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Month: July 2020

I haven’t posted …

… because I’ve been dismayed by the number of people, even here, who’ve begun substituting hostility, authoritarianism, and non-sequiturs for actual thought and discussion. There’s no point talking to people who are driven by propaganda, fear, or rage. All you can do — at least all I can do — is wait it out. This, the Time of Covid, is exactly like the months after 9/11. As then, some of the fearful and propagandized will be permanently changed and will drift into new philosophical or political realms where they’ll remain. They may give up philosophy or skepticism altogether in favor…


Hypoxia from facemasks

Silver writing.  Hypoxia is a diminished supply of oxygen to the body.  I’ve been trained about hypoxia – recognizing it, the dangers, contributing factors.

Hypoxia is extremely dangerous because it makes most people feel happy and overconfident.  They act as if they are drunk.  They deny that there is any problem, even as they lose the ability to perform simple tasks.

This video shows a pilot undergoing hypoxia training.  He’s in a chamber where the pressure can be lowered to simulate various altitudes.  The training simulates an explosive decompression, and while it doesn’t specify the simulated altitude, it’s above 26,000 feet.