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Month: April 2021

Guest post: The Hunt for COVID-19 “Vaccine” Ingredients

The following is a guest post by Mac the Knife. The word “vaccine” is initially in quotes not because of some conspiracy theory but because the COVID shots apparently neither convey immunity nor prevent inoculated people from spreading the disease. More accurate (and non-political) terms for them might be treatments or inoculations. —– By Mac the Knife It all started when my newly found niece (a long story involving, who works at a CVS pharmacy, sent me the Janssen COVID-19 “vaccine” Insert that I had requested. It was a very thick document. After I unrolled it turned out to…


Being well-informed amid media madness, part II

Mark Twain (is alleged to have) quipped, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” Borepatch, upon consideration of our current condition, amended that to, “If you don’t follow the media, you are uninformed. If you do follow the media you are both uninformed and misinformed.” Got a point there, Brother Borepatch. On the other hand, there’s also this possibility: If you don’t follow the media, you might be far better informed. —– I gave up TV on December 27, 1994 and never looked back. I’ve been unable to do the same for…


Well-informed, fake news howlers

I promised part two of “Being well-informed amid media madness” by the end of this weekend. Technically, I’m delivering. I just finished writing the thing. It needs to marinate overnight, though, before I polish and post it. Meanwhile … While researching for the positive, constructive side of the media madness mess, I conducted many searches, such as “how to get a life,” “how to be well-informed,” and “how to recognize fake news.” I wasn’t surprised that most of what I found proved to be useless for my purposes. I wasn’t even surprised that much of it turned out to be…


Being well-informed amid media madness, part I

If you’re like me (and I expect in this particular way, you are), you probably like to be well-informed — to be conversant with what’s going on in the world. Being well-informed enables us to conduct intelligent conversations with intelligent people, make better decisions, and also to prepare ourselves and our families for what might be coming at us. “What might be coming at us” has taken on special urgency in the few last years — and months! But how can we be well-informed when so many sources of information have either a) gone completely bonkers or b) chosen to…


Well, if this isn’t the week for visiting dogs

This one’s not so much a guest as a foundling. I picked her up off the highway, where she was dashing to greet each passing car (looking for her owner, I expect, but clearly without a shred of street smarts). Fortunately all the drivers stopped in time and I was able to persuade her to jump into the KIA. She’s got tags with her name, owner’s name, home address, and phone number, and you can see from her mirror-shiny coat she’s well cared-for. But nobody’s answering either the phone or the door at her house. She’s made herself quite at…


Ten reasons good men matter in good times and bad

Previous posts: Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI —– Men are aggressive, predatory, competitive, rough, sex-obsessed, unruly, stymied by complex emotions, self-important, prone to violence, and domineering. Does that apply to all men? Hell no. As I said early on in this series, I’m going to make a lot of general statements. Generally, historically and biologically, the above statements are true. Your mileage — or your husband’s, son’s, nephew’s, father’s or best friend’s — may vary. But these messy traits are part of the human male character — along with loyalty, focus, protectiveness, assertiveness, directness, courage, physical strength, logic,…


An update and a visitor

I’m sneaking up on finishing Part VII (final) of my blogseries “In Praise of Men.” I should have it within two or three days, at most. Because you’ve been so patient and because today is Patreon’s pay-out day and I want you all to get your money’s worth, I intended to post something, even if pretty insignificant. I was pondering what to post (and thinking maybe news links while also wondering if anything even qualifies as news any more) when my neighbor showed up with a carton of her famous split-pea soup and slices of homemade bread. Mmmmmm. She also…