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Category: Arts and Aesthetics

All things creative. All things beautiful, profound, and moving.

Down the Reading List Rabbit Hole

When I went to once-a-week (or whatever it’s eventually going to be) blogging, I said I hoped my less-frequent posts would contain meaty content — but that the posts would reflect whatever the week brought, for good or ill. Recent days have brought lots of reading, sparking thoughts too formless and unorganized yet to blog. So here’s a little tale about how I plunged down the Reading List Rabbit Hole. NOTE: This piece has Amazon Associate links to the best or most eagerly awaited titles of my rabbit-hole adventure, but I’m not trying to sell you books. I’m just having…


Silver Seeds of Liberty shop now open

At the end of December, I blogged about an upcoming “conspiracy of beauty and liberty.” The conspiracy is now active. Elias Alias has announced that his Silver Seeds of Liberty shop is officially open. Elias — a fantastically talented jewelry designer — has created a line handcrafted earrings featuring sterling silver castings of cannabis seeds plus semi-precious stones. You can read more about his concept here. Most of the designs are suitable for women, but some (e.g. the ear studs on page two of the shop) are unisex — and I hear some designs especially for men may be in…


Weekend links

While I still (however involuntarily) have Comcast … That weird SWAT raid in Houston that left a couple and their dog dead, several cops wounded, and no evidence of heroin dealing found — the one where a police official threatened they were tracking anybody who criticized cops — is looking more and more like the work of lazy, lying thugs. (H/T DT) Data is a worse problem than the privacy invasions used to collect it. The country’s largest grocery chain already gives customers who foolishly make themselves identifiable a “health score” based on their food purchases. Now they aim tomatch…


Home improvement mavens: Do I do this or do I not?

NOTE: If you’re just here for the politics, you’ll probably want to skip this one. But if your also read Living Freedom for arts & home improvement, I’d appreciate your thoughts. —– This winter, The Wandering Monk and I are tackling the remaining interior home improvement projects. As many as we can, anyhow. With luck, in the next two years everything but the flooring will finally be done. This winter’s projects aren’t big, but they’ll make a big difference. There’s one I may or may not do. It’s been on my mind for a couple of years. One day I…


Christmas continues. Tasty goodies and a conspiracy of beauty and freedom.

Every year my friend W and his kind wife J, who I’ve never met, send me The World’s Best Christmas Cookies. Along with Dove chocolates and other tasty goodies. To say that those cinnamon rollups are just like Mom used to make is an understatement. Every nibble takes me back to one of the few perfect memories of my childhood. Mom and my multitude of aunts were not great cooks, but all of them could roll up those treats made from pie dough, sugar, and cinnamon and put my little self into joyful delirium. My grown-up self still approves. Every…


Merry Christmas from my house to yours

May your days be merry and bright and may your new year be full of light. Christmas Eve is my Christmas, so I’m signing off now. I’ll be back in a few days. Meanwhile, I hope I posted enough blog content over the weekend to keep you going for a while. Now I leave you with some merry, bright, and sunny views taken around Mo Saoirse Hermitage* in the last two days … —– —– Mo Saoirse = My Freedom in Irish Gaelic. Mo Saoirse Hermitage is aka my house, formerly known as Ye Olde Wreck. It’s a wreck no…


More Merry Christmas to Ava and me

Today was another very Merry pre-Christmas. Gourmet Gethsemani Abbey goodies from S&K and — another! — big check from RW, who already sent one earlier this month. RW’s earlier check was for me. This one? Well, Ava would give a big thanks if she knew, because this one’s to put toward her medical care and treats. Great timing, too. Furrydoc and I were just talking on Wednesday about another test that would better pinpoint the degree of Ava’s kidney malfunction. Guess what? The check and the cost of the test are about equal. So a big WOOF to you, RW.…


Monday links

  • T.L. Davis gives a pretty good description of a real patriot. A few details are quibbleable (aren’t they always?), but it’s succinctly damnfine.
  • Lesson from Zendo Deb and California’s Camp Fire: If you see danger coming don’t wait for an official order to evacuate. (Didn’t we already learn this lesson on 9/11? Sadly not.)
  • Commander Zero describes a creepy criminal act from which he learned a lesson but his neighbor (the target of the creep) might not. 5 Comments
  • Putting up the Christmas tree and taking down the tree taxers (again)

    What with all the household construction and attendant crowding and clutter, I didn’t put up a tree last year and came pretty close again this year. But over the weekend I got motivated. Even if it is crammed into a nook that’s also used for tool storage, art table, over-wintering succulent plants, construction materials, and the cat’s bathroom, it still brightens the house. For most of my life I was adamant about having a real tree — preferably one I cut down myself. I was such a live-tree snob I wouldn’t even speak the words “artificial Christmas tree.” Instead, I’d…