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Category: Dogs and (grudgingly) cats

No description needed. Dogs are life. Cats are also necessary on the Internet.

Rosie pix

Okay, so those pictures of foster dog Rosie the other day weren’t exactly true-to-life images. Here are a couple photos of the real pup, taken by the rescue group’s foster-care coordinator, Christine, who is a talented photographer: Rosie close up: Rosie and friend: Those oughta cheer you up. 🙂 I have no clue what breed mix she is. Got any ideas? Clearly she’s predominantly a hound of some sort — a scent hound judging by the way she keeps her nose to the ground when we leash-walk. (No off-leash walks for this girl; no telling where or how far she’d…


Friday links

  • The Weather Channel creates an amazingly effective storm surge visualization.
  • “Who are the uninsured?” Some of this is blindingly obvious (Duh, of course they’re under 65. Because Medicare.) Go deeper and it’s another sign of just how UNprivileged working-class males are these days. (H/T DB)
  • Charles Hugh Smith says the next financial crisis is coming right on schedule.
  • This is from Bob Woodward’s new book, so take it with however much salt seems appropriate. But it does ring true: Trump wanted to print enough money to erase the national debt. (Tip o’ hat to MJR) 14 Comments
  • The view through Rosie-colored glasses*

    I haven’t had time to take any pix of the actual Rosie-dog yet, so these’ll have to give you the idea. Rosie: World’s biggest love sponge and cuddle bunny: Source Rosie: As seen by the cat and heard by the neighbors: Source It’s been an interesting couple of days. Ava, to my surprise, is tolerating Rosie without incident. I believe this is because Rosie projects slavish submission every time Ava’s within 10 feet. “Fluffball of Doom” is an image of herself that Ava appreciates. I’m not appreciating the acrid stench Rosie squirts from her anal glands every time Fluffball of…


    Midweek links

    David French of the National Review calls Amber Guyger’s murder of a man in his own home “the worst police shooting yet.” I don’t know about that, but it certainly has all the elements, including favoritism and the typical cover story. From Wired: How to move a million people out of a hurricane’s way. Good luck, mid-Atlantean readers! She made it through Hurricane Harvey — though not necessarily well. Now Sara Cress gives advice on how to prepare for a flood. (NPR broadcast; not sure whether transcript will be online by the time this posts, but she mentions things people…


    I can’t even think how to title this post

    Friends of mine have been fostering a dog, Rosie — the usual sad case of a pup whose owner “loved” her while leaving her on a chain in deplorable conditions. I haven’t fostered dogs in several years because of Ava’s habit of starting fights she can’t win. But my friends foster often and have occasionally called on me to be a backup because they travel a lot. As things have developed, I never had to serve. On Sunday they left on the first stage of a long trip to South America. They placed Rosie in an ideal backup foster home.…


    Monday links

  • All those NFL team owners and not a single spine among them. As I’ve said before, this isn’t about free speech or racism; it’s about employees misusing their employers’ time to damage their employers’ bottom line. And now about employers letting it happen. (H/T Shel in comments)
  • Equally unsurprising; there’s dissension in the ACLU over supporting free speech and free association for the NRA.
  • “F*** that gator,” has replaced “Hold my beer” as the national shorthand for Darwin-level stupidity. Apparently that’s very unkind of us. 9 Comments
  • Starting to wear down + random links

    After a drizzly start on Saturday, the holiday weekend morphed into sheer perfection. I took advantage by trimming, caulking, painting, and planning the layout of gutters. Now I’m beat. I need to spend a day paying bills, catching up on email, cleaning house, and other non-building matters. But the weather gods say we have just three days of sunny skies before five days of rain. Back outside I go. Back up and down the ladder. Back into drippy paint and ooey glue and bending those nails that don’t want to be hammered into unlikely places. Back to the twisty physical…