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Category: Dogs and (grudgingly) cats

No description needed. Dogs are life. Cats are also necessary on the Internet.

Saturday does not quite go as planned

Just another little check-in. —– So. I had my Saturday all nicely planned out. Take Ava for her morning excursion. Stop at the library to make a little links post. Come home. Grab lunch. Noodle with a potential book idea. Then, as we were driving to the field in town where we planned to run … Oh, look! Estate sale! And Oh, look! Cute dog at the estate sale! But before I either got to look at the stuff or pet the pooch, half the people there were asking me, “Do you know who she belongs to? She’s been hanging…


Just another little check-in and a few links

Doing great this week (knock wood). My mouth has healed up nicely and with no pain at all. I’m still gobbling gift supplements to excellent effect. And other than necessities and blogging, I find I’m not missing the Internet much. The other day I had a bit of extra time on the library’s wifi and decided to make a quick cruise through some of my regular (until 10 days ago) daily news feeds. I found I wasn’t even interested — though after going a week without hearing the names Jussie Smollett or Anybody Kardashian, I was unsurprised to find them…


Tuesday links

Some new ones and a few more I collected over the last 10 days from my sickbed. I don’t recall the sources of some, so please forgive me for any failures of hat tipping. Add the Border Patrol to the list of federal agencies whose unconstitutional powers of snoopitude far exceed what you might imagine. The great Walter Williams asks who has benefited from black v*ters’ extreme loyalty to the D party? Is sunscreen the new margarine? Yet another “health” aid that may actually be bad for us. 32 prep things you can do while bored. Now that’s one cynical…


Random weekend links

I’ve been collecting these links from my sick bed all week. Heaven knows how many of them are still relevant or ever were. But in the name of tab clearing and of rewarding your patience, here they are … In all the coverage of Jayme Closs’s escape from her murdering incel captor, why isn’t this aspect of her rescue getting more press? When I first heard about this, I thought it was some Gwyneth Paltrow-level health fantasy. But apparently it’s a real: The wealthy old are now able to buy they blood of the young. Only in select enclaves, of…


Sorry for boring you to death

I’m sorry for the continued lack of blogging. The illusion that I was getting better on Wednesday was just that — a pleasant, cheery self-delusion right up there with “the government cares about the little people” or “I’m sure to win the next Powerball drawing.” It was back to bed without eating on Thursday, then apathy-on-the-couch yesterday. Today it’s safer to say I’m on the real road to recovery, but I’m wobbly, weak, and have lost several more pounds. So this time I’m damn well not going to get ambitious and jinx the situation. It’s idleness, soup, Michael Connelly books,…


Dog-rescue videos (or what I did online once I was well enough to surf the ‘Net but still not strong enough to stomach the news)

I promised dog-rescue videos. Here are dog-rescue videos. Mostly these are beyond the more ususal “rescue group gets word of an abandoned pup” stories. These are dogs snatched from the jaws of death. A drowning girl is pulled from a well where she’s probably been trapped and swimming for hours. The expression on her face is unforgettable. AWESOME men risk their own safety to save a dog who’s been valiantly trying, but failing, to save itself. Man gives CPR to a puppy that’s effectively dead. (And I’m guessing this tiny baby was thrown to its fate by some some cruel…


Friday links

  • Five things to do to counter the culture wars against boys and men.
  • Nine-year-old girl wants to do mother’s helper work in her neighborhood. Multiple neighbors call the cops, making no effort to check whether the kid is really being marketed as a slave laborer. Jerks. (H/T MtK)
  • Border Patrol agent thought he was improving the world by killing prostitutes. (Never seems to occur to “do-gooders” that they might be the problem.) 7 Comments
  • Running a bit behind

    Sorry for lite posting. It’s been a busy couple of days. I shall return soon with more substantial content. In the meantime have some Irish Wolfhounds. Which, come to think of it, constitute pretty substantial content, all by themselves.


    Good news for Ava

    This picture is almost seven years old. Ava’s a whole lot whiter around the muzzle now. But she’s been so puppylike lately, and today’s news was so hopeful, I thought it worked. Furrydoc got the kidney-function test results back ahead of schedule. I mentioned already that while the initial blood panel indicated 20-35% function remaining, a urine test (with no protein leaking into Ava’s pee, nearly normal specific gravity, and no sign of chronic infection) looked more hopeful. And so it was. This more sophisticated and specific test says Ava’s still got maybe 70-75% kidney function, putting her in stage…