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Dog blog and encouraging links

Comments on last week’s blog got me down. Between the vociferous guy who wanted the rest of us to start shooting (but who himself was best at standing on the sidelines verbally sniping) and the vociferous guy who complained that our brave, newfound allies in resisting government diktats weren’t philosophically pure enough for him, I despaired.

Oh, as always there were also great comments — and a lot of them. But it’s like when your day goes 90% wonderful but is 10% overrun by a**holes … well, in that case it’s 100% overrun by a**holes. You don’t go home from one of those days at work exclaiming, “Gosh, I had such a fine, fine day and accomplished soooooooo much! That guy who smashed the windows of my car and that co-worker who backstabbed me to the boss barely even qualified as a minor annoyance.”

Yeah, like anybody ever feels that way.


I was on a roll, feeling as if I had (have) renewed ideas and enthusiasm. Now I ask myself, as I do periodically, if any of what I do is worthwhile.

OTOH, there’s a lot out there — perhaps an increasing lot — that truly is worthwhile.

For instance, this week Adaptive Curmudgeon, who’s one of the millions waiting to be fired over his refusal to submit to either an experimental inoculation or a (currently suspended, though many private employers are still enforcing it) diktat mandating the same, wrote two of the best-ever pieces on the unexpected benefits of taking a daunting stand.

A silver lining in the sh*tstorm, part I

A silver lining in the sh*tstorm, part II

I don’t know the odds of keeping my job. Each day I wait for the other shoe to drop; a carefully phrased legalistic response: “Pursuant to policy XYZ, your heartfelt request was ignored and shredded the hour we received it. You’re denied. You’re fired.”

Like everyone, I don’t have a magical “prepper plan” that’ll save my bacon. (Though things could be worse.) Nobody is adequately prepared to lose their livelihood.

Yet I have no regrets. Society went off the rails at the spiritual level but I didn’t. Your soul comes before your paycheck. Each person is different so if it doesn’t affect you in the same way, that’s fine. As for me, it was a spiritual fork in the road. When you know what’s right, all that remains is being man enough to do it.

Then, over at Rintrah (a Dutch blog, but with posts in English), a Rotterdam native comments on the riots in Rotterdam.

Contra last week’s uber-purist, a one-issue outrage can produce meaningful alliances, however fleeting and tentative — and unlikely! — they may end up being.

The grand irony perhaps is that wokies have now finally accomplished what they had always hoped for: They figured out a way to get Dutch Muslims and Dutch white trash to respect each other and co-exist in harmony. Geert Wilders, who represents the interests of Dutch white trash, has spent about two decades now, blaming Muslims for every single problem under the sun that affects white trash.

If houses are too expensive, it’s because of Muslims. If you feel unsafe leaving your home, it’s because of Muslims. And Dutch white trash eagerly went along with this, because if they’re allowed to complain about Muslims, it feels like they’re allowed to complain about being turned into an ethnic minority in their own neighborhoods in their own ancestral homeland. Geert even went so far as to blame the coronavirus on Muslims who continue going to the mosque.

But now we’ve seen the resolution of this whole experiment: Class consciousness. We’ve reached the point where indigenous Dutch white trash and Dutch Muslims recognize they now have more in common than what divides them.

And those are some darned unlikely allies.

Sarah Hoyt writes about being the sort of person who truly wants to know the truth in a world that lives on lies and willful fantasies.

She counsels (as she so often does), good cheer.

Yes, they’re keep us in the dark and feeding us sh*t. But you’re not really a mushroom. You have eyes and the ability to think.

Just like there self-obviously are not “covid dead” piled on every street corner, it’s obvious that socialism isn’t winning much of anything. And their attempts to throw more money at it, only make the whole thing crazier.

Be not afraid. Don’t believe the enemy is magic. They gaslight themselves more than they gaslight us.

It’s going to get bad. Very bad. But not as bad as their propaganda would make you feel.

And Charles Hugh Smith notes that societies built on lies and illusions must collapse.

Many people fear collapse, but quality, service and reliability have already collapsed. The washing machine that two generations ago was designed and built to last 25 years now breaks down after a few years–so sorry, the motherboard failed. That will cost you almost as much as new washer, and so the manufacturer, bank and retailer win because the weary, clueless consumer will do the easy thing and buy a new, expensive appliance on credit. The “old” appliance (brand-new by previous standards) is hauled off to the landfill, the ultimate destination of everything in our Landfill Economy of poorly made junk.

Service would be hauled to the landfill as well if it was tangible. Alas, it is simply maddening, as nothing works and Kafkaesque bureaucracies have so much power that they are immune to transparency, competition and accountability. their websites don’t work, they botch the most basic transactions and they perpetuate incorrect information, but too bad–there is no recourse.

