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Category: Computers & Technology

High tech but third world

Still working on the rumored blog post “In Praise of Men.” I actually began putting words on pixels today, then decided I needed to consult with an actual male person. (Not on how I should write it, but about things going on in his head.) Might be a few days on that, as he currently has a LOT going on in his head. And his time. And every other part of his life. Meanwhile I thought I’d pop in and bitch. Or better yet, give you, my stalwart (and oh-so-patient) readers a chance to bitch. My question is this: Do…


I have returned

Greetings, readers and friends. I’m back from four glorious days at the shore, where Mother Nature favored the land with near-summerlike weather and I enjoyed walking, snacking, and feeding seagulls on the beach. More perfect weather and a more perfect time you could not imagine. It could only have been improved had I had a doting lover peeling grapes for me as we lounged on the sand. But one can’t have everything, I suppose. —– Anyhow, I didn’t think of computers or political matters for days. It was sublime, but now reality beckons. Home, my next job is setting up…


Computers have arrived! (And other, smaller events of the day.)

We may be an awesome species, but there are moments that make one want to quit the human race. This morning I was YouTubing instructions on how to dance the waltz (don’t ask). At the end of a video that showed no more than the basic 1-2-3-1-2-3 box step, there came a warning: Do not try this without supervision, specialized equipment, and further training. Fortunately there was no caution about the waltz being known to cause cancer in the state of California. But really, people. Really??? —– Back on the good, even grand, side of human nature … The White…


Tuesday ramble: Computers, apples, computers, tomatoes

Last Saturday I thought I might gather some links for you. I’d been using the library’s computers all week, but mostly visiting “friendly” sites. I hadn’t done any general surfing. And OMG, when I ventured into the nooz world, I had to flee after a few minutes. The library keeps its computers muted by default, but apparently they have no defenses anywhere. Pop-ups pop, and pop again, sometimes four or five times on a site. Banners wave and zoom and flip and flash, and change color and generally demand more attention than a petulant two-year-old. Videos play by themselves as…


Don’t do what I did

On Tuesday I arrived at the library to send already-composed emails and make a blog post. The laptop wouldn’t boot. Bear Bussjaeger quickly and correctly diagnosed a hard drive problem; the drive was going south, boot sector first. But the real problem wasn’t a dramatic crash of the hard drive. It was more like a slow leak between my ears. This post is to recount where I went wrong, note the very few things I did right, thank the people who saved my backside, and serve as a cautionary tale for anybody out there who might be stumbling into similar…


Saturday links

Yeah. Because nobody needs an AR for personal or home defense. Famous tech institute suppresses student dissent by enforcing non-existent policy. Caught in the act, they then turn around write the restrictive policy after the fact. Cops claim it was okay to murder an innocent man (in a wrong-house raid) because he was an illegal immigrant and therefore had no constitutional rights. Have these guys actually ever read the BoR, and especially its preamble? This Florida orangutan, OTOH, has human rights. (Via Wendy McElroy) The NTSB concludes the Boeing 737-Max wasn’t designed for humans. I consider all airliners (and airports)…


Midweek links

Bear Bussjaeger does what he does so well: debunking the latest lies of anti-gunners. This isn’t the way it should be done, and you’ve really gotta laugh at the idea of gigantic coercive monopolies accusing corporations of monopolistic practices (mostly to extort cash out of them). But at least it’s an encouraging sign that the most evil tech giants are finally facing scrutiny. The WaPo op-ed, with its implication that the government should manage every life from cradle to increasingly early grave and that individuals don’t matter, is creepy. But its history of how American medical care came to be…


Wednesday links

[Peeks around the corner of the Internet.] Psssst — is it safe to look at the news again yet? The only word I’ve had from the outside world is from NPR. That’s been good for about 30 seconds a day, as they’ve dropped their all-immigrant-all-the-time coverage for their utmost favorite topic, all-blood-dancing-all-the-time. But I’m optimistic; I’m going to go out and check the news, assuming not every media outlet can be so narrow-minded. —– Why should you be outgunned by violent people who hate you? This Atlantic article has been around for a few years. But at moments like this…


Tuesday links

Greg Ellifritz over at Active Response Training has some advice for dealing with attacks by multiple perps: Avoid them. In case you can’t, he offers ways to emerge triumphant — or at least not beaten to a pulp. In a sure blow for equal rights, it turns out the Capital One hacker is a woman. She also demonstrated she could be equal in folly to many male hackers, boasting about her exploits online. CapitalOne seems to be handling their massive breach more responsibly than many others. (Equifax, I’m talkin’ to you.) In his inimitable style, James Delingpole cheers the rise…