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Month: July 2019

Tuesday links

  • Private business doesn’t need more laws and regulations to deal with pollution.
  • Peter Thiel (who knows something about the CIA, being rather cozy with it), sez the CIA and FBI should investigate Google. Maybe somebody should investigate the FBI, the CIA, and pseudo-libertarian agent of the uber-state Thiel.
  • Just out yesterday: Five good habits to dramatically reduce your chances of dementia (even if you’re genetically predisposed). 5 Comments
  • Lookin’ out my back door

    For anybody who wonders why I live here … … that’s 12 feet from my back door. Of course, sometimes the vegetation does get carried away. Between morning glory, ivy, alder saplings, and the omnipresent blackberry vines, you can almost watch the grow-y things growing. Summer may not be sunny, but it’s one long struggle to keep plants from taking over plants. This is what that big fern in the right foreground looked like 10 minutes before I took the above shot, being strangled and consumed by morning glory tendrils: Beautiful, cannibalistic vegetation. We have everything a rain forest has.…


    Walls, vegetation, and motivation

    One day last week, I couldn’t bear being inside my house or inside my own skin. Normally, solitude is joy, but there are certain days — and I’ve had a lot of them, this gloomy spring and summer. I wish I could tell you I get through such times by meditating or some other spiritual practice worthy of a true hermit. Ha. Truth is, at the itchiest of those moments the only cure is to escape from the hermitage. And usually to shop. Oh, not for designer shoes or fancy clothes, unless I can get them from a thrift store.…


    Friday links

    This is encouraging and I think and hope it’s true: Big tech is dying; they just don’t know it yet. This is pretty encouraging, too. You go, Kiwi gun owners. (H/T DT) Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to skip all his required sex-offender check-ins. Acosta appears to be lying about the sweetheart plea deal he gave Epstein. And Clinton (such a surprise!) lies about his involvement with Epstein, the Lolita Express, and Orgy Island. This is getting interesting. Twitter locked John Lott’s account because he made a factual post about the politics of a murderer. I haven’t been able to find…


    Guest post: The Society of the Free and Easy (wants you)

    David Gross posted this intriguing announcement at the Living Freedom Forums. I reprint it here with his permission and add a couple of comments below. —– Summary: The Society of the Free and Easy is a self-directed, peer-supported process for becoming a more flourishing and effective person while enriching the culture around you. You’re invited to join. Benjamin Franklin is famed for his remarkable scientific and technological discoveries, his many diplomatic and political achievements, his publishing and journalism, his practical philosophical acumen, and his many contributions to the public good. How did he do it? When he was young, he…


    Voices from the past, looking toward the future

    Happy post-Independence Day. Never mind that post-independence might be all to apt a description. —– I’ve been thinking about religion more than politics these days and contemplating my possible irrelevance. This post begins with religion, but it’s about the larger picture. And freedom; as usual, everything’s about freedom. Inspired by books like Barrie Wilson’s How Jesus Became Christian, Stephen Stoeller’s comprehensive insider’s look at gnosticism, and the works of Karen King, Bart Ehrman, Elaine Pagels, and too many others to name, my mind has been in the past — and not the past of rousing revolutions or ringing statements of…


    Three quotes for the Fourth

    These quotes came in this morning via email from the outstanding I don’t agree with all the sentiments, and alas I don’t believe the speakers or writers of the words always agreed with themselves, either. Two of them were, after all, politicians and one of them made government bigger and meaner than it already was. Still … Happy Independence (what’s left of it) Day. —– “No other theory is adequate to explain or comprehend the Declaration of Independence. It is the product of the spiritual insight of the people. We live in an age of science and of abounding…


    Tuesday links

    I’m a few days late with the news, but Justin Raimondo has died — and that’s one heck of an obituary for one heck of an activist life. Today’s most unsurprising news: NYPD joins the ranks of police outfits planting evidence to meet arrest quotas. Humboldt County, California, issues peremptory fines to people who might be growing pot — even if they’re actually growing peaches or tomatoes. “The Boomers Ruined Everything.” The title is inflammatory. The article has a point — and a damned good one — but most of the problems it cites preceded us boomers. Our generation only…


    Post-guest post and thinking with half a brain

    My guest departed Sunday morning after a week’s stay. He was a courteous and easy guest (who, contrary to the “fish and guests” rule, became easier as time went on). But … well, I’m a hermit. If I wasn’t born one, time and solitude have made me one — and a contented one, indeed. I’d be reveling in having homespace to myself again, were it not for a sudden second dental emergency urgency that not only hurts but may mean my summer construction plans all get swallowed by my misbehaving mouth. This is no mere cavity, but a potential major…