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Category: Administrivia

Thank you … somebody

I haven’t been paying daily attention to my Amazon Associates links since last year’s Great Nerfing. Commissions have fallen between 30-50%, not because people are buying less, but because of Amazon’s drastic fee cuts. But I finally took a look this morning and discovered that earlier this month somebody got sufficient high-tech desks to equip a small business. It also happened that this purchase fell into one of the (rare and highly arbitrary) categories that actually earns more than it would have before the Grand Nerf. In short: Dear Anonymous Somebody, you not only earned me the largest single-day’s commission…


To the victor …

… goes one slightly used (but signed!) tee-shirt. Tonight (you can only imagine the suspense) was The Drawing. Girly hat: Names in girly hat: Winner drawn from girly hat: Congratulations, Jorge. I’ll be in touch about the best way to get that shirt to your part of the world.


Thank you for a hugely successful fundraiser

We made it. YOU made it fantastic. The fundraiser is now over and despite a couple of nail-biting weeks in the middle, it was a roaring success. Best ever. Beyond mere words. Number of donors: 65 — including five who donated twice, one who donated three times, and four or five suffering financial hardship who I didn’t think would be able to donate at all. Total donated: $6,088 in the regular fundraiser + an anonymous match of $5,200. Total: $11,288. Stunning. Largest donation: $5,200 — from Anonymous Wonderman, who had promised to match all other donations up to the original…


Running a little late

I’m running late this morning (as you probably already figured). I have errands to take care of and won’t make a real post until near midday, PDT. Watch for links and the ultimate fundraiser tally. BUT. I can end the suspense now. Yes, we not only had a thermometer-busting success, but as of this morning, we made it over $6k. (The contribution wasn’t exactly fundraiser-connected, but what the heck; it popped in while I was still drinking my morning tea, so I figure that counts as arriving last night.) Back in a few hours with actual content. In the meantime…

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There are better ways to waste time today

I’d just finished the illustrated article on adorable Internet pet terminology and was halfway through the blow-by-blow description of Michael Jackson’s death. I still hadn’t gotten over my irritation with the “tell me again why I’m supposed to care about this foul-mouthed camera-hogging teenage activist?” article … when it occurred to me I need a few hours break from the ‘Net. It also occurred to me there’s a good reason why even smart people might prefer to visit cute-pet pages or read about Meghan Markle’s wedding than slog through the fetid ooze that passes for “real” news these days. But…


Wouldya look at that?

Check the thermometer, over there in the sidebar, dear people. Scroll down. Admire your own handiwork. After a grand beginning, then several weeks of fits and starts … you sent the temperature soaring. We are 2/3 of the way through the fundraiser today and exceeding expectations. Total as of this morning: $3,978 Number of donors: 39 — which includes one who donated three times and two who donated twice Largest donation: $685 — not counting the matching donor who’ll step in at the end of the event Average donation: $102 Smallest donation: 23,497 satoshis — which is 0.00023497 of a…


Why are you donating — or not donating?

I’ve gotta just come right out and say it. The fundraiser had a boffo, whopping, wonderful, encouraging first three days. Since then … it’s had a few great moments. Individual donations have been unusually generous and for that, I bless you. But broad support is nil, even though readership is as strong as ever. Of the last nine days, eight seven have brought in $0 — zero, nada, nothing (fortunately, one active day raised $316 in three generous donations, but that’s still not sufficient to sustain progress). We’ve stalled. This is unusual. I’ve only had two other fundraisers, but they’ve…


Just a hair and we’re halfway there

$2,484 on the fundraising thermometer this morning! Just $16 shy of the halfway point. This is thanks to a one-two punch of generosity by RZ and TW (building on the foundation laid by 26 other donors). Wednesday, the 16th, is hump day for the Final Fundraiser. That’s the day it’s halfway over — which makes the timing for this morning’s leap feel propitious. Thank you all for making this a very un-Mondaylike Monday. —– UPDATE: Reader JC makes it an even $2,500! I confess, knowing how much some people like to round off numbers, I considered being sneaky and waiting…


Fundraiser update

This morning I received a check from someone I know has gone through hard times. She told me she’s been gradually digging out, and I’m glad to have her donation. But it’s the last thing I’d have expected. Several people who’ve donated regularly in the past have been clobbered recently: illness, medical expenses, unemployment, divorce, you name it. Dear old friends, if you’re struggling, keep what little you have for yourselves. I’m already blessed and I don’t want to take money from people who are worse off than I am. —– That said, however … if you’re not struggling and…


Fundraiser update: This is YUGE

A generous donor has offered to match all donations, up to a total of $5,000. All you who’ve contributed to the $1,400 already raised … consider your donations doubled. All you who donate from here on … know that everything you send will go twice as far. The extra might enable me to begin treatment of my whatever-it-is. If that’s not necessary (knock wood), there are a number of other good ways to put the money to use. And this exceptionally generous donor adds, “I hope your readers will cooperate in making it cost me the full $5K.”