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Author: Claire

Take that, Beto!

You’ve heard about a thousand times now that Beto the Brilliant opened his yap and blew the cover off all those claims that “nobody wants to take your guns (you paranoid weirdo, you).” There have been a lot of good responses. I’m rather partial to this one, which came from the incomparable Len Savage. Enjoy … the AR-15 flame thrower. And don’t miss this little nine-second movie of the gadget in action. We’ll be ready for you when you turn up at our doors to take our guns, Beto. All things considered, perhaps you might rather leave us, our property,…


Where are the wise ones? And do we really need ’em anyhow?

Winter has already arrived here in the NorthWET, bringing days of steady rain and a desire to crawl back into bed, crank up the mattress warmer, and hibernate for the next seven months. This was one of those years when we never really got a summer; those happen about every fifth year and turn the supposedly changing seasons into one endless, multi-year gloom. During the few rare pleasant days I was mostly hustling to get walls walled and plants planted and forgot to enjoy myself. Still, the rain’s bound to make the newly planted grass happy, and it’s the price…


Behinder and behinder …

I apologize to all the people to whom I owe either thank yous or emails in general. In the best of times, I can be a slow correspondent, but right now a lot of Life is happening. Nothing bad, I promise. On the contrary. But extracurricular writing is taking up hours upon hours (surprising and pleasant hours) of my time. In between writings, The Wandering Monk and I have been working like hell to turn a quarter acre of weeds and trash into something resembling a real lawn. The Monk has been great, especially considering he’s laboring for free and…


Civilization: An exercise in 4:00 a.m. thinking

One recent Saturday I slumped under a cloud of doom. “You have nothing left to say. You’re a failure. You might as well close up shop and slink away.” I felt capable only of staring at the walls or losing myself in a Downton Abbey marathon. Even lying down to take a nap seemed like too much effort. Nearly all writers know this mood. It’s often the precursor to a burst of productivity; but when we’re in it, we never see that. When we’re in it, it’s always The End. Sure enough, the next morning I snapped awake at 4:21…


Water filters, acts of defiance, and thanks

Life keeps getting in the way of that blogosaurus I’ve been attempting to work on. In the meantime here are a couple really good items courtesy of other sources. First, Widener’s has an excellent, review of water filters for backpacking and survival. The early part of the article goes into deep, deep detail about how filters work and what they filter. Then it rates (from “pure” to “murky”) the advertising claims of 17 brands and models of portable filters — finding that many don’t remotely live up to their hype. They offer enough lab-test detail to give a good idea…


Wednesday links

The links keep coming at me even when I don’t look for them. And I confess I sometimes I sneak over to my old news feeds and hunt down a few … “Nasty, Brutish, and Short.” Bear Bussjaeger describes what life would be like if gun banners were really serious about getting rid of firearms. A chef and his disaster-relief organization not only feed storm victims; they teach them to rely on their own resources, rather than await unreliable help from afar. (Via Zendo Deb.) With E-Verify in effect, how do undocumented immigrants get around it? Hint: The old-fashioned way(s).…


We are about to venture Across the Street

I’m noodling one of those philosophical blogosauruses (blogosauri?). With luck that’ll be coming along soon. But Sunday, between rounds of making notes for that, Ava and I made an inspection tour of our property. (The land is hers as much as mine, as any four-legged critter that dares step foot on it quickly learns.) As we walked, Ava took advantage of the “facilities” and read her pee-mail while I drew plans in my head. Though The Wandering Monk and I aren’t yet done with the inside of the house, our attentions are starting to turn to the land and how…


A dog-rescue story

James Rummel of the Hell in a Handbasket blog rescues a dying puppy. That’s all I have to say. Today, I just don’t have major blogitude in me. But really, is there any need to say more? This beautiful (though also sad) story is courtesy of Commentariat member jed, who also notes that Rummel used to give free firearms training to poor folk. This is a man who takes action & responsibility.


This is for you, SubscribeStar :-)

I will soon (not yet) be taking monthly subscriptions at: SubscribeStar needs me to put this URL on my blog before giving final approval to my SubscribeStar profile. Everybody else can ignore this. This is because I have no social media presence. And because they need to make sure I’m the person in charge here. And other reasons. I think. 🙂 I’ll take this post down once they give me their approval.


Wednesday links

In another instance of “it’s about damn time,” two Houston cops have been charged with murder and evidence tampering in the excruciatingly inexcusable raid that left a couple and their dog dead for no reason other than the state’s love of brute force and police corruption. (H/T DB) Couldn’t happen to a more deserving currency. The U.S. dollar’s days at the world’s reserve currency grow shorter and shorter. The next recession will destroy millennials. Congressthing Ilhan Omar, already suspected of being married to her brother, is now embroiled in her lover’s lurid, tabloid-worthy divorce scandal. Yeah, yeah, I’m just posting…