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Month: November 2020

A brief interruption in the proceedings

I’d hoped to have the next installment of “In Praise of Men” for you by now. But this has been a week of catastrophe. The days haven’t lent themselves to hours of calm contemplative thought. I’m fine, in case you’re about to ask. The greatest catastrophe struck someone else, but one of its ripple effects is that I must now travel for the first time in five or six years and don’t know when I’ll return. The good news for you faithful (and patient!) readers is that I’ll very likely have time on my travels to write the next bit…


Evolution and Protection

Note: I’ll be speaking of averages and generalities as I go along. Nothing I write should be taken to mean that I believe individuals should be wedged to fit stereotypes. Far from it. Averages and generalities can be anywhere from useless to downright destructive when applied to individuals. BUT they’re very useful when talking about the whole — of civilization or of the human race. See Part I here, which mostly lays out other premises. —– Evolution and civilization Civilization as we know it was largely designed (by chance and nature more than by intent) to protect women and children.…


Friday Freedom Question:
Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

There is no such thing as a recovering political junkie. At least not in my house. Here at Mo Saoirse Hermitage, the entire household (with the exception of Ava-dog and the cat) have had their eyes glued to news screens even through days of post-election existential emptiness (“Biden has gained 34 new v*tes over Trump in Pencaronevia, while Trump’s lead in North Georgvania has slipped from 1.6662 percentage points to 1.6661!”). Why a free-market anarchist and small-town Outlaw should be so engaged with Stupid National Politics, I can’t explain. But so it is. And you know, the news isn’t all…