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Author: Claire

Where there’s Internet, there’s hope
(plus an invitation)

The news is dire, depressing, infuriating, terrifying, ominous, twisted, biased, and generally panic-inducing. As always. Okay, it’s more than usually ominous lately, what with the country rather suddenly being ruled by a coalition of pandering post-Alzheimers proponents of the old order and a whole new class of juvenile Masters of the Universe. The flick-of-a-switch “disappearing” of Parler and our then-present president from the ‘Net finally rattled us in a way that previous censorship, deplatforming, demonetizing, Twitter mobs, and disappearances of lesser ‘Net operations could not. Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary. BUT. Have you noticed that activist ‘Netizens (that good old…


Communications in the Purge

This morning. I hung up from a long phone call with a friend in which we talked (among other security-related issues) about alternative communications for these censorious, tech-whim times. I poured myself a new cup of tea, hit the button to download mail, and in comes a message from another friend with the above subject line: “Communications in the Purge.” The entire (bcc broadcast) message was nothing but alternate email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses that could be used to reach him if our tech overlords switch off standard avenues of communication. We’ve gotten so used to the Gods…


The Quality of a Free Man

This is a reprint of an article I wrote back in the late 90s or early oughts. It’s part one of a four-part series, all of which are available to full members of The Living Freedom Forums. Despite being some of my best writing and thinking, neither this piece nor the series, called Sustainable Freedom, ever received much circulation or comment. I’m resurrecting it because it matters to me and to some of the most important people in my life — and still matters more than ever in reality. Also because my friend “Tex” referred to it in his quotes…


A Good Man

Parts I, II, and III here. —– “To be a good man is to struggle every day.” So says my good male friend “Tex.” Earlier in my life, I might have responded (thinking about the struggles of my own sex such as pregnancy, childbirth, the aptly named “curse,” lower status, household drudgery, learned helplessness, and endless restrictions), “You think you struggle? You ain’t seen nothin’!” For sure, both sexes and all genders have their burdens. And none should go flaunting the superiority of their sufferings over others’. Ultimately, we’re all in this difficult sentient-mammalian life together. Dividing into hostile camps…


Testosterone — The Elephant in the Room

I intended this to be part IV, but it demanded to be written before “A Good Man.” So here you go. And my continuing apologies to the two men who are still patiently waiting for me to get around to using the interviews they gave me. —– It begins with testosterone. That’s an oversimplication, of course. It begins there but doesn’t even remotely end there. You have testosterone. I have testosterone. Everybody has testosterone. We all also have some share of other male and female hormones. That doesn’t erase the dominantly binary expression of sex and sexuality. Can’t discount all…


A brief interruption in the proceedings

I’d hoped to have the next installment of “In Praise of Men” for you by now. But this has been a week of catastrophe. The days haven’t lent themselves to hours of calm contemplative thought. I’m fine, in case you’re about to ask. The greatest catastrophe struck someone else, but one of its ripple effects is that I must now travel for the first time in five or six years and don’t know when I’ll return. The good news for you faithful (and patient!) readers is that I’ll very likely have time on my travels to write the next bit…


Evolution and Protection

Note: I’ll be speaking of averages and generalities as I go along. Nothing I write should be taken to mean that I believe individuals should be wedged to fit stereotypes. Far from it. Averages and generalities can be anywhere from useless to downright destructive when applied to individuals. BUT they’re very useful when talking about the whole — of civilization or of the human race. See Part I here, which mostly lays out other premises. —– Evolution and civilization Civilization as we know it was largely designed (by chance and nature more than by intent) to protect women and children.…


Friday Freedom Question:
Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

There is no such thing as a recovering political junkie. At least not in my house. Here at Mo Saoirse Hermitage, the entire household (with the exception of Ava-dog and the cat) have had their eyes glued to news screens even through days of post-election existential emptiness (“Biden has gained 34 new v*tes over Trump in Pencaronevia, while Trump’s lead in North Georgvania has slipped from 1.6662 percentage points to 1.6661!”). Why a free-market anarchist and small-town Outlaw should be so engaged with Stupid National Politics, I can’t explain. But so it is. And you know, the news isn’t all…


Part I: Groundwork

I’ve come to realize that this (now darned-near mythical) blog post I’ve been promising, “In Praise of Men,” is a book, not an essay. And it’s a book I’m not going to write. So I’ll to try doing what I can in a series of posts. Today I’ll just state my premises and lay some groundwork. This step has been a stumbling block for me and I need to get it done so I can move ahead. Let’s get some basics down on pixels. Premise #1: BIOLOGY Sex is biological and overwhelmingly binary. Are there exceptions? Of course, and they…


Winter preps (now more important than ever)

Yes, yes, I’m still working on “In Praise of Men.” Getting closer all the time. But meanwhile, life and blogging go on, however haltingly. And the topic of most immediate urgency is getting ready for what could potentially be a nasty winter. —– So Paratus, the holiday for preparedness, was in September (thank you, Commander Zero). But prepping is forever. Winter preps are vital this year. Because it’s 2020. And if that’s not explanation enough, 2021 is looming and shows no signs of being better. If the combined upcoming COVID-flu season is everything politicians and the media wish it to…