So. No matter what I do or say, great voices are calling out great messages. And no matter what I end up saying or not saying, I will continue to DO — as will the best of you and the best of our new allies against totalitarianism.


Now on to the subject of The Dog.

Before we ever got her, I introduced you to Little Red, the foundling cow dog.

Well, here she is in her new home:

Her name is now Trixie — both because she learns tricks (and everything else) astonishingly quickly and because she can be very tricky herself, particularly when it comes to recognizing when our attention is flagging, therefore enabling her to raid the trash or jump up on countertops to get at unattended food.

We ran through a lot of naming possibilities at first, and were particularly fond of a name suggested by my new partner (who has yet to be given his own blog name). That sadly rejected dogname, Solera, is actually a process for producing wines. That is in her case, producing whines. (She’s very vocal and has a large repertoire of sounds.) But Trixie won out for seeming more doglike.

When I introduced her a week ahead of ever meeting her, I mentioned I hesitated to do so because I didn’t want the fates to hear.

Well, the fates (and Furrydoc and a heroic rescue organization) delivered us one of the best dogs ever. As Furrydoc, who doesn’t much like Australian cattle dogs, noted, “She has all the best traits of heelers without any of the bad ones.”

But the fates still had surprises in store. When Trixie arrived she was skeletally thin despite weeks of efforts to fatten her. We continued the fattening efforts, to no avail.

We fed her at least double what a dog of her size would normally eat, and she remained a bag of bones. No matter what or how often we fed her, her appetite remained insatiable — and abnormal. Yeah, most dogs will eat pretty strange stuff, but this dog simply ate as if she were dying of starvation. Ate anything, including even more-than-usually-unspeakable things.

Then it would all come out the other end of her in the biggest, messiest, ugliest series of daily … well, you really don’t need to know. And she wouldn’t gain an ounce. Some days she lost half a pound. We tried worming, even though she’d already been wormed twice. We tried drugs to firm up what came out the backside. They just came out the backside in the gigantic splooshes, too.

Fortunately, Furrydoc eventually led us to pancreatic enzymes, and within days Trixie was normal. Turns out she has a condition called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). Likely caused by a genetic flaw, Pancreatic Acinar Atrophy (PAA). But possibly the result of some infection or something hazardous she ate while living on her own.

In other words, she can’t digest fats, proteins, or carbs without lifelong help. No matter what she ate, she was literally starving to death.

Well, now she’s got help.

And we’ve got a bright and lovely dog in our lives.

So, bad days and the occasional (or more than occasional) moron aside, life is good.


  1. Simon Templar
    Simon Templar November 23, 2021 2:57 pm

    Glad to hear that Furrydoc found the problem, and the treatment! Trixie looks very comfortable in that lap!

  2. MP
    MP November 23, 2021 3:21 pm

    What a wonderful uplift after the downer of the nonsense responses to your last post! And Trixie is one lucky dog to have folks such as you and Furrydoc concerned enough to keep looking for the answer to her problem until you found it!

  3. Granny
    Granny November 23, 2021 3:28 pm

    Claire, when the world and everyone drives me mad, I hug my dogs (and goats and chickens). I have 2 German Shepherds who are about 1.5 yrs old. If you know the breed, you know they’re just reaching their peak of activity about that age. And they’re huge! I turn off the world and I give them **bacon** and try not to think about the starving children. There is just something glorious and soulful about dogs. They love you back. They don’t judge. They don’t lecture. They’ll beg you for love every waking moment and return it in spades *forever*. Mine like to try and sneak food off the counter. I think they’ve dug 30 holes, last count, in the yard. They never want to come in at night, even when it’s freezing. I make them anyway. They eat and eat and eat. They track in mud. They want to play ball and frisbee when I have important things to do. A lot of trouble they are! And yet, I’ll take them over any human being. I’m so glad you found Trixie!! She’s adorable.

    Regarding the world in meltdown, I have seen a lot of signs of people coming together, being positive, helping one another out. I am hopeful. Yes, there are some days when I want to shout from the rooftops… but I just get busy on things that matter instead.

    Have a good Thanksgiving!

  4. Just Waiting
    Just Waiting November 23, 2021 4:04 pm

    Ignoramus non carborundum Claire. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Val+E.+Forge
    Val+E.+Forge November 23, 2021 4:09 pm

    Great stuff Claire. Adaptive Curmudgeon- I SALUTE YOU SIR! Good for you! Good for all of us!

  6. John Wilder
    John Wilder November 23, 2021 8:39 pm

    A fine addition!!!! Congratulations!

