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Category: Books and Movies

Book update

Copies of The Bad Attitude Guide arrived from Paladin on Friday and Saturday. Orders on which I had autograph instructions went out immediately. Everything else — orders, gift books, contest-winner books — everything goes out on Monday. If you haven’t told me what name you’d like me to sign to, I’ll either autograph to the name on the order or I’ll “go generic” if you’ve got one of those thousand-nickname names. So speak up now if you have a preference! Now … What would you like for November book specials? Now that you’ve gotten (or are about to get) your…

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Tuesday miscellany

Forty-three percent of likely voters say neither party represents them. That’s progress. Now, if they’ll only realize that no third-party will ever represent them, either … Hoplophobia. It’s curable. We knew that. Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova has some lovely and candid things to say about aging. I get the feeling you could have a great conversation with this woman. Glass of wine, get a little giddy, let hair down. Lots to say. Via a link dropped by Brian into a recent comments section: Hope Bourne. Amazing woman. Sad ending, but definitely an amazing woman. Funny and sad how our strengths…


Book updates

More good news/bad news on books. The good news is that I signed, packed, and shipped 52 orders today! Whew. All remaining orders that I received as of yesterday early evening will be shipped tomorrow. (Two exceptions — and those two kind people I’ll contact by email.) The bad news — though in a way it’s very good news for me! — is that I’ve already run out of copies of The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship. Ack. Just when I think orders are going to slow down, they put on a burst of speed. So if I received…


Book update

Paladin Press will be shipping copies of The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship to me tomorrow via priority mail. That means I’ll have them Saturday or Monday and will immediately begin shipping your orders to you. I confess that on several days, between orders and work, I got overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in a good way — but still overwhelmed. If you have sent an order and haven’t gotten an acknowledgment from me, please contact me (books at If you’ve ordered via PayPal, your order information will be there (even though, in a few cases I either didn’t receive, or…

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Yikes! (Books and hotcakes)

Yesterday I posted that there were only 12 more of the two-book specials available. Figured it would take a few days to work through all those. Yikes. Eight orders so far this morning for the two-book deal. Four left. I’ll keep offering other specials. But looks as if this one will be over by the end of the day today, or early tomorrow morning at the latest. Sorry. But also THANK YOU. Four … Three … Two (as of 1:00 p.m. PST) … One (as of 3:30 p.m. PST) … Zero! You can still buy the two books together, but…


Sunday afternoon with a bloody Mary

Random musings … You might remember (and possibly even care!) that I’ve been sanding cabinets in hopes of returning my kitchen to its 1950s splendor. You guys have been more than helpful with advice. It was so good I even took most of it! Today’s been dry and sunny, so I spent the afternoon outside with cabinet doors, paint stripper, and an orbital sander. Pleasant work in pleasant conditions. But I got depressingly little done, and when I look at the acres of cabinets left to do, I quail (and perhaps even mallard and condor). So I had a bloody…


Latest book updates

Well, never, ever, in my entire lifetime did I imagine a book of mine would be published with a flag merrily waving on the cover (even if the flag is sort of broken looking, like this one). I received the cover image and book galleys this morning from Donna at Paladin Press and Peder Lund, esteemed Paladin publisher, called before 8:00 a.m. to caution me not to “go wild” when I saw the unspecified “attention-getting” thing he and artist Bob were doing with the art. LOL. I never “go wild” with publishers. I figure they know what they’re doing, and…


The deal on books

Well, guys … here’s the deal on upcoming books. I mentioned that the Duffys discovered a layout error on Hardyville Tales. Throughout this entire printing of the book (3,000 copies), the text runs farther than it should into the gutter. (And I mean that in the printer’s sense of “gutter,” meaning the center of the book; no, I haven’t taken Hardyville into the metaphoric dregs.) The tales are still quite readable (I’ve got an advance copy and I’m having a good time with it). You just have to hold the book a bit wider open than usual, and your hands…


Good book news; bad book news

I have some good book news and some bad book news. Bad news first: After all the months of waiting, Backwoods Home received two advance copies of Hardyville Tales this week. Uh oh. Something went wrong in the layout that makes the books difficult to read. The Duffys are considering various options. The book will find its way into all our hands. But there could be further delay. 🙁 But … the good news: Carl Bussjaeger, a long-time, hard-working friend of liberty who wrote the SF novel Net Assets has put the sequel online. You can satisfy your good-book jones…


Hardyville Tales — It’s here!

Okay, I realize I’m posting more blogstuff today than in the average week lately (four so far). But when you click on the link you’ll see why this news simply can’t wait a day longer! As soon as I receive my author’s copies, I’ll be paying off a few book debts I incurred last spring.