbreaking to witness; imagine living it. Being a Mole is hard.…


Just another little check-in (aka medical matters)

I’m beginning this on Thursday, within two hours of leaving to have a tooth yanked. I’ll finish this blog on the weekend, fates willing. The appointment is late in the day, which I wouldn’t have chosen. Cause I’m a wuss and a worrywort and just want it over with. I’ve been busy blogging and doing other things all morning, but suddenly I’m out of distractions. I’m not as nervous as I expected to be. Yet. I did wake at 3:00, counting, “Twelve+ hours to go.” Hated that and knew I’d be keeping count all day. But I stayed in my…


VONU reborn: A little more of a book review this time, part II

VONU: A Strategy for Self-Liberation By Shane Radliff July 2018 Liberty Under Attack Publications 126 pages This part is actually something like a book review. Mostly. So there I was, idly seeking any good reference to long-ago disappeared Rayo and his writings on the VONU life. And while most of the ‘Net seemed to have forgotten that pioneer of modern liberty, one site — one shiny site called The Vonu Podcast — was entirely dedicated to reviving Rayo’s ideas and advancing and popularizing them for the 21st century. Better yet,


VONU reborn:
Not exactly a book review, part I

VONU: A Strategy for Self-Liberation By Shane Radliff July 2018 Liberty Under Attack Publications 126 pages This is inspired by the above book, and I’ll have more to say about that great new read later. But keep in mind that this is not exactly a book review. —– Slip back in time roughly 50 years. Ayn Rand had shaken the foundations of the political world with Atlas Shrugged — and awakened a whole lot of intelligent, isolated young people. These young men and women knew they were neither “conservatives” nor “liberals,” but they hadn’t recognized there was a coherent philosophy…


Silver Seeds of Liberty shop now open

At the end of December, I blogged about an upcoming “conspiracy of beauty and liberty.” The conspiracy is now active. Elias Alias has announced that his Silver Seeds of Liberty shop is officially open. Elias — a fantastically talented jewelry designer — has created a line handcrafted earrings featuring sterling silver castings of cannabis seeds plus semi-precious stones. You can read more about his concept here. Most of the designs are suitable for women, but some (e.g. the ear studs on page two of the shop) are unisex — and I hear some designs especially for men may be in…


Weekend links

While I still (however involuntarily) have Comcast … That weird SWAT raid in Houston that left a couple and their dog dead, several cops wounded, and no evidence of heroin dealing found — the one where a police official threatened they were tracking anybody who criticized cops — is looking more and more like the work of lazy, lying thugs. (H/T DT) Data is a worse problem than the privacy invasions used to collect it. The country’s largest grocery chain already gives customers who foolishly make themselves identifiable a “health score” based on their food purchases. Now they aim tomatch…


Where will you be for Civil War II?

Yes, I know. According to the strictest definition (factions battling violently to control the same government) the U.S. hasn’t had Civil War I — yet. But leave that quibble aside for the moment; there are other definitions. Suddenly, talk of upcoming Civil War II is everywhere. Oh sure, predictions of war have been made on the political fringes for decades. But now they’re mainstream — or as close to mainstream as you can get without having the (increasingly empty-headed) New York Times do a cosmopolitan feature on what fashionable Manhattanites should wear apres battle. I’ve never been convinced we’re headed…


Just an inconsequential check-in

I’m working on a post for tomorrow or Saturday that’s heavier on real content. But I also promised (or threatened) that I’d post whatever the week delivered. So here goes that. —– On my first week (allegedly) offline, Robert Burns’ line about how best-laid plans “gang aft agley” was a dominant theme. I thought I would spend the week thinking Deep Thoughts. But. Notice I’m posting this at 5-something a.m. In other words, nope, not from the library. From my cozy flannel-lined bed with a big pot of tea on the warmer beside me. Which is nice. But. I spoke…


At How the U.S. Federal Income Tax Became D.C.’s Favorite Political Weapon

My home Internet goes away sometime this weekend. I felt a wave of liberation when I finally achieved that (after three tries but without typical Comcast arm wrestling). No doubt I’ll have many other reactions later as the often inconvenient realities set in. In the meantime I’m weaning myself from “news” and poly-ticks. But Alex at sent a link to another of their great in-depth pieces on the history of tyranny in the U.S.: The 16th Amendment: How the U.S. Federal Income Tax Became D.C.’s Favorite Political Weapon.” Well worth a read, as always.