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Category: Books and Movies

Friday links

  • A rural town banded together to build a hospital. A larger hospital — and the government — stopped them.
  • Social media’s opaque response to evidence of bias.
  • Theranos, the multi-billion unicorn that billed itself as a revolutionary blood-testing company is closing its doors, valued at nearly nothing. (You want to read a really good book about how easy it is to fool lots of smart people? Check out Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou, the WJS reporter who exposed Theranos and its cultish leader, Elizabeth Holmes.) 13 Comments
  • Starting to wear down + random links

    After a drizzly start on Saturday, the holiday weekend morphed into sheer perfection. I took advantage by trimming, caulking, painting, and planning the layout of gutters. Now I’m beat. I need to spend a day paying bills, catching up on email, cleaning house, and other non-building matters. But the weather gods say we have just three days of sunny skies before five days of rain. Back outside I go. Back up and down the ladder. Back into drippy paint and ooey glue and bending those nails that don’t want to be hammered into unlikely places. Back to the twisty physical…


    Thursday links

  • For the first time in 45 years, a Texas cop is found guilty for a murder he committed in the line of duty. Now let’s see whether he serves the time any other cold-blooded killer would. Ummmm … nope.
  • It is not a violation of Twitter policy to wish someone would kill the children of NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch — even though it is a violation of Twitter policy to wish for the killing of anybody else.
  • The economy: “Winter is coming.” 12 Comments
  • Little Pink House

    While the rain kept me indoors this afternoon, I watched Little Pink House, the wonderful new indie movie about Susette Kelo and her fight (aided by the Institute for Justice) to keep her own Olde Wreck of a home. It’s not a documentary, but a dramatization with the great Catherine Keener as Kelo. Very good movie. I highly recommend it. Although small bits of the dialog are too expository (perhaps necessary to set up the complex legal and political issues), the performances are awesome and the story both uncompromisingly freedomista and surprisingly un-Hollywoodized. Keener totally nails Kelo. She’s an undereducated,…


    Weekend links

  • A judge knocks the latest Bloombergian nonsense off the Washington state ballot. Our own Comrade X had something to do with this. And the billionaire victim disarmers hoisted themselves on their own petard (i.e. their sheer incompetence).
  • Georgia cop tasers an 87-year-old grandma who was cutting dandelions. His department defends him, ’cause you know, an old lady with a knife has a “capacity” for attacking a cop, even if she isn’t.
  • He robbed the bank. Sixty years later he returned there for dinner. (H/T MJR) 15 Comments
  • Wolverines!

    Today in 1984 Red Dawn hit theaters. I never liked the movie much, but you can’t fight history; it has become an icon of American resistance. So on its 34th anniversary, here’s some Red Dawn trivia.