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Category: Administrivia

A note about the forums + recreating the blogroll

First, a quick note about the Living Freedom Forums: If you’ve applied for membership any time in the last few months and never heard back, please contact me at memberships-at-clairescabal-dot-com. As you know if you’ve read recent comments, the application process got broken and I don’t know how far back the problem went. If you were caught in the screwup, I apologize and invite you to try again via the New! Improved! (And simplified) process.


Now …

Since Big Tech killed Parler (which has just arisen from the dead) and since The Evil Goog has become notorious for politicizing search results, bloggers are starting to revive the old blogroll.

I must have deleted the Living Freedom blogroll a few years ago and now I’m working to re-create it. Thanks to Brad at Wendy’s place for the idea.

Members of the Living Freedom Forums helped create this still-incomplete list. I’d love more suggestions from the blog Commentariat. In particular, I’d like your help finding lesser-known blogs that still have meaty freedomista content.


Yet another unexpected and random ramble (with gratitude)

Wow, that was gratifying (again). Patreon sent money yesterday and your contributions have barely dropped at all. One new contributor even signed up in the last few weeks. It’s not large in terms of dollars. But my lord, your moral support for me and my mostly inactive blog nearly move me to tears. Yes, keep this up and I’ll have to start blogging again. In fact … well, more about that in a moment. —– In the meantime, the human race goes on being governed by its collective amygdalas and the rest of its limbic system rather than its individual…


From the Wonders Not Ceasing Department

Please forgive this post if it is misspelled, ungrammatical, or incoherent. I had surgery a few days ago. Minor. But painful. The medicated aftermath has left me as fog-brained and useless as the Iowa Democratic Party. —– I received a Patreon payout this morning and (for the second month in a row) was astounded to see that your contributions have not gone down. At least one donor even increased his monthly gift. I announced “I’m Done” nearly two months ago and you’re still sending me money. Aside from the Patreonage, I’ve received several hundred dollars in donations by snail or…


I’m done

Note to GL and D3: I wanted to contact you privately before writing this, but I lost your addresses in October’s computer crash. Please forgive the surprise notice; you deserve better for your faithful, long-time support of me and this blog. —– I dread writing this. But … I’m done. I’m finished blogging. The blog will remain online for the foreseeable future, but I’ll no longer be posting regularly. Or even semi-regularly. I don’t know whether I’ll be posting at all, but if I do, it will be more in the style of a hobby blog than a serious endeavor.…


I have returned

Greetings, readers and friends. I’m back from four glorious days at the shore, where Mother Nature favored the land with near-summerlike weather and I enjoyed walking, snacking, and feeding seagulls on the beach. More perfect weather and a more perfect time you could not imagine. It could only have been improved had I had a doting lover peeling grapes for me as we lounged on the sand. But one can’t have everything, I suppose. —– Anyhow, I didn’t think of computers or political matters for days. It was sublime, but now reality beckons. Home, my next job is setting up…


While Comcast is still here …

… some thank yous. Years ago — I don’t even know how many now, though it was back before Amazon made it clear that bloggers with Associate links shouldn’t also have public wish lists — reader BT fulfilled one of my wishes by sending a lovely lavender set of flannel sheets. It was Christmas. Readers sent much bounty. But I especially love flannel sheets and in this climate they’re comfortable and comforting all year long. Only after what, eight years? ten years? did those cozy sheets become so threadbare they started developing holes. And at that point I learned I…


Sorry for boring you to death

I’m sorry for the continued lack of blogging. The illusion that I was getting better on Wednesday was just that — a pleasant, cheery self-delusion right up there with “the government cares about the little people” or “I’m sure to win the next Powerball drawing.” It was back to bed without eating on Thursday, then apathy-on-the-couch yesterday. Today it’s safer to say I’m on the real road to recovery, but I’m wobbly, weak, and have lost several more pounds. So this time I’m damn well not going to get ambitious and jinx the situation. It’s idleness, soup, Michael Connelly books,…


About that book contest ….

The survival/prep/adventure book contest closed January 10, with many wonderful entries coming in. I had hoped to announce a winner on Monday the 14th, but got derailed by a slight case of the plague. Much better now. I’ll be reviewing the entries in the next few days and try again next Monday for the announcement. I was also trying to acknowledge all entries as they came in, but I failed with the last three or four (things started going south just before the contest’s end, and I wonder now if I was already feeling the plague precursor a few days…

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Thank you … somebody

I haven’t been paying daily attention to my Amazon Associates links since last year’s Great Nerfing. Commissions have fallen between 30-50%, not because people are buying less, but because of Amazon’s drastic fee cuts. But I finally took a look this morning and discovered that earlier this month somebody got sufficient high-tech desks to equip a small business. It also happened that this purchase fell into one of the (rare and highly arbitrary) categories that actually earns more than it would have before the Grand Nerf. In short: Dear Anonymous Somebody, you not only earned me the largest single-day’s commission…


To the victor …

… goes one slightly used (but signed!) tee-shirt. Tonight (you can only imagine the suspense) was The Drawing. Girly hat: Names in girly hat: Winner drawn from girly hat: Congratulations, Jorge. I’ll be in touch about the best way to get that shirt to your part of the world.