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A note about the forums + recreating the blogroll

First, a quick note about the Living Freedom Forums: If you’ve applied for membership any time in the last few months and never heard back, please contact me at memberships-at-clairescabal-dot-com. As you know if you’ve read recent comments, the application process got broken and I don’t know how far back the problem went. If you were caught in the screwup, I apologize and invite you to try again via the New! Improved! (And simplified) process.


Now …

Since Big Tech killed Parler (which has just arisen from the dead) and since The Evil Goog has become notorious for politicizing search results, bloggers are starting to revive the old blogroll.

I must have deleted the Living Freedom blogroll a few years ago and now I’m working to re-create it. Thanks to Brad at Wendy’s place for the idea.

Members of the Living Freedom Forums helped create this still-incomplete list. I’d love more suggestions from the blog Commentariat. In particular, I’d like your help finding lesser-known blogs that still have meaty freedomista content.


Where there’s Internet, there’s hope
(plus an invitation)

The news is dire, depressing, infuriating, terrifying, ominous, twisted, biased, and generally panic-inducing. As always. Okay, it’s more than usually ominous lately, what with the country rather suddenly being ruled by a coalition of pandering post-Alzheimers proponents of the old order and a whole new class of juvenile Masters of the Universe. The flick-of-a-switch “disappearing” of Parler and our then-present president from the ‘Net finally rattled us in a way that previous censorship, deplatforming, demonetizing, Twitter mobs, and disappearances of lesser ‘Net operations could not. Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary. BUT. Have you noticed that activist ‘Netizens (that good old…


A brief interruption in the proceedings

I’d hoped to have the next installment of “In Praise of Men” for you by now. But this has been a week of catastrophe. The days haven’t lent themselves to hours of calm contemplative thought. I’m fine, in case you’re about to ask. The greatest catastrophe struck someone else, but one of its ripple effects is that I must now travel for the first time in five or six years and don’t know when I’ll return. The good news for you faithful (and patient!) readers is that I’ll very likely have time on my travels to write the next bit…


Saturday links

He left England because his life depended upon getting real health care. The Brexiteers are whomping the Remainers. ‘Bout time, too. The FBI is looking into whether Epstein’s death was the result of a criminal conspiracy. But of course (announces the Bureau of Prisons director), there’s not a whisper of a hint of a reason to suspect that. You know, except for the odd little thing here and there. Maggie McNeill has a superb links roundup of news that affects sex workers. Not interested in sex workers’ rights? Much of what’s being done to them potentially affects us all. Pedophile…


American Partisan: New blog on the block

American Partisan officially debuted this week. It combines the talents and knowledge of bloggers J.C. Dodge, Concerned American (of WRSA), N.C. Scout, Kit Perez, and Jesse James. So while it’s likely to be on the conservative side compared with Living Freedom, it should be rich in useful information. —– I knew American Partisan was in development and even got a brief preview of it. Originally I thought it was intended as a discussion forum that would solve WRSA’s thorny comment-troll problem. It does have a very prominent and appropriately strict comment policy. But either I misunderstood its original purpose or…


A heads-up to my Patreons

You should hear this from me before you hear it from them (via an email you’ll receive tomorrow). I’ll also be posting this on my Patreon page. As of December 18, Patreon will be adding a surcharge of 2.9% plus $0.35 to your monthly pledge. I realize this isn’t what you signed up for and that it will seriously change the picture, especially for some of you $1 or $2 patrons. I’ll understand completely if you withdraw your pledges. This isn’t actually a new fee, believe it or not. Previously, we Patreon creators have been charged a 5% flat fee…


Now, about that wonderful thing

I mentioned on Wednesday that a pretty wonderful thing had … well, fallen upon me. That’s the only way to express it. I couldn’t write about it then. I barely can now. So first a little background. —– This month’s shocking collapse of Amazon Associates revenues (just when they should have started into their pre-holiday runup) had me thinking about this blog’s future. You guys stepped in with a YUGE response to my fundraiser last year after BHM cut me off. When Amazon nerfed its commission structure earlier this year, a lone angel quietly began making up for the loss.…


Sometimes you just have to leap into the abyss

That’s a leap I have not yet decided to risk. —– On Thursday I learned that Amazon is decimating the Associates program and therefore decimating the monthly income of this blog. It may have been inevitable, but nobody saw it coming right now. You guys jumped in to make sure that February, the last month of the old program, went out with a bang. A thousand thank yous for that. But that still left me with decisions to make. About this blog. About earning a living. About whether to go ahead with planned projects. —– It was easy to decide…


Sigh. It never rains but it pours.

… and I’m not talking about the Northwet weather. I’m quoting granny’s old maxim up there in the headline meaning those little old troubles that have a habit of pouring down on our heads in storms instead of mild freshets. I’m talking about car transmissions going haywire followed by news that’s going to take a machete to my blog income. Oh, Amazon. How could you? Actually, I can’t complain about Amazon — though I’m going to, anyhow. In its early days the Associates program (those links to Amazon I’m always going on about, links that provide this blog’s only regular…