  7. larryarnold
    larryarnold November 23, 2021 10:40 pm

    The grand irony perhaps is that wokies have now finally accomplished what they had always hoped for: They figured out a way to get Dutch Muslims and Dutch white trash to respect each other and co-exist in harmony.

    Seems to be happening here in Texas as well:

    Ryan Guillen, state representative from South Texas, announced he was leaving the Democrats to join the GOP. In his announcement, he blasted Democrats in D.C. for not sharing in the “values” of South Texas residents.
    To the shock of many Democrats, voters in South Texas (a largely Hispanic population) are ditching the left to vote for Republicans.

    Perhaps President Biden will fulfill his campaign promise to unite Americans.

    (Yes, I know Republicans are simply the other side of the same coin. Still…)

  8. larryarnold
    larryarnold November 23, 2021 11:16 pm

    “News” reports only a handful of knuckle dragging, illiterate, dolts are “hesitant”.

    The CEO of our local award-winning (and deserving them) medical center called up and asked to be interviewed for an article in our newspaper. He’s totally against a mandate and has been saying so for months, but apparently FedGov is now threatening to withhold Medicare and Medicaid if he doesn’t. That’s about 60 percent of the hospital’s income. (Lots of old folks like me around here.)

    There are a couple of interesting numbers buried in the article that comes out tomorrow:
    1. 72 percent of his employees are vaccinated. Which means if he carries through he loses 28 percent of his employees, which he can not afford to let happen. He’s already short people, and most of those resisting seem to be hands-on-patients medical types, not the janitors.
    2. Out of the religious or medical exemptions submitted, zero have been rejected.

    The folks making these rules have no idea what’s building up outside their bubble.

  9. Jeff2
    Jeff2 November 24, 2021 4:55 am


    I have met so many of like mind and philosophy through your articles and forums, I cannot imagine not reading your written thoughts. That said, each of us must find our “worth” inside of ourselves. We sometimes lose the “faith” due to extreme challenges our “unfinished” business.

    My friendly reminder is that “The only obligation we have in any of our lifetimes is to be true to ourselves.”

    Love the pics of that very special dog.

    Peace all!


  10. E M Johnson
    E M Johnson November 24, 2021 5:04 am

    please stock up on lots of your new babies medicine. next year… or more looks to be lean and “chaotic”

  11. Granny
    Granny November 24, 2021 6:15 am

    Curmudgeon’s post made me laugh, almost cry, and then sober up. This is how it went for one of my offspring who had a fairly low paying job, a long commute, working with disabled children as an aide. Her paycheck went to gas, car maintenance, and health insurance with little leftover. She loved those children with all her heart – worked at it for 15 years. She is gifted, particularly with the autistic children. The children loved her back, in spades. The school district forced masks on everyone, then they forced the vaccines. She cried for months and then resigned before the “mandate” deadline. Who will care for those children, children from families who don’t have much money with both parents working? Who will love them all day long through their flailing about, “episodes”, and inability to communicate or function normally? She’s been hit, bit, and had to chase children down and hold them tight so they wouldn’t harm themselves. Her heart is broken for them, but her red line was crossed – her own bodily autonomy. She is figuring out how to fine tune her Galt Program. She admitted she was “mildly depressed” – understandable. I encourage her to raise her head up, put one foot in front of the other, think creatively, breathe deeply, and keep going. I remind her that there are millions, literally, of people who are feeling just like her. They are the Brave ones.

  12. Bill St. Clair
    Bill St. Clair November 24, 2021 6:16 am

    Sticks and stones…

    Words just roll off any more. But I think you share with me the experience of the early, totally unfiltered internet. Why haven’t you learned that?

  13. Claire
    Claire November 24, 2021 8:52 am

    “Trixie looks very comfortable in that lap!”

    She does indeed. Trixie loves her new “dad” and he loves her. He’s very good with her, too, despite not having a dog since he was a teenager living at home.

    “Ignoramus non carborundum Claire. Thank you for all you do.”
    “I have met so many of like mind and philosophy through your articles and forums, I cannot imagine not reading your written thoughts.”

    Thank you, jw and Jeff2.

    “Sticks and stones…
    … Why haven’t you learned that?”

    Oh, I learned that at Mom’s knee when I was a child, Bill. Personal insults, namecalling, and criticisms don’t get to me. What gets to me is seeing so much evidence that I’m wasting my time — seeing evidence that so many people who claim to value freedom are mere yammerheads.

    “please stock up on lots of your new babies medicine. next year… or more looks to be lean and ‘chaotic.'”

