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Category: Books and Movies

Sunday-Monday links

  • Today in history: Pat Tillman died for his country’s propaganda machine.
  • Today in history, part II: The fedgov kindly rescued little Elian Gonzalez to return him to Cuba. Photo of the heartwarming moment below.
  • It’s also Earth Day. So marvel at the accuracy of 18 dire predictions made for the original ED. That is, you can marvel if you’re one of the lucky survivors who haven’t starved to death, died in the food riots, or succumbed to toxic waste in your food, air, or soil. 1 Comment
  • Break the rules

    (But still, don’t let your dog smoke cigars, especially not while he’s drunk-riding a skateboard.) —– Another original meme from our contest. This one’s by Reno Sepulveda with an important contribution from Robert Heinlein.


    Midweek links

  • Where are the monkeywrenchers when we need them? At least one traffic camera in New Orleans (and probably more) is giving speeding tickets to parked cars. (H/T PT)
  • Decisions, decisions. When faced with a school shooter, which is the better defense weapon? A bucket of rocks or an itty-bitty miniature baseball bat? (H/T M)
  • Broward County school mavens “know” for sure that the best defense isn’t a gun. (Tip o’ hat to BD) 6 Comments
  • Post-book blues

    Back in the olden days — five or six years ago — a writer would polish up a book manuscript, ship it off to a publisher, then have six months basically to recuperate. During that six months, somebody else would edit, copy-edit (different thing), lay everything out, proofread, design a cover, draw any charts or illustrations, write blurbs, and take care of all those necessities. Then the wonderful somebody else would contract with a printer, send out press releases and review copies, get the thing distributed, and all would be done. Sure, sometime during the six months the well-rested author…


    That most revolutionary act

    This was one of rockchucker’s many good submissions to the Practical Freedomista meme contest. I love it both because of its message (whose source is unknown, though people attribute it to Orwell) and because I admire Edward Snowden. Kit and I included Snowden as an example in Basics of Resistance, but only after strong urging from one of our reality checkers, followed by much verbal tippy-toeing around each other. Because Kit loathes Snowden as thoroughly as I admire him. I knew she’d dislike the meme, too, so I got her permission before posting it here. After all, it has the…


    Our first review

    Thank you, Mama Liberty. You really nailed the purpose of the book. UPDATE: First reviewS, actually. We also just got our first Amazon write-up — and it’s five stars! Thank you, Dave. The viewpoint of his review is quite different than ML’s, but he also not only writes a great review, but understands the book with wonderful clarity, just as she did. Thank you both.