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Category: Dogs and (grudgingly) cats

No description needed. Dogs are life. Cats are also necessary on the Internet.

Have some dogs

I am working on a blog post of Great Philosophical Import. I’ve known for a week what its topic would be. I have links, examples, it’s all plotted out (well, kinda; as much as I ever plot out anything). It will be worth waiting for, I promise. But you will have to wait for it. Because I am absolutely incapable of writing an introduction to it that doesn’t immediately wander into the weeds, faceplant in a bog, and drown. Oh heaven, how we Artistes — and our patient readers — suffer! So in the meantime, to keep you My Dear…


Amazing Adventures of Trixie the Tailless Wonder Dog

By special request — and because we could all use a little extra cheer at the dark days of this ChrismaKwanzaaHannukahYule season — I present the amazing doings of the newest member of our tribe, Trixie the Tailless Wonderdog. She climbs trees! She lies on beds of hot coals! Don’t worry; we didn’t let her stay in the fireplace very long. But she’s entranced by fire and pouts if we put up the screen between her and the flames. She lifts colossal weights! She hunts big game at great peril! Squirrels. She tracks squirrels to their lairs, risking either falling…


Dog blog and encouraging links

Comments on last week’s blog got me down. Between the vociferous guy who wanted the rest of us to start shooting (but who himself was best at standing on the sidelines verbally sniping) and the vociferous guy who complained that our brave, newfound allies in resisting government diktats weren’t philosophically pure enough for him, I despaired. Oh, as always there were also great comments — and a lot of them. But it’s like when your day goes 90% wonderful but is 10% overrun by a**holes … well, in that case it’s 100% overrun by a**holes. You don’t go home from…


A partially “lite” and somewhat random post before descending into seriousness

Grubby work continues around Ye Olde Homestead and I cannot yet face returning to the “our job” series. I hope you enjoy this somewhat random, mostly occasionally “lite” post in the meantime. My reluctance to return to Serious Blogging is partly because the next episodes are planned to cover ideas for building alternative justice systems and nobody can build a great justice system, anywhere, at any time. Because justice systems, however noble their intent, nearly always involve both coercion and unhappy (for somebody) outcomes. But my reluctance to return is in part because events are moving so fast that the…


I’m back — except not quite

In my last post (October 8!) I warned I might be offline for a while. That was true — and the “while” continues. I’m checking in, but not yet ready to return to the heavy-duty, brain-pain, hopefully freedom-saving posting I was doing. The next week will be crowded with non-blogging work. Physical work. Sweaty work. Grubby work. Then after that, I shall (cross fingers) return with Actual Content. Meanwhile, here are some pix from where I’ve been. And at the bottom … some dog news. And more than dog news. —– Because sometimes you must have a little R&R —–…


What good neighbors should (or shouldn’t) do

Rusty* was a likeable guy. He attended neighborhood parties. He had another group of friends he met every morning for coffee. Always ready to chat, he could often be seen at the side of the road, talking with neighbors and passersby. Youngish women seemed especially fond of him, and he of them. If you needed a hand, he was there to lend it. Rusty was also smart. Clear into his 80s he had a sharp mind, a good sense of humor, and an awareness of the larger world. In his past, he’d been a private pilot, a small-boat oceangoing sailor,…


Blog. Soon.

I owe you a blog. I had one all planned out and intended to compose it this afternoon and evening. It was about what neighbors can — and can’t — do for each other in these strange times. Then I volunteered myself into a situation that put me in the house you see below. The first two images are the living room (if you could call it that) of a deceased neighbor’s home. The third is, I suppose, a storeroom, and reasonably orderly compared to the rest of the entire two story house. But the little brown sh*tty stuff on…


Things I wonder about, things I do, and some random links I’ve collected lately (with an emphasis on weirdness)

AKA “A Monday Ramble.” —– Things I wonder about 1. When will we stop saying “Google” when we mean “search online”? I don’t want to think that such an evil organization will be immortalized in the language. But saying, “I DuckDuckGoed it” or “I StartPaged it” doesn’t have that same ring. And you certainly can’t say, “I Ducked it.” “I Binged it” might do — if you want to immortalize another slightly less evil company and you don’t mind your online searches being confused with drinking until you pass out. Yes, I know we could just go back to saying…


A Monday ramble

While I await Brilliant Inspiration to create my next blogosaurus (and BTW, I’ll be asking your opinion on that, below, so hang in there), I thought I’d do a little updating, question-asking, and picture-posting. Weird dogness I found this on Pixabay while looking for scrap (old illustrators’ term pre-Internet) for a drawing. It wasn’t what I was looking for, but wow. A heads-up and a question related to the forums As of Saturday we have a new participatory feature at the Living Freedom Forums. It’s a weekly sticky thread in which members can share the latest progress on their preparedness,…