    You bet we will, EM Johnson. It’s not going to be easy; her meds cost $200 a bottle (!) and have recently doubled in price from $100. OTOH, the bottle is big and will last six months at her current rate of supplementation. The way things are going, we definitely need to lay in at least a year’s supply.

  14. Claire
    Claire November 24, 2021 9:02 am

    Granny — Your daughter sounds like a wonderful person. And what a foolish loss for those children and your daughter’s employer. Sad and infuriating as it is for your offspring, though, it sounds as if you raised her right and she learned her lessons of integrity very well. She and the other millions (like Adaptive Curmudgeon and like commenters on earlier posts here such as Bill T and evanfardreamer) ARE the brave ones. I hope they all gain much more than they lose.

  15. Claire
    Claire November 24, 2021 9:17 am

    larryarnold — Thanks for the pair of (typically) thoughtful comments.

    Regarding Texas culture and politics, I saw a couple issues of Texas Monthly recently. One, from mid-last year, confidently predicted that Texas would turn blue in November 2020. Oopsie. A more recent issue had a cover story on how the Dems are losing the Tejanos of South Texas to the Republicans.

    While I wouldn’t give TM any points for predictive accuracy, the central message of that cover story rang true: The Dems think only of race, race, race and simply ASS-U-MEd that Hispanics would always be with them. South Texas Hispanics, OTOH, tend not to focus on their “race” (and when they do, polls say they identify as white). What they do care about are things like gun rights, property rights, controlling immigration, their Texas heritage, etc. And Republicans, despite traditionally being The Stupid Party, have taken advantage of that.

    I don’t know how true those claims are, but reality seems to be tending in that direction.

    On your local hospital — Man, what a tragedy in the making. And how many more just like it …? I’m glad your hospital CEO opposes the mandates and reached out to you to help others to understand. But that must make his position all the harder.

    I really hope — and almost can believe — that even the Biden administration wouldn’t be crazy enough to deny Medicare and Medicaid funds to rural hospitals over an obviously failing vaxx mandate. But then, I wouldn’t want to take any bets on that bunch of mad ideologues yielding on any position, however destructive.

  16. Claire
    Claire November 24, 2021 9:20 am

    “Ah. Getting ANY positive feedback is a luxury.”

    I LOL. In a very bitter, bleak, black way, but still LOL. You’re right. I never really forget “Isaiah’s Job,” but I definitely need to re-read that brilliant essay about once a year to keep my courage up.

  17. Bob
    Bob November 24, 2021 9:58 am

    Still not getting much, if any, press on the fact that diversity has replaced competence on a national level. Steps on too many toes, I guess. We’ll all suffer from that pretty soon.

  18. Henry
    Henry November 24, 2021 10:03 am

    Claire – you’re a treasure, keep up the good work.

  19. Jolly
    Jolly November 24, 2021 10:25 am

    “…FedGov is now threatening to withhold Medicare and Medicaid if he doesn’t. That’s about 60 percent of the hospital’s income. (Lots of old folks like me around here.)…”

    THAT is the reason why none of the big hospitals are speaking out. They’re literally willing to help their patients die rather than lose that money. The few doctors that speak out – such as that doctor who was jettisoned from Methodist in Texas – are amazingly brave. I really think the tide would turn if Cedars Sinai, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Mayo, etc., would just say “no” and actually treat COVID instead of letting it fester. There would be a short term monetary hit, but they’d survive and the black eye of the medical community would ONLY be a black eye, and not the coming tar-and-feathering.

    The GOOD thing about this train collision is that it’s happening slowly enough that we can watch it and prepare. It will undoubtedly drag out longer than we want, but at least for now, I can still get supplements, and lumber, and solar panels, and radios, etc..

    How much longer can the “breakthrough” cases be covered-up as just needing boosters, rather than the real case, which is failed “leaky” vaccines? I don’t know. Expect REAL internet blackouts when they can’t prevent that info from getting out.

    I look FORWARD to the day that I don’t have to sit in front of my three-monitor computer and work all day. ( I’m a software engineer by trade ) That never happened before. I still like what I do, but it’s getting to be a drag. My stuff just gets stirred into a giant vat of junk only to disappear as if it never existed. My brother refurbishes furniture. His stuff will be around in 20 years – my stuff is gone by next Friday.

    Yes, it’ll be nice to do something that lasts, for once. That wouldn’t happen for quite a while if the world wasn’t imploding. So the timing is better for me.

