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Category: Gardening heaven forbid

In the garden

From yesterday: There’s something about watching a healthy young guy do sweaty, muscle-taxing “man’s work.” After he’d chopped up three designated planting areas for me. The Wandering Monk and I talked a while. We unfortunately agreed that much of the upcoming crop of young men — with their declining testosterone, estrogen-mimicking soy-and-plastic diets, and cultural castration — will be incapable of doing this sort of work. And that will be a loss both to them and to the women of their generation. To society, as well. Of course, my generation wasn’t fond of sweaty manual labor, either, and as a…


Fall bulbs, OMG

Hundreds and hundreds of fall bulbs. I’m not a gardener. And landscaping (mostly consisting of gravel and native plants to replace the lawn) wasn’t supposed to begin until next year. Then Neighbor J. went to Costco and went crazy. Insanity must have been contagious because I ended up committing to buy about 1/3 of the billions and billions of mega-pack bulbs she purchased. I’m not ready for this. The dirt — which was going to be pickaxed, then artfully heaped next summer — isn’t ready for this. I’m going to be digging through grass with my itty-bitty little trowel to…


Lawn murder, gravel, and oh my aching back

The kid didn’t show. The 13-1/2-year-old boy whose father said he’d be glad to help with some shovel-and-wheelbarrow work is nowhere to be found — though he lives next door. I don’t think Dad forgot to tell him about the potential gig; Dad’s a hyper-responsible mill supervisor and a very involved, but traditional father. He’s eager for his oldest boy to take responsibility. As soon as I knew it would come to having to chase the kid down, I knew it wasn’t worth chasing him down. Maybe next year. —– Now I have this large area, about 30 x 30,…


Tuesday links

  • Uber and Lyft are not just disrupting longstanding “taxi control” in New York City. They’re disrupting lenders who have profited from the insane medallion fees.
  • Ha ha ha. You know all those well-heeled people who are always spouting about how everybody should pay higher taxes? Well guess what happens when they’re invited to volunteer more of their own dough?
  • This planet’s a crazy place. When it’s time to leave, is it feasible to terraform Mars? 14 Comments
  • Mm-mmm good!

    One day while staying at the monastery, I left to run errands and came across this strawberry stand. That’s all it sold. Just strawberries — straight from the field behind the tiny booth. On the outward leg, I noticed the place was mobbed. Half the residents of the area seemed to be there, not just buying pints but flats and flats. On the inbound leg, all the local residents seemed to be there. It took five or six clerks crammed inside the tiny stand to wait on everybody. I stopped and picked up a half-flat for the nuns. When they…


    Doings at the Cabal

    Cabalistas (or people who might want to be): For those who haven’t visited the Cabal in a while, our community is growing and we have a little something for everybody going on in current discussions. A sampling: We’ve got a thread on “things made with milk” (with the biggest thing being cheese, but plenty of related items, as well); there’s a discussion on the meaning of survival, both in terms of “survivalism” and in terms of life; and we’re extremely fortunate to be getting lessons in the art of statement analysis, a powerful technique for determining the truthfulness (or not)…