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Category: Computers & Technology

Tales of the Old Aristocracy and the new

Note: After drafting this at home all day, I’m posting it in the cold outside a closed library. I usually do a lot of revisions when blogging something I’ve written offline. So if it has more than the usual amount of typos, poor editing, or rambling passages, please forgive it. It’s been snowing and I’m not staying out here in the car much longer to give it the usual polishing. Reflections on two recent books and a tragic ancient history whose spirit is rising again I’m reading two books right now that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.…


Just an inconsequential check-in

I’m working on a post for tomorrow or Saturday that’s heavier on real content. But I also promised (or threatened) that I’d post whatever the week delivered. So here goes that. —– On my first week (allegedly) offline, Robert Burns’ line about how best-laid plans “gang aft agley” was a dominant theme. I thought I would spend the week thinking Deep Thoughts. But. Notice I’m posting this at 5-something a.m. In other words, nope, not from the library. From my cozy flannel-lined bed with a big pot of tea on the warmer beside me. Which is nice. But. I spoke…


I’m done

The Internet is a drug with increasingly toxic effects. I’m done with it. On Saturday I filled out Comcast’s online service cancellation form. Comcast being Comcast, their retention department will now call and arm wrestle me to to stay, as if my slow, grandfathered Internet service were a prize they’d do anything not to lose. But I’m done. —– This doesn’t mean I’m going away from blogging. I did think about that. I even had a date in mind; but I couldn’t take my head from idea to plan. It seemed ungrateful, almost traitorous to stop. Not to mention a…


But what if the brain doesn’t want to return?

You know that post-illness brain-death phenomenon, I’m sure. Your body’s recovering from affliction, but whatever intellect or sense of “self in the real world” you previously possessed has abandoned you. You go outside and nature looks oddly unfamiliar. You read (or write) and words on the screen unravel like something from the imagination of a dyslexic five-year-old. You apologize for your conversational failings or try to carry off a dialog, simply hoping no one notices you don’t possess your standard quotient of wit or common sense. Eventually you fake it ’til you make it. Meantime, you hope you don’t trigger…


Tuesday links

Some new ones and a few more I collected over the last 10 days from my sickbed. I don’t recall the sources of some, so please forgive me for any failures of hat tipping. Add the Border Patrol to the list of federal agencies whose unconstitutional powers of snoopitude far exceed what you might imagine. The great Walter Williams asks who has benefited from black v*ters’ extreme loyalty to the D party? Is sunscreen the new margarine? Yet another “health” aid that may actually be bad for us. 32 prep things you can do while bored. Now that’s one cynical…


Friday links

  • Five things to do to counter the culture wars against boys and men.
  • Nine-year-old girl wants to do mother’s helper work in her neighborhood. Multiple neighbors call the cops, making no effort to check whether the kid is really being marketed as a slave laborer. Jerks. (H/T MtK)
  • Border Patrol agent thought he was improving the world by killing prostitutes. (Never seems to occur to “do-gooders” that they might be the problem.) 7 Comments