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Month: October 2020

Part I: Groundwork

I’ve come to realize that this (now darned-near mythical) blog post I’ve been promising, “In Praise of Men,” is a book, not an essay. And it’s a book I’m not going to write. So I’ll to try doing what I can in a series of posts. Today I’ll just state my premises and lay some groundwork. This step has been a stumbling block for me and I need to get it done so I can move ahead. Let’s get some basics down on pixels. Premise #1: BIOLOGY Sex is biological and overwhelmingly binary. Are there exceptions? Of course, and they…


Winter preps (now more important than ever)

Yes, yes, I’m still working on “In Praise of Men.” Getting closer all the time. But meanwhile, life and blogging go on, however haltingly. And the topic of most immediate urgency is getting ready for what could potentially be a nasty winter. —– So Paratus, the holiday for preparedness, was in September (thank you, Commander Zero). But prepping is forever. Winter preps are vital this year. Because it’s 2020. And if that’s not explanation enough, 2021 is looming and shows no signs of being better. If the combined upcoming COVID-flu season is everything politicians and the media wish it to…


High tech but third world

Still working on the rumored blog post “In Praise of Men.” I actually began putting words on pixels today, then decided I needed to consult with an actual male person. (Not on how I should write it, but about things going on in his head.) Might be a few days on that, as he currently has a LOT going on in his head. And his time. And every other part of his life. Meanwhile I thought I’d pop in and bitch. Or better yet, give you, my stalwart (and oh-so-patient) readers a chance to bitch. My question is this: Do…