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Month: August 2019

A dog-rescue story

James Rummel of the Hell in a Handbasket blog rescues a dying puppy. That’s all I have to say. Today, I just don’t have major blogitude in me. But really, is there any need to say more? This beautiful (though also sad) story is courtesy of Commentariat member jed, who also notes that Rummel used to give free firearms training to poor folk. This is a man who takes action & responsibility.


This is for you, SubscribeStar :-)

I will soon (not yet) be taking monthly subscriptions at: SubscribeStar needs me to put this URL on my blog before giving final approval to my SubscribeStar profile. Everybody else can ignore this. This is because I have no social media presence. And because they need to make sure I’m the person in charge here. And other reasons. I think. 🙂 I’ll take this post down once they give me their approval.


Wednesday links

In another instance of “it’s about damn time,” two Houston cops have been charged with murder and evidence tampering in the excruciatingly inexcusable raid that left a couple and their dog dead for no reason other than the state’s love of brute force and police corruption. (H/T DB) Couldn’t happen to a more deserving currency. The U.S. dollar’s days at the world’s reserve currency grow shorter and shorter. The next recession will destroy millennials. Congressthing Ilhan Omar, already suspected of being married to her brother, is now embroiled in her lover’s lurid, tabloid-worthy divorce scandal. Yeah, yeah, I’m just posting…


Perceptions, prejudices, and stumbling ignorantly toward the revolution

This starts as one of my rambles, but trust me, it eventually develops a point. —– I’m reading a book right now in which the author attempts to make an obscure subject user-friendly. She’s so committed to her attempt at popularization that she opens every chapter with an extended movie reference, usually to big-hit or cult-classic films: Captain Kirk did X; Neo did Y; Harry Potter said ABC. Then she ties that in with her subject. It’s an intriguing approach, but almost too cute, too contrived, too insultingly dumbed down. Yet at the same time that she’s attempting to talk…


Friday links

It’s been a while since we’ve had a really good monkeywrench post. Bear Bussjaeger provides one involving “malicious compliance” with tyrannical gun laws. Nice one, Bear. Appalachiastan: a culture of resistance (by John Meyers via Bill Buppert). If candidates took advice from Bastiat … Plato got it wrong. A brilliant takedown of “experts,” elitists, and others who pretend they can manage society by John Michael Greer (aka Archdruid), via Borepatch. Could recession really lead to economic revolution? Farhad Manjoo thinks so. I dunno, but it’s an interesting think piece, anyhow. David Koch, dead today at age 79; his legacy is…


Just a little update

I’m working on a blogosaurus which ought to turn up here in the next few days. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few links to post and I’ll try to do that late this afternoon or early evening. But this is just a little update following Amazon’s FU “Warmest Regards” message. A couple of years ago, when Amazon nerfed their commission structure for associates, an angel stepped in and began making up the monthly deficit. He’s still with us. I thank him every month — and if you like this blog, you should, too, because I don’t know that I’d still be…


Midweek links

Bear Bussjaeger does what he does so well: debunking the latest lies of anti-gunners. This isn’t the way it should be done, and you’ve really gotta laugh at the idea of gigantic coercive monopolies accusing corporations of monopolistic practices (mostly to extort cash out of them). But at least it’s an encouraging sign that the most evil tech giants are finally facing scrutiny. The WaPo op-ed, with its implication that the government should manage every life from cradle to increasingly early grave and that individuals don’t matter, is creepy. But its history of how American medical care came to be…


Small-town vignettes

I check my rock garden plantings and find them still alive after five days. If I squint hard I can even imagine the little sedums and Alyssiums are actually growing. Definitely none are gasping their last. It’s a miracle! Life in these fecund boonies might make a gardener of my black-thumbed self yet. Even my one dry, brown, bedraggled clearance-sale tomato plant has exploded into a giant green wonder, filled with new blooms and one actual fruit (after deer or some other critter tiptoed through in the night and stole all the original ones). I’ve lopped stray branches from skinny…


I think my favorite part is “Warmest Regards”

If you’ve been using my Amazon links, I thank you for your support of this blog. Unfortunately, you should stop now. Received from Amazon this morning: Hello, Effective today, Amazon is terminating your Associates account as well as the Operating Agreement that governs it (link below). Why? We reviewed your account as part of our ongoing monitoring of the Amazon Associates Program. During our review, we determined that you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement, found here: . The violations include the following: -We have found violations in one or more of the Bounty Statements from your Site.…