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Category: Books and Movies

The Authentic Life, part III

Bet you thought I’d forgotten, eh? —– So. In part I we established that an Authentic Life is very much in the eye of the beholder. Sure, it often involves getting back to basics, being more self-sufficient, or living according to our highest values; but your authenticity isn’t mine and vice versa. In part II we established that although knowing ourselves is vital to the Authentic Life, self-knowing is a lifelong trial-and-error process. And the Authentic Life requires both compromise and refusal to compromise. We also established that some of the more rough-tough readers of Living Freedom consider the whole…


Book review: How You Got Screwed

How You Got Screwed: What Big Banks, Big Government, and Big Business Don’t Want You to Know — and What You Can Do About It
By Allen Marshall
Skyhorse Publishing, May 1, 2018
Paperback list price: $12.99, current Amazon price: $9.20
Kindle price: $7.80


Do you have friends, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers who are just waking up, shaking their heads, and asking, “WTF happened?”

This is the book for them. This may be the book for you to buy by the dozen to give to them. That’s especially true if they’re Millennials or in the younger cohort of Gen-X.


An everyday resister

Over at Practical Freedomista, I introduce an everyday resister who actually needs no introduction around here. It’s a mini-profile of David Gross, legal tax resister and former culture jammer who I’ve linked to many times before. He’s also a reader and occasional Commentariat member and got several mentions in Basics of Resistance. Still, he’s new to many and a perfect example of resistance that’s principled, steadfast, effective, but also legal and non-violent. Speaking of the book … the prize books are here, signed by Kit and soon to be signed by me and sent off to the meme contest winners.



Today is St. Walburga’s Eve, better known as Walpurgisnacht. It’s a holiday that’s retained a whiff — heck, a whole snootful — of paganism despite honoring a Teutonic Christian saint. In Finland, it’s Vappu, one of the four biggest holidays of the year. On Vappu, you party and drink sima, a homemade low-alcohol mead that sounds suspiciously like prison hooch. Neighbor J is Finnish. Tonight she’s taking me to a Vappu celebration. Its promoters emphasize the Christian nature of the day. Yet they’ve chosen to feature a showing of the original Wicker Man — which as I recall ends up…


I finally saw The Book yesterday!

It’s definitely been a bit weird having a book on Amazon for nearly a month without ever having seen it. Of course I viewed the .pdf many times in many stages before co-author Kit Perez uploaded it. But that’s not the same. I don’t have a Kindle reader, I don’t like ebooks, and not holding a paper copy in my hands felt like something was missing. Because something was! Author copies have been pending, but Amazon’s been in no rush with them. (And that’s okay because they sell us our author copies at cost, rather than at the 50% rate…


Movie: Little Pink House

There’s a new movie out. Little Pink House is the story of the heroic Susette Kelo, of eminent domain as a crony-corporate giveaway, and of the worst Supreme Court Decision since Dred Scott (or at least since the supremes decreed that growing food on your own property could be “interstate commerce”). Haven’t seen it yet and probably won’t until Netflix delivers it later this year. But it stars Catherine Keener (always a good sign) and it’s 85/96 on Any of you see it yet?