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Month: January 2022

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

I’ve never been one for sentimentality or its fraternal twin, nostalgia. I’m a firm believer that the good old days were never all that good. Boomers tend to remember Davy Crockett hats, “Leave it to Beaver,” and how well-scrubbed and obedient children (allegedly) were in the 1950s while forgetting how their entire generation suffered through constant fear of being nuked to a crisp (“Duck and cover,” as if that would help anybody). Eighties kids no doubt miss big hair, big metal, and MTV “when it was the real thing” while glossing over the AIDS epidemic. Children of the seventies? Well,…


Things I believe

Not comprehensive. Just random morning thoughts about things that matter, things that are at the heart of many other things. I would love to hear your version. —– I believe: That compromise can be a useful tool, but never for matters of principle. That we should not become like our enemies. I believe in freedom. That the individual is the building block of freedom. But that other individuals share the world with us in equality of natural rights and we proud individuals had best darned well not forget it. That dogs are the crown of creation. That totalitarianism can’t last,…


Read this book because you’ll hate it

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr A review. Thank you to longtime reader RW for the gift of this book. —– This is the book that should put Anthony Fauci in prison. Not just Fauci, but dozens, if not hundreds, of corrupt, lying, death-dealing, condescending, authoritarian high-level “experts” who have wrecked the health of potentially millions of people, experimented on children and pregnant women, killed unknown numbers, and are destroying the last remaining trust in medical systems worldwide. Problem is, this is the book…


Freedom Outlaws in unexpected places

When I lived in civilization I used to like to go to plays and ballets and modern dance performances (Pilobolus! Alvin Ailey!) and even the occasional opera or symphony. Those days are long past. Remote living + elective poverty + a growing loathing of cities and crowds washed away my connections to “culture.” But now, although I’m no closer to or more fond of cities than ever, I have a new love (and old friend) in my life. I’ve been searching for a proper screen name for him and I think I’ll go for Rhett, after Rhett Butler. Rhett has…


Another freedomista in need (but this one’s also selling a rifle)

Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger is a long-time freedomista. He has his own blog. He writes for The Zelman Partisans. And he was instrumental (along with Bill St. Clair) in getting this site and its sister site online and working out their bugs. About two months ago, gruesome disaster struck — followed by equally gruesome medical bills. Bear is now selling possessions to cover as much as he can of those bills. First up: an AR pattern rifle and gear. Unfortunately, this is for local pick-up in Georgia only. If you’re not near there, please spread the word to gun-folk friends who…


“If I can’t buy groceries, nobody’s gonna buy groceries”: A New Year’s think piece

Well, 2021 hadn’t even died its well-deserved death before the CDC basically created a whole new class of the unvaxxed insufficiently vaxxed. I wonder how many of the previously “fully vaxxed” will now be fed up enough to join the resistance? (I’m thinking of you, Neighbor J and Furrydoc.) In any case, totalitarianism marches on, this time on the excuse of a disease that’s generally been described as a bad cold. Does anybody doubt that 2022 — if it doesn’t bring more outright and serious rebellion from We the People — will bring us vaccine passports and harsher restrictions on…