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Month: March 2022

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world

Well, another week gone by and we’re still here. At least I am and I hope you are. Whatever else is going on in your world (or the world), we can be fairly confident none of us have died due to nuclear blasts or the fallout (physical or political) thereof. Yet. Given the general condition of things, we can surely count that as a plus. (H/T Bayou Renaissance Man) —– In my neck of the woods, however, three neighbors have died in the last eight months (none of Covid), one neighbor’s mother died (expected, but still …), one of my…


Malice, madness, malignancy, morons … and us

I’m sorry to have taken so long between blogs. Many excuses come to mind and fingertips: travel; tiredness; too much STUFF to deal with; a young, high-energy dog who thinks she should be the center of a world filled with entertainment and activity and who barks like an island full of seals when she doesn’t get her way, etc. so-on and so-on. [rant] But the big reason I haven’t sat down to blog is … well, what does one say? Welcome to &^%$#@ing World War 3? How about I wish to heck they’d all just get it over with —…


#DuckDuckGone and other reasons we need our own parallel societies

So it seems that these days — at least in the minds of people who live in tech rather than in human reality — the proper way to announce your absolute lack of bias is to tweet, as DuckDuckGo’s CEO did: Now I don’t care who you think is right or wrong in the crisis du jour (both sides are nests of vipers, with Russia merely being the larger and more venomous, and the U.S. Deep State getting its fangs in, too). The truth — can we use that word any more? — is that both sides and their supporting…


A cheerful ramble through WW3

Hahahahaha. Joel is SO right. The superrich got their WW3 bunkers a long, long time ago — and those bunkers didn’t cost the price of a modest house in a downscale market. If you haven’t got your bunker yet, Mr. or Ms 10-Percenter, you be out of luck. Ain’t that the truth? They’re not even giving us an hour between world-ending crises these days. Anybody out there who doesn’t think that all the drumbeating for the U.S. and Western Europe to go to war with Russia is all part of the plan? Just the latest step in The Great Reset,…


How “Just Waiting,” “Comrade X,” and Small-Town Power Saved the Day, Part II

See Part I here. The Action, continued Comrade X began emailing Just Waiting’s publicly available, but largely hidden, information to contacts around the county. Immediately, he got pushback from the local Republican Party, which told him they thought the homeless housing could benefit the community. “Then I realized where the problem was,” CX admits wryly. He decided that if established powers weren’t going to act, he’d have to do it on his own. Or rather, not on his own but with the help of other grassroots actors. JW was integral, keeping CX up-to-date on the calls coming in and the…