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About that book contest ….

The survival/prep/adventure book contest closed January 10, with many wonderful entries coming in. I had hoped to announce a winner on Monday the 14th, but got derailed by a slight case of the plague. Much better now. I’ll be reviewing the entries in the next few days and try again next Monday for the announcement. I was also trying to acknowledge all entries as they came in, but I failed with the last three or four (things started going south just before the contest’s end, and I wonder now if I was already feeling the plague precursor a few days…

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Don’t forget to enter the book contest!

You still have until the end of the day Thursday to enter the contest to win a box of 14 survival/prep/adventure books and one DVD. I’ve already received a handful of persuasive emails and I can tell it’s going to be hard to choose a winner. I may have to share the best entries (anonymously, of course) with a non-involved and trustworthy person to help me decide. Several entrants have said they’re interested only in a few of the 15 items. And that’s fine. It would be a nice opportunity to split the prize between two entrants. But alas, those…

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Monday links

  • Despite backing off from movies, I agree with Aaron Harris that freedomistas should see Little Pink House, the tale of Susette Kelo. If you’re not up for the movie, the book by Jeff Benedict is even better.
  • Growing up around a dog can protect your child against allergies. (So can playing in the dirt.)
  • “Control the guns, control the masses.” Watch Ds and Rs collaborate to inflict universal background checks and, soon, a nationwide, red flag law to allow anyone with a grudge to send cops to seize guns.
  • OTOH, you can just plain turn in your really crappy homemade guns to get enough money to buy a good one (Via Borepatch) 9 Comments
  • A Sunday afternoon (not) at the movies

    End of an Era Oliver Del Signore and I have exchanged movie reviews for somewhere between 15 and 17 years. The first Saturday of every month (or as soon after as we could manage), we’ve emailed reviews and ratings to each other, along with General Observations on Life. This weekend was the last. The end of an era. Over the past several months, we’ve both found ourselves increasingly disenchanted with the films we’ve seen and the people who make them. The idea of supporting, even in a small way, elitists who’d rather see We the Peasants dead than armed, bigots…


    New Year ramblings

    Oh, that felt good. I stayed up much of the night reading Michael Connelly’s latest Harry Bosch novel, Dark Sacred Night. This one is a Bosch + Ballard tale, in which Connelly teams his dogged retired cold-case detective Bosch with a young, female counterpart introduced just a book or two ago, Renee Ballard. I suspect all the Bosch books are likely to be Bosch + Ballard from here on, and I’m going to make a wild guess that the author might eventually kill Bosch off. Someday. In, I hope, the far-distant future. Way distant. Meanwhile, his books are just getting…


    Win these books

    You remember these from a few weeks back: I was making room on my bookshelves and decided to give these away. As I mentioned then, they aren’t 2018’s hot new titles, but there’s some great stuff here for people interested in preparedness or adventurous fun. See below for how to win them all. The 14 books and one DVD are: Off the Grid: Inside the movement for more space, less government, and true independence in modern America, Nick Rosen, 2010 The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse, Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre, 2009 Bug Out: The complete plan for escaping a…


    Thursday links

  • It remains a mystery (not really) why, as police tactics get harsher, pre-raid investigation and planning is ever more carelesss. “Sorry m’am. Wrong house.”
  • Scott Greenfield adds his take on the NYT’s wet dream of having banks monitor our politically incorrect transactions.
  • The North Korean government owes $501 million to the Warmbier family for torturing their son to death. S’pose they’ll pay up? 4 Comments
  • Sunday links

  • That FBI agent who was just a dancin’ and a backflippin’ and a shootin’ in a bar … gets probation. Figures, dunnit?
  • Independent booksellers are making a comeback, while ebook sales slip. Yes, it’s nice to hold a physical book in your hands and to shop in an intimate little book store.
  • Never owned a bump stock? Think the new fiat against them is no big deal? Here’s why it’s a very damned big deal for all owners of semiauto firearms. 6 Comments
  • Thursday-Friday links

  • You’ve prolly heard about that Der Spiegel reporter who turned out to be the Jayson Blair of Germany. Well, here’s the real All-American story that finally tripped him up when he made it up. You messed with the wrong small town, pal.
  • The NRA expresses disappointment (not really) with their historic role in making the bump-stock ban possible (Satire by Bear.)
  • Anti-gunners are always saying that 90% of Americans want this or that that’s on their agenda. Yet another survey hints perhaps they’d better think again. 10 Comments