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Ideals, aspirations, and advertising

I don’t indulge in the boxes of freebies the thrift store puts out; they’re usually loaded with junk. But Friday morning, a huge number of the freebies were … art books! Oldish art books, but in good shape; once obviously some painter’s cherished possession. I grabbed seven or eight, and along with them the book on the right, 101 Classic Homes of the Twenties, with floor plans and photographs. 101 Classic Homes is one of those marvelous books Dover does, where they find some quirky, usually artsy, material in the public domain and reprint it. In this case, it’s a…


Weekend links

  • Kit Perez on forming a community survival group. This is a more rigorous process than most of us will go through, but its a good reminder of where our most important allies will be when TSHTF.
  • It seems certain crusaders in government don’t want Gab to have a right to free speech.
  • Sure, USPS. Scan every piece of mail for “security,” then grant recipients a right to have an early look at what’s awaiting them. Then put no damn security on your system at all, making identity thieves’ job easier. 5 Comments
  • Friday links

  • A “pro-gun” president now wants more federal gun control. Which gun groups are fighting Trump’s ineffective, obnoxious, and camel-nose-in-the-tent bump-stock ban?
  • Sad if true: Why medical students are having a strangely hard time mastering surgery.
  • Signal, the privacy-focused messaging app, has a new way of protecting users’ identity. (I still wouldn’t trust any app, but Signal seems to be the best of the real deals.) 13 Comments
  • Friday links

  • Dicks Detestable Sporting Goods — you remember them from when they hired lobbyists to work for victim disarmament — gets sued by an ammo manufacturer.
  • Tyler Bariss, whose chronic SWATting and calling in of bomb threats finally got an innocent man killed last year, has gotten hit with 46 more charges. Usually I find it despicable how the feds heap charges upon charges to intimidate people into plea bargains; I hope Bariss goes away for a long, long, long time. And the trigger-happy SWAT sniper with him.
  • LOL, a judge in Washington state rips off his robe and sprints after two escaping prisoners. Catches one, too. 16 Comments
  • Friday links

  • Remember those amazing glasses from They Live? They’re now in beta on Kickstarter. (Well, sorta. H/T MJR)
  • Dems introduce an Internet Bill of Rights. Some of it’s excellent, some not. Methods for achieving it are likely to be maximum dubious.
  • Bear Bussjaeger on Trump going ahead with the bump-stock ban, disregarding both physics and the will of those who know what they’re talking about and took the time to say so. 10 Comments
  • Not Indian summer …

    … because we’re a month or more away from our first frost. But after a rainy September we’re in the midst of mild, sunny days. Sunny days have meant only one thing to me all summer: Accomplish work on the house. We (and I) did enough of that to turn Ye Olde Wreck officially into the Mo Saoirse Hermitage, but there’s still a bit of this, bit of that. I’ve begun each dry morning with a to-do list. Yesterday I was good and did everything I planned. Today … well, I got started, though I ended up doing a different…