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Category: Books and Movies

Too darned hot

It’s Too Darned Hot and I’m loving it. Sweating. Cutting walks short. Staying inside with the ceiling fan running. And loving it. I did manage to make use of myself this weekend. The general store had all its plants and a lot of its garden pots 50% off. Although I’m normally too black-thumbed to bother, I spotted a whole lot of pretty succulents. Even I have a hard time killing succulents. So I made these two mini-gardens for the new front porch. —– More missing cats around town — really around town. The latest beloved house pet, posted LOST at…


A Monday ramble

A reviewer implies “Please don’t read this terrific book” Yesterday I stumbled upon an enthusiastic review of a new apocalyptic fantasy novel. The book sounded different and interesting. I nearly stumbled back out again when the first words out of the reviewer’s keyboard were a snotty complaint about how too much SF and fantasy has historically been written by and for white men. The reviewer didn’t literally tell males and Caucasians not to read the new book, but might as well have. The tale sounded terrific, though (once she finally started talking about, you know, the actual plot and characters…


Monday links

  • This is a new writer to watch. Coleman Hughes (a black man), excoriates Black Privilege. (H/T CX)
  • Two deaths: Gena Turgel who survived four concentration camps and nursed the dying Anne Frank; and Jerry Maren, member of the Lollipop Guild. (H/T BD)
  • The poor, poor baby “didn’t have to die”? ‘Scuse me, Mom, but your 23-year-old “baby’s” death was on her own head the moment she decided to invade someone else’s residence. 2 Comments
  • The Authentic Life, part III

    Bet you thought I’d forgotten, eh? —– So. In part I we established that an Authentic Life is very much in the eye of the beholder. Sure, it often involves getting back to basics, being more self-sufficient, or living according to our highest values; but your authenticity isn’t mine and vice versa. In part II we established that although knowing ourselves is vital to the Authentic Life, self-knowing is a lifelong trial-and-error process. And the Authentic Life requires both compromise and refusal to compromise. We also established that some of the more rough-tough readers of Living Freedom consider the whole…


    Book review: How You Got Screwed

    How You Got Screwed: What Big Banks, Big Government, and Big Business Don’t Want You to Know — and What You Can Do About It
    By Allen Marshall
    Skyhorse Publishing, May 1, 2018
    Paperback list price: $12.99, current Amazon price: $9.20
    Kindle price: $7.80


    Do you have friends, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers who are just waking up, shaking their heads, and asking, “WTF happened?”

    This is the book for them. This may be the book for you to buy by the dozen to give to them. That’s especially true if they’re Millennials or in the younger cohort of Gen-X.