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Weekend links

While I still (however involuntarily) have Comcast …

  • That weird SWAT raid in Houston that left a couple and their dog dead, several cops wounded, and no evidence of heroin dealing found — the one where a police official threatened they were tracking anybody who criticized cops — is looking more and more like the work of lazy, lying thugs. (H/T DT)
  • Data is a worse problem than the privacy invasions used to collect it.
  • The country’s largest grocery chain already gives customers who foolishly make themselves identifiable a “health score” based on their food purchases. Now they aim tomatch that score to purchases those same customers make in their pharmacies so random pharmacists and clerks can act like doctors. Little Brother becomes a mini nanny state.
  • And how our completely made up and untested “health risk scores” are being sold without our knowledge to people who have the authority to deny us needed care.
  • Commander Zero gets ready for spring by starting seeds while the snow piles higher.
  • From American Partisan, which is proving to be a damned useful site: “Weapons for the suburban prepper.”
  • Michael Werecat Dean and friends have produced “Microtonal Freedom,” and album to benefit Lyn Ulbricht, who’s been fighting hard for her imprisoned son Ross.
  • Twenty-two preparedness items from the dollar store.
  • Guns are nice for personal protection and all. But apparently nothing beats a big bunch of bananas in an emergency. 🙂


  1. larryarnold
    larryarnold February 9, 2019 2:39 pm

    Good article on firearms. There’s a perfect firearm and a perfect cartridge for every task, but unless you want to haul around an arsenal, select guns and ammo that are pretty good for a lot of things.

    I’ll have to check that site out.

    “Yes, we have no bananas; we have no bananas today.”

    Claire, I think you or a guest blogged about tourniquets awhile back, but now I cant find it.

  2. SamSam
    SamSam February 9, 2019 4:27 pm

    I like Ace Hardware. Some have clothes and even ammo. Usually good quality stuff while the dollar store can be quality questionalbe.

  3. ExpatNJ
    ExpatNJ February 10, 2019 12:38 pm

    Claire, I look forward to your posts and links. I don’t know how you manage to keep doing this; but, I thank you. And, I look forward to the comments from your visitors. I would politely say:

    “Remember, I’m pulling for you. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.”

    – ‘Red Green’ (played by Steven “Steve” Smith Jr), “The Red Green Show”, CBC TV Series 1991- 2006, Mid-Life Musings closing line,

  4. Comrade X
    Comrade X February 11, 2019 1:34 pm

    The swat raid is a good example of why you really can’t take anything in the news at face value.

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