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Month: April 2022

Life is too short for this

Last night I awoke at midnight and spent the next three hours skimming along the edge of sleep. Instead of discoursing with the demons that like to alight in those hours, I drifted in love and beauty. From a cocoon of comfort, my minds eye watched colors and shapes. Golden columns rose and dissolved. Waves of aqua and emerald and pink flowed and ebbed. Figures twisted into view before fading into mist. I understood that I was experiencing a history of art. Not viewing art from afar. Not learning about it academically, but being in art as its been created…


Getting out of the Crazy

“Men are freest when they are most unconscious of freedom.The shout is a rattling of chains and always was.” — D. H. Lawrence —– It’s true. We’re most free when we can just take our freedom for granted. But you see the problem there, of course. Our not thinking about freedom leaves control freaks free to pursue our enslavement. Then by the time we’re aware of what they’re doing, it may be too late. In theory, it’s possible to set up bulwarks that operate more-or-less automatically against government-gone-mad (constitutions, decentralized political structures), but in practice few of them work very…


Have some dogs

I am working on a blog post of Great Philosophical Import. I’ve known for a week what its topic would be. I have links, examples, it’s all plotted out (well, kinda; as much as I ever plot out anything). It will be worth waiting for, I promise. But you will have to wait for it. Because I am absolutely incapable of writing an introduction to it that doesn’t immediately wander into the weeds, faceplant in a bog, and drown. Oh heaven, how we Artistes — and our patient readers — suffer! So in the meantime, to keep you My Dear…


Small things to do before the world descends into hell

This is not going to be a bitching-about-how-things-are post. I’ve done a lot of those lately — with plenty of obvious reason, as we all know — but I don’t like feeling so moved to grouse. Grousing is popular, and good grousers who write well and warn us of the perils we’re in deserve their rewards. It’s just a pity that the faithful doers and how-toers and other problem solvers (like those publishing the daily details of prepping) don’t usually draw as large an audience. Or they draw an audience that does a quick skim, tells itself, “Oh yeah. I’ve…