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Category: Cannabis legalization

Thursday links

  • For the first time in 45 years, a Texas cop is found guilty for a murder he committed in the line of duty. Now let’s see whether he serves the time any other cold-blooded killer would. Ummmm … nope.
  • It is not a violation of Twitter policy to wish someone would kill the children of NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch — even though it is a violation of Twitter policy to wish for the killing of anybody else.
  • The economy: “Winter is coming.” 12 Comments
  • Saturday links

  • Leave it to the Lone Star state once again. Texas Tech police say campus carry makes them safer. (Tip o’ hat to LarryA)
  • Michelle Malkin says, “Free Valentino Dixon.”
  • Just in case you need more than the NYT’s assurance that their new hire Sarah Jeong isn’t racist. Or sexist. Or heterophobic. Nooooo, not her. (For the record, I don’t think having creepy opinions is a firing offense; but her hiring does cement NYT firmly in place as a provincial rag of the blue archipelago.) 8 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • Americans’ deep, deep concern over Russia’s corruption of U.S. elections: 1% and falling.
  • On one street (of government-owned homes) in Detroit.
  • How come creepy ‘crats (or in this case their lawyers) always use that line about how [whatever thing they did] “doesn’t reflect who they are as a person”? What the heck else could it possibly reflect? Who their third cousin is? Who they are as a cockroach? Whot? 8 Comments