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Month: July 2021

House update: Not exactly new shed

I haven’t done a house-project update in a while. Partly that’s because there’s been little to show. Between my travels and The Wandering Monk trying to get out of the construction trade, projects have been few. I remember a lot of you said you like watching Ye Olde Wreck progressing over the years into Mo Saoirse Hermitage. So here’s something that’s not exactly new but is suddenly making summer progress. And it was pretty cool when it was new — last October. I didn’t tell you about this then because … well, I blush. It was one of the few…


On the lighter side 2: Fifty Ways to be Survivin’

By Living Freedom Forums member BearMama, with apologies to Paul Simon. (The general rule is “what happens at the forums stays at the forums, but I know in this case she won’t mind.) —– “The problem is NOT inside your head,” she said to me “There really are so many things to make you dead I’d like to help you — take this red pill, follow me There must be fifty ways to be survivin’” She said, “I know that this is what they’ll call WrongThink Furthermore, I hope you don’t see my tinfoil and call a shrink But I’ll…


Who’s in denial? Part II

Who’s in denial about our current cultural and political state of collapse? Most everybody. Millions of ordinary people who think bad times are always temporary are in denial. Oligarchs and plutocrats who believe we ordinary people are eternally tractable and malleable are in denial. Intellectuals who believe increasing quantities of fashionable nonsense are in denial. Politicians and their handlers who believe they can rule by fiat without consequences are in denial. Fools who imagine “the science” is a religion and that dissent from any statement by a high priest government-approved scientist is heresy are in denial. I’ve been in denial…


Who’s in denial? Part I

Over the years, when people have asked me, “Is it time yet, Claire?” my response has always been something like this: It may be moral to ‘shoot the bastards’ who kill freedom, but this isn’t the time. It doesn’t make tactical or strategic sense. Violence now will only make things much, much worse. That’s still my strong conviction. To any members of the Deep State trolling the ‘Net desperately searching for those elusive “domestic terrorists” they’re so determined to locate invent: I’m a useless target for you. I don’t advocate violence except in self-defense and I dread seeing anybody, especially…


Where I’ve been (the adventures continue)

Happy post-Fourth of July. I hope you enjoyed what scraps of freedom you have left in these strange and parlous times. Although I left New England, I had further adventures and observations. —– In one day, my companion and I crossed five states. By road. Which sounds pretty impressive until you realize the states in that part of the world are scaled for Ken and Barbie. Did you know Delaware is 35 miles wide at its widest point (nine at its narrowest) and contains only three counties? I knew the states in the upper corner of the U.S. could be…