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Category: Dogs and (grudgingly) cats

No description needed. Dogs are life. Cats are also necessary on the Internet.


Today is the second anniversary of Robbie‘s death. Next month will be 13 years since Jasmine died. Heartdogs. They never leave you. Those two will never leave me physically because I have their ashes and hope to have them mixed with mine someday. More important are the ways heartdogs embed themselves in the soul. My relationship with Ava is more complicated. Sometimes she’s all heartdog; other times she’s more a pain-in-the-ass dog. But someday she’ll join Jasmine and Robbie on the Shelf of Most Special Four-Leggeds.


Weekend links

  • The man who shot a rampaging carjacker outside a Washington state Walmart is a pastor and a paramedic who also gave first-aid to the most seriously wounded victim. (Via Zendo Deb)
  • The phone giants plan to stop selling your location data to third parties. Well, isn’t that wonderful of them. Why were they selling you out in the first place?
  • Another university — a biggie, Princeton — finally takes a stand for free speech. 6 Comments
  • Just say no to vulnerability

    Yesterday I was cleaning up rubble from the deck-building project and I uncovered a pair of slugs. Not unusual around here, where they’re such legends that they’ve inspired all manner of slug lore including an old parody called “Sluggie, Come Home.” But these weren’t PNW goliaths; just a couple squirmy little gray guys. I flipped the old porch over and there they were on what used to be — and what suddenly was again — the porch top, and they rose up out of the dark, moist dirt. They began to ooze sluggishly away, of course. Then they stopped. I…