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Category: Books and Movies

Read this book because you’ll hate it

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr A review. Thank you to longtime reader RW for the gift of this book. —– This is the book that should put Anthony Fauci in prison. Not just Fauci, but dozens, if not hundreds, of corrupt, lying, death-dealing, condescending, authoritarian high-level “experts” who have wrecked the health of potentially millions of people, experimented on children and pregnant women, killed unknown numbers, and are destroying the last remaining trust in medical systems worldwide. Problem is, this is the book…


Who’s in denial? Part II

Who’s in denial about our current cultural and political state of collapse? Most everybody. Millions of ordinary people who think bad times are always temporary are in denial. Oligarchs and plutocrats who believe we ordinary people are eternally tractable and malleable are in denial. Intellectuals who believe increasing quantities of fashionable nonsense are in denial. Politicians and their handlers who believe they can rule by fiat without consequences are in denial. Fools who imagine “the science” is a religion and that dissent from any statement by a high priest government-approved scientist is heresy are in denial. I’ve been in denial…


Who’s in denial? Part I

Over the years, when people have asked me, “Is it time yet, Claire?” my response has always been something like this: It may be moral to ‘shoot the bastards’ who kill freedom, but this isn’t the time. It doesn’t make tactical or strategic sense. Violence now will only make things much, much worse. That’s still my strong conviction. To any members of the Deep State trolling the ‘Net desperately searching for those elusive “domestic terrorists” they’re so determined to locate invent: I’m a useless target for you. I don’t advocate violence except in self-defense and I dread seeing anybody, especially…


Anybody want to ‘fess up to this? Anybody read it?

I’m working on the conclusion to last week’s Freedomista symbiosis blog. With luck you’ll see it tomorrow or Wednesday. Meanwhile, walking to town to clear my brain and organize my thoughts, I picked this up at the post office: It looks like an intriguing and maybe instructive book. It’s in great shape. It even came with a handwritten note from the seller, thanking me effusively (with exclamation points and red underlines) for the order. Except I didn’t. Order it, that is. The one thing it didn’t come with was a note naming the giver. It’s clearly from someone who already…


Down Memory Lane
And a new liberty store at the end of it

101 Things — grubby, but free! Last month a curious member of the Living Freedom Forums discovered a copy of my old 101 Things to do ‘Til the Revolution hiding at Not a pretty copy, mind you. It’s a scan of a physical book that (so someone told me) even has coffee stains scanned in. But there it is. I’m not thrilled when anybody pirates my work. I’m especially un-thrilled when a rich outfit like scans an entire book without even trying to get permission of the writer who conceived and gave painful birth to it. But that’s…


Friday links

Okay, after months of madness and rants, time for some (mostly) upbeat news. So here we have positive political developments, scathingly rational commentary, and even a couple of charming monkeywrenches. Enjoy. “The Rebellion of America’s New Underclass” by Joel Kotkin. Sooooo very typically politically sneaky and snaky, if true: Money donated to Black Lives Matter, specifically earmarked to defund police, is going straight to the Joe Biden campaign. (I haven’t verified this.) Glenn Greenwald (who, along with Matt Taibbi is one of the few rational, liberty-respecting voices remaining on the left) excoriates the politicians and so-called medical experts who performed…


Wednesday links

Been a while since we had a simple links post … Tomorrow is “Take Yourself to Work Day” in Michigan. 🙂 Eric Peters says reopen and reject. The great Paul Rosenberg: Nothing changes as long as we obey. Still waiting for that $125 Equifax was going to send you for sloppily letting your personal information be grabbed by identity thieves? You aren’t getting it, but banks are getting their share. Wearing a mask, are you? Not to worry; this company thinks it can help Big (and Little) Brother recognize and track you via your eyes and eyebrows alone. And this…


Government is silly; empire has a mind of its own

Last night I watched Charles III, a PBS drama about the future reign of the present rather weary and gray Prince of Wales. The story posits that in his very first week of rule, months before his official coronation, he precipitates a constitutional crisis that throws not only the UK, but the very future of the monarchy, into turmoil. What does poor old fictional Charles do to throw the realm into such chaos? He refuses on principle to sign a bill curbing freedom of the press. The bill can’t become law unless he signs it. But that’s not the issue.…


Friday check-in

Just peachy Well, what did you think of the now-ended impeachment hearings? Were they … Relevatory and persuasive? Dull as ditchwater? Shamelessly partisan? A waste of space in the universe? As gripping as Watergate at its best? Totally righteous? Totally self-righteous? Completely missing any impeachable offenses? (Except perhaps on the part of Joe Biden, who can’t be impeached because he’s not in office.) The silliest bunch of cooked-up factoids you ever did hear? Brilliant? Pure democracy in action? Or did you think of them at all? It was lovely to pay very little attention, although I did wonder if NPR…