    This was certainly a schizophrenic post…


  20. Printer Chick
    Printer Chick November 24, 2021 11:14 am

    How awesome that Furrydoc stuck with it and found the root of the problem! Wish our own furrydoc was that persistent. Trixie is adorable and looks like she is extremely happy in her new furever home. Congrats on the new furbaby. <3

  21. Claire
    Claire November 24, 2021 1:15 pm

    “This was certainly a schizophrenic post…”

    No, Jolly. That was a wise stream-of-consciousness post. Also sadly true and I fear all too predictive.

  22. Claire
    Claire November 24, 2021 1:24 pm

    Printer Chick — Furbaby and unfurred humans are all very happy. And although I’ve had some great dogs over the years, Trixie’s looking like one of the very best.

    Furrydoc is even more awesome than she sounds, too. She persisted in figuring out Trixie’s problem not only without being asked, but without being paid. Oh, her clinic was paid for initial rescue care, shots, worming, boarding, and suchlike. But she really fell in love with this dog to the point of providing multiple extra meds at no cost, plus a Kong treat ball, plus numerous rounds of texted questions and answers.

    It’s nice when your vet is also one of your best friends. But it’s even better when that friend and vet is Furrydoc.

    Special nod to Trixie’s new dog dad, also. He was not ready for a dog, but when this one came his way he responded with charm and a good spirit. AND as soon as Furrydoc said “pancreatic enzymes,” he delved into his medical supplies and pulled out a half-full giant jar of the finest. Can’t beat that for service.

  23. BearMama
    BearMama November 24, 2021 2:08 pm

    I had some half-formed thoughts about optimism, pessimism, idiots, the state of the world, and so on and so forth…but all is washed away by the dog pictures. I keep scrolling back up to look at that wonderful photo of that dog on that man’s lap. I surely hope that both of them sometimes look at you the way she is looking at him!! Then I dragged my husband (the dog-lover) over to look at it, too, and told him how y’all rescued her. Thank you for sharing what’s RIGHT with the world, and brightening my day!

    Granny, please send your daughter a big hug from this special needs mama. This world needs more amazing people like her–and like you, who clearly raised her right. (And I have an inkling, based on some of your comments, that you and I have chatted before, in the comments of another blog we both frequent but which no longer allows comments? If so–you were right: God is already sending me humans and I am already feeding them pasta, even though the retreat’s not set up yet. Please feel free to request my email address from Claire if you’d like!)

  24. Granny
    Granny November 25, 2021 3:14 am

    BearMama – we do certainly miss the comments on the other blog. Sigh. Claire, if it is okay for you (after Thanksgiving!) to forward BearMama’s email to mine, it would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Happy Day of Thanksgiving to all!

  25. Comrade X
    Comrade X November 25, 2021 3:31 pm

    Everything you do is worthwhile and because you are so humble you never really will know how much but do me a favor and take my word for it.

    Claire you have much to be thankful for this year!

    I hope you are enjoying this day (to be honest I have that hope for you for every day)!

  26. larryarnold
    larryarnold November 26, 2021 10:26 am

    even the Biden administration wouldn’t be crazy enough to deny Medicare and Medicaid funds to rural hospitals
    Not taking that bet.

    What gets my dander up (and how much does that euphemism date me) is that they’re withholding MY Medicare funds. I earned them, sort of, and now they’re using them to persecute the people I depend on for medical care.

    Side note: It’s difficult enough for people my age to learn to rely on medical professionals who aren’t old enough to be my children. 😉

  27. larryarnold
    larryarnold November 26, 2021 10:40 am

    South Texas Hispanics, OTOH, tend not to focus on their “race” (and when they do, polls say they identify as white).

    The family living across the street from me is Hispanic. He’s a citizen, she isn’t yet. Three sons, one just graduated high school, the youngest still in elementary. Great neighbors.

    They fly a U.S. and Texas flag, and it was mid-summer before they took down their MAGA banner.

    Don’t call any of them “Latinex.”

  28. Furry Doc
    Furry Doc November 28, 2021 7:54 am

    So glad to see your new baby made the blog. In my 30 years of practice I have only seen 3 dogs with EPI; two of them in the last month. So weird. I’m just glad she is in a home that can take care of her…she is a gem!

  29. Toirdhealbheach Beucail
    Toirdhealbheach Beucail November 30, 2021 4:27 pm

    Claire, I have agree with you that after some of the commentary in the last post, I was depressed to the point of thinking about not every commenting. Again. For a long time. The ability of people to not see beyond the end of their noise is both stunning and shocking. I have to remind myself (as shown here and in that post as well) that there are far more people of intelligence and good heart and good spirit than there are bad; it is just that the bad ones tend to ruin everything.

    Trixie looks beautiful. I am glad that FurryDoc was able to figure out the problem – it does not just happen in dogs; it is also a genetic condition with humans. I am glad that she found people that can help her with that.

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